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General Discussion & Debate / Re: A Candidate For Prayer Person?
« Last post by Thomas Graves on Today at 11:55:54 AM »
There you go, Mr Scully----------another pat on the head from a rabid LNer-------------and another item for the folder marked 'People Praising Moi'. Maybe one day Mr O'Blazney will even write a Book in Which you are (~gasp~) Cited! :P

Funny seeing a tinfoil hat conspiracy theorist call a so-called Lone Nutter "rabid".

--  MWT  ;)
General Discussion & Debate / Re: A Candidate For Prayer Person?
« Last post by Alan Ford on Today at 11:52:48 AM »
Thank you, Tom+

There you go, Mr Scully----------another pat on the head from a rabid LNer-------------and another item for the folder marked 'People Praising Moi'. Maybe one day Mr O'Blazney will even write a Book in Which you are (~gasp~) Cited! :P
General Discussion & Debate / Re: A Candidate For Prayer Person?
« Last post by Alan Ford on Today at 11:42:50 AM »
How many Wiegman frames are there with double heads and the side wall in focus?

The distinctive 'double head at double elevation' phenomenon does not appear in the Lovelady@LowerElevation frames, Mr Davidson, so I'm not sure why you are posting one of them here. (His head in the out-of-focus frame you have posted is being stretched btw--------different thing altogether, and not relevant!)

Now, turning to the Lovelady@UpperElevation frames...

At a conservative estimate, the following four frames show the double head and the side wall in (some) focus:

It is possible that, in one or two of the even sharper frames elsewhere in this Lovelady@UpperElevation sequence, Mr Oswald's features were evident enough to merit targeting for obscuring (as was the case for the entire Lovelady@LowerElevation sequence). But------------due to the apparent movement of Mr Oswald's head-------------I'm not quite convinced this would have been necessary.

I must reiterate the key point here: the distinctive 'double head at double elevation' phenomenon attaches itself uniquely to Mr Lovelady. Lots of blur, image-stretching, etc. elsewhere, but only Mr Lovelady manages to get a second head with a will of its own across multiple frames. And that would be the same Mr Lovelady who uniquely manages to attract an impossible shadow to his body--------------an impossible shadow that has the remarkable property that it can get in front of a car aerial!

Coincidences? Not a chance! Thumb1:
General Discussion & Debate / Re: Those Front Steps
« Last post by Mark A. Oblazney on Today at 11:33:13 AM »
Oswald killed Kennedy.  He also killed Tippit.  He almost shot Walker.  He almost killed himself (oh, too bad!!).  This is all fact.  The rest is just a parlour game+
Under Reagan, the debt nearly tripled.... luckily, inflation was so high at the beginning of his first term, in 2019 dollars it was probably "only" doubled.
Sept. 30, 1981 National Debt - $998 billion
Sept. 30, 1989 National Debt - $2857 billion
Sept. 30, 1993 National Debt - $4411 billion
Sept. 30, 2001 National Debt - $5807 Billion

Near the bottom of this post, the following paragraph is better explained and I make the case that Royell's "J6P Trump supporter is too ill informed
to be trusted to buy beer, let alone to vote in his own best interest, or in his grandchildrens'.:

Warren or Sanders, working with a democratic legislative majority, would remove this $132,900 cap, call it a surcharge, and preserve the SSA Trust Fund,
and stabilize National Debt growth, in the first six months of the new Democratic political control. A vibrant middle class is the key to National Securiity, VS pardoning war criminals, marketing them as "our warfighters," and using them as props at pathetically extreme political rallies.....
First, some more in response to Tim Nickerson:
The reason I do not find annual deficit total useful is because, until recently, surplus Social Secuirity "revenue," never included in media or White House reporting of the deficit total, because, by law, it must be spent each year intermingled with income tax and other revenue, was as much as $190 billion annually. It is easy to see how the financial crisis of 2008, coupled with retirement of baby boomers, has drastically cut this annual surplus since the $190 billion peak surplus. The number on the right is the amount US Treasury issues in special bonds, to the SSA trust fund, where it is reflected in the total national debt.

In 2018, surplus Social Security collection had declined to just $3 billion, from $190 billion in 2007. Next year, the reversal will neciessitate budgeting money
to pay for bond redemption from the SSA trust fund, those "worthless pieces of paper," President Bush described in 2005 when he admitted to "catapulting the propaganda to sway the public into supporting a privatization scheme the investor class favored.

