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   And what would be the explanation for Motorcycle Officer Hargis riding closely on the LEFT Rear of the JFK Limo getting hit so hard with blood and brain matter that he thought he had been hit with a bullet?

Hargis said he "rode" "run through" the material as it came down.

Hargis:  "We were moving at the time, and when he got hit all that stuff went like this, and of course I run through it."

He also said this: "If he'd [JFK] got hit in the rear, I'd of been able to see it. All I saw was just a splash come out on the other side. "

He saw no exit hole in the back of the head; all he saw was a "splash" coming out of the other, i.e., right side.

The Connallys said they were hit by blood and brain; Kellerman said he was hit; Greer said he was hit. Blood and brain matter were found all on the interior of the limo, all in FRONT of where JFK was.

Question: If the exit was in the back of the head how did this material/matter land in front of where JFK was?

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The government is never going to run an honest investigation. I don't think they know how to.

Do we really need "government experts" ( at blowin smoke) to tell us what we can see with our own eyes? ie;.. That the Warren report is one of the biggest crocks in history.

Any person who has the guts to face the facts and can be honest with himself doesn't need government "experts" to think for him.
General Discussion & Debate / Re: Prayer Woman
« Last post by Brian Doyle on Today at 05:44:03 PM »

The Prayer Man issue on the Deep Politics forum is not about the truth of the shadowy figure's identity...The issue is whether certain members, because they have a moderator, founding member, or administrator avatar, can shirk their own rules and the purpose of their website and operate outside their own posted sites rules as infallible members...

Lemkin is especially pathetic because he turned against me and made up non-existent rules in order to justify my banning...Lemkin said I was violating the Deep Political "ethos" the board was based on...What a pathetic liar...He obviously did that because he knew there was no site rule I had violated and needed to come up with a reason...The board rules very specifically state that a valid reason is needed to ban a long term member...Any intelligent person who watched the debate would see that the real reason was I had successfully shown that the moderators had mismanaged the board and not followed their own rules...The board is supposed to run by a very formal and intelligent set of democratic site rules...Dawn's reaction to this lynching? "I don't give a rat's ass"...There you see the true face of DPF and its dirty clique...

Lauren is a liar too...He pre-empted my banning by saying I was not being banned for my Prayer Man evidence...Any reading of the involved threads will see that my banning was solely based on the Prayer Man issue and Lauren is lying...It goes to show what a shallow-minded character he is that he would ban a person with much more intelligent talent than himself on the dishonest and unintelligent basis of "repeated behavior"...Again, any reading of the involved threads would see that 'repeated behavior' was my insisting that Lauren obey his own site rules as moderator in regard to the Prayer Man issue...Lauren spent over 2 years abusing his moderator power in order to not have to admit he was wrong on the Prayer Man issue and had abused the member who proved the correct evidence as his own rule #14 encourages...If you examine Lauren's moderation he never references the site rules like he is required to do...Lauren is a liar and his input was an exercise in avoiding the evidence each time it was brought up for over 2 years (because he knew he was wrong but didn't want to admit it)...Magda put a real ******* in charge of the forum and she is at fault...Magda, of course, agreed with Lauren that Prayer Man was Oswald 2 years ago shortly before my 3 month vacation from the site... Both Peter and Lauren complained about my "obsession" with the topic...Both of them being too stupid and dishonest to realize their failure to admit the correct evidence and obey their own site rules was the source of the problem...Magda allows Lauren to run the board like his own personal website...She is the one to blame...This issue was 100% based on Magda and Lauren abusing their site power in order not to admit they were both wrong on Prayer Man and therefore were running their site backwards according to their own rules...They all avoided the site rules in my banning because they knew they came in in my favor...

