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You think the magic bullet traversed at Z-160?

Willis 5 was taken on Elm street as well.

You think the magic bullet traversed at Z-160?

No, and I don't think that CE399 was fired a couple of seconds later at about Zapruder frame 202 either, so what's your point?

Willis 5 was taken on Elm street as well.

Yawn, the old Willis 5 defence. But why rely on an overexposed blob when you have a near perfect image in Croft? Unbelievable!

As soon as Kennedy had settled into the Limo at Love Field his Jacket was bunched.

And the jacket was still bunched at Croft.

Fortunately we have film taken when both Croft and Willis took their photos and I see no evidence that in those two seconds that Kennedy was waving he finally decided to remove the bunch from his jacket. This Zapruder extract starts at Croft and finishes at Willis.

Naturally, and as to be expected, the unbiased here are jumping around all over the place. When I talk about two dots on the Kennedy stand-in and expect someone from the unbiased to explain that point, they talk about the Connally guy being too low in the seat.

No explanation whatsoever of how a bullet heading from roughly 90 yards away and at a downward angle, hits the guy's back - and YES it's the back - and then somehow moves upward and exit the throat where the other marker is.

No explanation at all. And get this - the xxxxing back shot didn't even exit!  Hahahaha! That's a fact. Period.

Sure, sure.  Hahahaha!
Ironic that lemming is multi species.... :D
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Remember the saying now
>>> Sez Lord Haughty the Condescender III

Your avatar displays Hugo Weaving yet your posts scream Tony Robinson.
General Discussion & Debate / Re: First shot reactions
« Last post by Thomas Graves on Today at 12:45:59 AM »
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It was obviously after Craig discovered the three shells! LOL™!



I love your sarcasm and wit.

--  MWT   ;)

General Discussion & Debate / Re: First shot reactions
« Last post by Thomas Graves on Today at 12:43:10 AM »
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The grammar/spelling police check in to show their resolve.

It's the only mistake Iacoletti has ever made, and I couldn't resist "publicizing" it.

--  MWT   ;)

PS  10-to-1 he'll say I "made it up".
General Discussion & Debate / Prayer Woman
« Last post by Brian Doyle on Today at 12:39:06 AM »
Denny Zartman wrote:

Lee Harvey Oswald was seen on the second floor of the TSBD at 12:25 PM, the exact time when JFK's motorcade was scheduled to pass the building and 5 minutes before the assassination, and he was also seen there in the 2nd floor lunchroom at 12:32 PM, calm, collected, not sweaty, possibly even holding a soda, two minutes after the assassination and seven minutes after he was last seen.

Is it reasonable to assume that Oswald ran up four flights of stairs, ran a maze of boxes from the northwest corner to the southeast corner of the 6th floor, politely forwent shooting JFK or Connally in their faces as they moved toward him on Houston, shot the president and Connally with the only rifle ammunition remaining in his possession, while his vision was obscured by tree branches, ran another maze of boxes to stash the rifle, ran back to the stairwell, ran down four flights while not being observed by others who were also descending the stairwell at the time, and arrived back in the same place, not appearing suspiciously sweaty or even breathing hard, all in seven minutes? Is that reasonable?

Or is it truly unreasonable to even entertain the possibility of the explanation of why Oswald was seen in the 2nd floor lunchroom at 12:25 PM and seven minutes later at 12:32 PM was that he was in the lunchroom the whole time.
General Discussion & Debate / Re: Prayer Woman
« Last post by Rick Plant on Today at 12:38:03 AM »
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Steely Dan wrote:

What Steely Dan is saying here is he doesn't offer anything to deny what I wrote and typically avoids its truthful substance...He's saying he has a right to ignore the truthful content of what you wrote and answer it with trolling in Kamp's troll sanctuary...

The result of which is the host of this flagrant destruction of normal research standards is then given fast lane access to the other forum and I am then punished for what they are guilty of...

The original subject of Zartman endorsing me 100% and getting no flack from Kamp's goons is successfully detoured around with obnoxious trolling and avoidance of the point...

This is the letter of the law definition of criminal harassment and cyber bullying...

So, because people disagree with your assumption that Sarah Stanton is not "Prayer Woman", you believe that is criminal harassment and cyber bullying? I just have to laugh at what you're trying to claim. Seems to me, that you managed to derail this thread with your personal beef with people on other sites not taking you seriously enough to believe your claims. You've offered no proof to officially declare who the figure in the photo is, and it's not Sarah Stanton.  I'm sorry, that is not cyber bullying, that's just people not believing in your claims in which they have every right to do. All I see from you, is you attacking other people on other sites in this thread for not taking you seriously which makes you angry. How about you provide some actual proof and we keep this thread on track for what it's intended for? 
General Discussion & Debate / Re: Why Was Oswald Killed?
« Last post by Jerry Freeman on Today at 12:29:24 AM »
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Another one of Chapman's fine contributions to the discussion."Gee Bill, how can every post of yours be better than the next one?" -- Colin Crow
Mr Chapman has a condition I call M.Crary Syndrome [incurable]
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You are right about everything but Trump. Trump plays games with people who seem so sensitive to his meaningless claims. On the other, we have the actors who play dumb as a fox with their own gossip. Plant seeds every day hoping the public bites, which it will, but how long can a fake story stay alive? Take your pick, he is a racist or he is involved in collusion. Two claims by those who are professionally offended 24/7 and never back it up. It started with fake polling, where the media told you "he will not win" again and again. How did that work out? Well, if you dislike the man, you ignored the games the media played. What is really peculiar is the media becomes "fact-check happy", imagine that! So when we talk about claims you mean like LBJ's Gulf of Tonkin or how about the USS Liberty explanation as being mistaken for an Egyptian vessel that hauls horses Then you have Obama claiming if you like your Health care you can keep the doctor. Or Bill Clinton and AG Loretta Lynche  claiming their tarmac conversation was about the grandchildren

It's really pathetic how people on the right always give Trump a free pass claiming all his lies and crimes are "meaningless" while deflecting and trying to hold others accountable to a higher standard. That's hypocritical and why he is coddled by his ignorant sycophants. You're just spouting off all your right wing talking points that every talking head on Faux propaganda parrots.

So, in your world the media should not be obligated to "fact check" a candidate or a President to make sure what they are saying is accurate. They are allowed to make up any falsehood and pretend that information is indeed correct. Well, that's why there is Faux Propaganda to recite Trump's falsehoods while issuing Kremlin talking points. The job of the media is to report the truth and to make sure what elected officials are saying is indeed correct. Too bad you want to live in a state run media society. Most Americans don't.       

The polling was indeed accurate since Clinton won the popular vote. Trump won 3 swing states by 1% and only 70,000 votes that the Senate Intelligence Committee confirmed that Russia penetrated the Democratic voter registration. He is a blatant racist who is supported by white supremacists and neo nazis. David Duke says "Trump speaks our language." Is that not enough evidence for you? His people all had involvement with Russians and had over 100 meetings with Russian officials. But the right feels that isn't collusion even when the GOP changed their entire platform to pro Russia at the demand of Paul Manafort. Trump even had Russian Government officials in the Oval Office laughing with them because he fired Comey. Stood on stage and supported Putin over our own intelligence. That's pure treason. Those are the facts and people like you look the other way accusing the media and Democrats instead. That's really pathetic.     

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