Now, with the bilking of America resulting from Trump party tax cuts, this would be the most opportune time ever to remove the Social Security withholding this is the time in history when those earning more than $125,000 can most afford to pay a surcharge to preserve the SSA trust fund level at $2.8 trillion, indefinitely. But of course, this is what the investor class bought and "paid" for with their political contributions!

Making the case Trump supporters, especially in Michigan, Pennsylvania, and Wisconsin, are dupes....ignorant fools voting to bankrupt their own grandchildren!

Trump party supporters: This amount is not sustainable after 2032.... Trump-McConnell reveal absolutely no interest in a surcharge solution similar to what I
described above. Instead, the national debt will increase to pay off the $2.8 trillion bond debt in the SSA trust fund, with no new taxes levied on the wealthiest!

Again...... statistics don't lie, do you?
You're four months early.... featuring "some guy" who was unknown until circa 2009, born in 1931, died in 2018, offered no verifiable proof of his claims,
and who also claimed he saw what he imagined was a "railroad worker," disembark from a black car, (or for that matter, the "railroad worker or Mr. Duvall's commercial vehicle) not captured in any known still or moving image, and walk on the grassy knoll, (or whatever) with what might have been a rifle concealed in a leg of the coveralls he was attired in. Not only are the black car, the railroad worker, his sighting of Oswald, and his textbook delivery vehicle unverified, Duvall's presence is unmentioned in any witness account.

Why not proclaim you've achieved your goal in your next post, and just call it a day?

Out of consideration for readers who could be doing something else (like scooping up and weighing their navel lint) instead of wading through tens of future pages of this thread, I thought it would be considerate to get these insurmountable challenges to the potential of this thread informing anyone of anything, out of the way sooner rather than later.
Thank you, Tom+
Off Topic / Re: The strange case of Dan Moldea
« Last post by Thomas Graves on Today at 10:33:27 AM »
Dan Moldea was a private investigator who claimed to have given Thane Eugene Cesar, the newly hire security guard tasked with protecting RFK in the kitchen of thee Ambassador hotel during the assassination, a lie detector test. Cesar of course was suspected by many to be the person that actually fired the fatal shots into RFK. I am not going into the details of that for the moment. According to Moldea Cesar passed with flying colors

 Oddly the came Dan Moldea was the person who claimed he had heard from the DC Madam. Jeane Palfrey. that she was suicidal before she was found dead in her cell from a supposed suicide. The guy has a real way of being the only person with knowledge available to anyone else. What a guy


You've got some typos.

--  MWT   Walk:
Off Topic / Re: The Impeachment and Removal of Donald J. Trump
« Last post by Tom Scully on Today at 09:56:44 AM »
What military attack is that?

I know Russian troops were stationed in Sevastopol before February of 14 Even if we were to accept the little green men story, are we to believe a few soldiers cowered the Crimeans without a shot?

 Where is your evidence of Russian troops and tanks in the Easter Ukraine?

 Wgy would you think your say so would be proof of anything?

If you wall yourself off, assuming everything is fake news unless Trump assures he has not been victimized by it, you'll continue to give the impression you are too clever by half, at least to those who assume the POTUS cannot be a victim without seeming absurd and pathetic. A newly inaugurated POTUS is expected to assume administration of the government, hence the word, "administration," and not posture as if he is still a reality TV host somehow, "on the outside," a fake "renegade," if you will. Big Trump party donors would not donate six, seven, or eight figures to a "victim," not in control of things that matter to them, like dismantling regulators in every department and slashing tax levels of the wealthiest below the percentage levels paid by wage earners.
Those around Trump are not pleading or being found guilty of felonies by juries and then going to prison because they are martyrs, Matt. They are as criminal as the man who appointed and directed them!
Why Ukrainian forces gave up Crimea without a fight - and NATO is alert
Pavel Polityuk, Anton Zverev
Jul 23, 2017 - Naval chief Denis Berezovsky did defect, along with several of his commanders, and was later made deputy chief of the Russian Black Sea ...

Rear Admiral Denis Berezovsky appointed deputy ... - Tass
... Minister Sergei Shoigu during a working trip to Crimea has appointed Rear Admiral Denis Berezovsky deputy commander of the Russian Black Sea Fleet.