Any intelligent person will see that the problem arises from the fact Lauren isn't smart enough to evaluate evidence...He uses Jim DiEugenio as a guide to technical evidence and doesn't want to be exposed as being incompetent...Lauren got his meanest when members pointed out the rules he was violating...Magda allowed Lauren to delete and lock threads where members cited the rules and asked Lauren to obey them as those same rules require...Lauren was allowed to convert an issue where he was clearly in the wrong and abusing his moderator power way beyond its intended purpose to the victims being wrong and his never having to answer for his wrongdoing...He moderated the board backwards and against the rules...He managed to exploit the conflict of interest of the phony insider members and their need to not admit they were not up to snuff in living up to their own rules...The Prayer Man issue was converted to Lauren struggling not to expose his incompetency and abusing his moderator power...That's a complete destruction of the site's credibility and purpose but those insider phonies don't care as long as they are in charge...Dirty Jim D is very happy with this and congratulates the moderators for their dirty lynching after staying out of the discussion that proved he was wrong...Jim is now infallible thanks to Lauren and doesn't have to answer for his deliberate promotion of bad evidence and contemptuous violation of the DPF rules...

The DPF board isn't about credible discussion of evidence and determining the true facts of the JFK assassination...It is about serving the avatar-bearing members of DPF and their rank contempt for their own rules as overseen by one major dumb-ass and bully known as Lauren Johnson...The board is mis-labeled...It should be called the Jim DiEugenio fan club...Lauren doesn't know what he is doing and he shouldn't be moderator...Lauren moderates by serving Jim D and the other avatar-bearers and therefore has a permanent job...He's a low-intellect social media-type and popularity mugwump who is unfit for research oversight...Truth be damned...   
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        Let's back the bus up here.  Where at Any Point are we seeing, "Matter that was Blown Forward and Upward" on the Bronson Film ???

Back that chuckwagon up, Tex.
Are you expecting a tsunami of bloody gore?
General Discussion & Debate / Re: The cramped decoy snipernest
« Last post by Bill Chapman on Today at 05:03:49 PM »
The drawings from cross-eyed Ernie's link are by Robert Cutler, better known for claiming Oswald was in the doorway, and for supporting the Umbrella Man 'poison dart' nonsense. These drawings are posted on the site of Baylor University which has problems of its own, what with buying what they call 'conspiracy materials' of Penn Jones, another CTer looney-tune.

Not to mention Baylor remaining silent (at least initially) on the vicious gang rape of a student by Baylor football players.

Cutler would have every reason to fudge the measurements in his favour.
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I meant seek help of a psychological nature. You are batshit crazy, son. Possibly an Alex Jones fan?

In any case, we have matter that was blown forward and upward as seen in the Zapruder film, Nix film, Muchmore film, and Bronson films.

We have matter blown forward into the front seat as observed by Roy Kellerman. (2H78)

We have matter blown forward onto the back of William R. Greer. Fred Newcomb interview with William R. Greer, cited in Murder From Within, p.139)

We have matter blown forward onto Governor Connally. (4H133), and Mrs. Connally.(4H147)

We have matter blown forward onto the inside surface of the limousine windshield.

We have "Blood, tissue, or bone frag. scattered over interior of car and on the hood and on visors (both sides of rt visor)" (Notes of FBI Agent Robert Frazier, 11/23/63, 1:30AM), Clay Shaw trial testimony of Robert Frazier.

We have matter that was blown to the right and right front. (Zapruder film frame Z-313, William Newman and Abraham Zapruder interview, 11/22/63, WFAA TV)

In fact, blood and brain matter was blown every which way including some of what you said.

The Gore in Dealey Plaza
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        Let's back the bus up here.  Where at Any Point are we seeing, "Matter that was Blown Forward and Upward" on the Bronson Film ???
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So tell me again who is batshit crazy?   Everyone in the car got hit with debris except Jacqueline Kennedy whose face was 6 to 12 inches away from him, sitting slightly to the front of his position and facing directly toward him according to Z312/313/314?   Policeman on LHS rear was also hit so hard with debris that "he thought he was struck by a bullet"!    I seem to see that you are missing that witness in your "hellbound" argument to prove that the debris field was only on the RHS of car and to the front!   Although you did mention Mrs. Connally!  I guess you are continuing to avoid answering my post as it is beyond your reasoning power to try and tie it all together for a logical argument.   Really the only reason she is kept clean is because the bullets flew front to back!  You could also have maybe voiced an argument that there was a strong wind from hell blowing that day!