Defections to Russia
When Crimea was annexed by Russia,
a number of Ukrainian Navy servicemen left the service for Russia. Among those were members of the upper echelon of command of the Ukrainian Navy. The Ukrainian Navy compiled and released a list of the officers who left the Ukrainian Navy for Russia, calling their actions treasonous.[34]

Vice Admiral Sergei Yeliseyev, a first deputy commander.
Rear Admiral Dmitriy Shakuro, a first deputy commander and chief of staff for the Ukrainian Navy.
Rear Admiral Denis Berezovsky, commander-in-chief of the Ukrainian Navy for one day, now a Black Sea Fleet deputy commander and chief of the combat training directorate.
Colonel Sergei Tarkhov, a chief of staff assistant in organization and sustainment of international relations.
Michman Sergei Gorbachov, a sergeant major of the Ukrainian Navy.
Administrative command - 5 officers.
Operation command - 17 officers.
Intelligence command - 8 officers.
Finance - 6 officers.

Zelensky’s Opponents Fear He Is Ready to Capitulate to Russia
The Ukrainian president’s political opponents worry that the Trump impeachment inquiry may have weakened Ukraine’s position before peace talks in Paris next week.

By Andrew E. Kramer
Dec. 5, 2019

KYIV, Ukraine — Washington may be obsessed with the impeachment inquiry over President Trump’s dealings with Ukraine, but it was far from the minds of a few thousand protesters who gathered on a recent frosty night in Kyiv to vent their anger at their own country’s president, Volodymyr Zelensky, over his peace overtures to Russia.

If he struggled to resist demands by Mr. Trump for investigations affecting next year’s United States elections, some protesters said, imagine what will happen when he meets President Vladimir V. Putin on Monday for talks on ending the war in eastern Ukraine. As speakers derided Mr. Zelensky as soft on Russia, the crowd answered with cries of “No to capitulation!” and “Treason!”

Mr. Zelensky campaigned for the presidency on a two-plank platform of fighting corruption and ending a grinding war with Russian-backed separatists in eastern Ukraine that has killed at least 13,000 people.

While the peace effort has received less notice, it is undoubtedly the more politically treacherous of the two undertakings. Everyone is against corruption, in theory at least, but there are sharp divides over how to deal with Russia, which is widely despised by Ukrainians outside the breakaway eastern territories......

...Domestic political opponents are concerned that Mr. Zelensky, having no clear American diplomatic backing, may be too willing to make concessions to Moscow in the talks. Any widespread perception that he has done so could weaken him politically, hampering his ability to follow through with his anticorruption efforts.....

...In the worst-case scenario, they say, Mr. Zelensky would give amnesty to rebel leaders and grant sweeping autonomy to the breakaway regions, while allowing Russian forces to linger in or just outside Ukraine even after any political settlement.

In the peace talks, scheduled for Monday in Paris, most analysts see Russia seeking at a minimum to trade de facto control over the two separatists zones in eastern Ukraine for influence in domestic Ukrainian politics, including a veto on membership in the North Atlantic Treaty Organization.....

...But through the summer, Mr. Zelensky sought a White House visit to urge Mr. Trump to press Russia and side with Ukraine in the negotiations. It never materialized.

To the contrary, at a news conference in New York in September, Mr. Trump backed away from Mr. Zelensky and his troubles in the war, telling the Ukrainian leader, “I really hope you and President Putin get together and can solve your problem.”

By distancing himself from Mr. Zelensky in the negotiations, as stressed by many of the security professionals who testified in the recent impeachment hearings, Mr. Trump has raised doubts about how far he will go to support Ukraine and made it harder for the Ukrainian government to defend the concessions it is making to end the war.

Some analysts say that despite Mr. Zelensky’s weak hand going into the talks, worries of a pivot to Russia are overblown and mostly whipped up by domestic political opponents.

“Accommodation with Russia would be a very hard sell inside Ukraine,” Steven Pifer, a former United States ambassador to Ukraine, said in a telephone interview...

Trump obviously wants whatever Putin wants. DiEugenio does, too, along with most who have posted on DPF since the 2016 election. Other Putin apologists on the Ed Forum receive almost no pushback from other posters. Trump's demonstrated intent is for no other country to trust the U.S. about any pledge Trump or a prior administration has ever committed to.

Is It Possible Trump Is on the Right Track With China?
Paul Krugman responds to reader questions about the lasting effects of Trump’s trade wars.

By Paul Krugman Opinion Columnist
Dec. 7, 2019

....Could electing a new administration reverse damage?