You seem to think the answer to what I asked you lies with saying everyone else got hit with brain matter in the car front and right - except Jacqueline because she was to the left.  Look at her closely in each frame and see that she was no more or less concerned with JFK up until about Z329. She  remained "unblinded" by debris and continued to look after her husband in the same manner throughout that sequence.  In other words, she was unreactive to the misty cloud formed inches from her face (Z313) if you want to believe what you have saw in that frame!     

Who answers visual presented evidence with scripted witness statements?  I guess you do as you don't have access to the "still" seeing the heavy mist over Jacqueline in Z313!   You can hardly see her in the picture for mist!  You are a true LNer that uses rhetorical statements, avoids answering the difficult questions and the visual imagery laid out before you .  As a true LNer with no answers other than to call people batshit crazy!    "Witnesses are only to be trusted and way more reliable in your opinion than photographic evidence!"

As a furtherance of that argument, even President Bill Clinton issued statements denying his sexual misconduct with Lewinski in the oval office in front of cameras rolling.   Did he lie?  She was paid off when semen stains on her dress were brought in as evidence.  He was impeached but never removed!   I guess it would be safe to say witnesses or the President for that matter will say what they have to in order to protect themselves for a number of reasons - even under oath.   They may be under pressure to protect their organization, their job and reputation,  or even may be offered some money.    Being under oath doesn't mean you are going to die if you tell a lie.  You have to believe in God first and that he will strike you down for telling one!

Pictures don't lie, witnesses can and do if their skin is involved and there is money involved - Stormy Daniel's as an example!   She was paid off and admitted it.  We could only hope that FBI, CIA and Secret Service never have lied to the American people and never will.   That is a very noble thought on your part!   These people are always chosen for their moral scruples, integrity and ability to always tell the truth under oath no matter what and in all circumstances!   They have been hand chosen for the job and are the "incorruptibles" -  model citizens always!

 Well....then there is modern day Comey, Mccabe, Strzok, Paige, Mueller and maybe Rosenstein to name a few.   Certainly don't think there is anything new under the sun and what goes on now has gone on in the past even in  the era with J.Edgar Hoover at the helm for 48 years of service.    Having a fired  Allen Dulles appointed to the Warren Commission could be likened in a modern day setting to having someone like James Comey on a Commission in an ensuing investigation of a Donald Trump affair.  I don't think there would be any love lost there either!

Back to your collaboration of evidence of the various films.  You suggest that the other films Bronson, Nix and Muchmore Film "all show matter being blown forward and upward".   I would have to call you on that one!   That is pretty wishful thinking on your part as none show anything close or similar to what the Zapruder Film Shows with a plume in Z313 extending 6 feet above the car!   Then again only the Zapruder Film was used as evidence in the trial.    I think I can call you batshit crazy as well for figuring you have an irrefutable argument in that consensus of those films lol!   You better go see a psychiatrist for help yourself!


The statements I offered are cited...
Visit the link I provided.
General Discussion & Debate / Re: Where is Dan Rather?
« Last post by Matt Grantham on Today at 03:58:46 PM »
 I am not sure of the name of test that matches the striation patterns that are imparted to all bullets being fired from a singular gun, and have never heard whether that was actually done CE 399, but there is no way you can do that test on small fragments So what test are you referring to? Has someone been listening to the worlds most neurotic person Ken Rahn again?
 Thanks Steve As usual new information raises more questions than answers, but I appreciate it
General Discussion & Debate / Re: Where is Dan Rather?
« Last post by Steve Barber on Today at 03:49:07 PM »
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There have been questions over the years whether or not Dan Rather was waiting on the other side of the triple underpass in Dallas for a film pickup tossed from JFK's motorcade in Dallas on Nov. 22, 1963. If he indeed was, would he be standing on the left side of this photo?

   Hi Bruce.  First of all, welcome to the forum! 

Secondly, since no one addressed your question, I'll take a shot at it. 

 I have always wondered where Rather was on the western side of the triple underpass, and, it may be that he is among the people on the left side of the photograph, or, he may be standing (out of frame) on the left side of the picture. We can't make out any detail, unfortunately, but since there are several people gathered on the west side of the underpass, he may very well be among the crowds gathered there. 
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