Any silver lining is a long way off, according to Krugman. “To really get back on track, we’d need a defeat — not just of Trump but also of Trumpism, which would take multiple elections,” he wrote in response to one reader....

....Krugman: None of the businesspeople I know think that. China is a bad actor in some ways, especially in not respecting intellectual property and arguably in de facto subsidizing some industries. But Trump isn’t taking on China over those issues, and hasn’t even made any clear demands.

He also hasn’t rallied other countries to join America in pressing China to change. Instead, he’s picking fights with everyone. So even if you think China should be confronted, Trump is doing it wrong....

....Krugman: We have numbers on this! If China were bearing the tariff, the price of imports to the United States from China would be falling a lot. They aren’t. All the evidence says that United States consumers are bearing the tariffs, and that Navarro is just making stuff up....

Don't wear your inclination to give Putin the benefit of the doubt on your sleeve, Matt, unless you're not posting with your actual name.


The Budapest Memorandum on Security Assurances refers to three identical political agreements signed at the OSCE conference in Budapest, Hungary on 5 December 1994, providing security assurances by its signatories relating to the accession of Belarus, Kazakhstan and Ukraine to the Treaty on the Non-Proliferation of Nuclear Weapons. The memorandum was originally signed by three nuclear powers, the Russian Federation, the United Kingdom, and the United States of America. China and France gave somewhat weaker individual assurances in separate documents.[1]

The memorandum included security assurances against threats or use of force against the territorial integrity or political independence of Ukraine, Belarus and Kazakhstan.

As a result, between 1994 and 1996, Belarus, Kazakhstan and Ukraine gave up their nuclear weapons. Before that, Ukraine had the world's third largest nuclear weapons stockpile,[2][3] of which Ukraine had physical if not operational control.[4][5] The use of the weapons was dependent on Russian-controlled electronic Permissive Action Links and the Russian command and control system.[4][5]

In 2009, the Russian Federation and the United States released a joint statement that the memorandum’s security assurances would still be respected after the expiration of the START Treaty.[6]

Following the annexation of Crimea by the Russian Federation in 2014, the US,[7][8] Canada,[9] the UK,[10] along with other countries,[11] stated that Russian involvement was a breach of its obligations to Ukraine under the Budapest Memorandum, a Memorandum transmitted to the United Nations under the signature of Sergei Lavrov, amongst others,[12] and in violation of Ukrainian sovereignty and territorial integrity. On 4 March 2014, the Russian president replied to a question on violation of Budapest Memorandum, describing current Ukrainian situation as a revolution, when "a new state arises, but with this state and in respect to this state, we have not signed any obligatory documents".[13] Russia stated it had never been under obligation to "force any part of Ukraine's civilian population to stay in Ukraine against its will." Russia suggested that the US was in violation of the Budapest Memorandum, describing the Euromaidan as a US-instigated coup.[14]....
General Discussion & Debate / Re: A Candidate For Prayer Person?
« Last post by Chris Davidson on Today at 09:06:16 AM »

How many Wiegman frames are there with double heads and the side wall in focus?
I'm debating posters here who not only blocked the presidency of the most qualified candidate ever to run for POTUS, but also the most thoroughly vetted, hyper vetted, in favor of the least experienced, most dishonest and corrupt, and least vetted candidate in at least forty years, and they're still shilling for him!

"Dear leader" begging SCOTUS to protect him In YET A Third Case from disclosing his tax returns to the American people:
Remember all those overseas billions Trump and Trump party assured you would be repatriated to the U.S. by corporations, to be invested "on shore," resulting in high paying jobs, up to six percent annual growth, and perhaps even a unicorn under ever Xmas tree of Trump supporters? Most of those repatriated billions were blown on stock buy backs, temporarily and artificially raising the market indices and the prices of individual stocks. The Fed. Res. wealth survey informs us that 80 percent of stock shares are held by the top ten percent wealthiest households....makes sense since they also own 75+ percent of all privately held wealth!

Last fiscal year of Obama admin. ended 9/29/2017.... National debt growth reduced to just $672 bllion annually, from well over $1,000 billion annually, in
final Bush admin. fiscal year, ended 9/30/2009!

If you do not pay down the extra $6 trillion of national debt resulting from digging out of the Bush-Cheney era economic crash when the economy is robust,
when would you ever pay it down, or even slow its rise?

So the national debt growth was accelerated as intentional Trump-Trump party economic policy, and debt will grow even faster after the Stock Market
stagnates or worse, rapidly recedes, burning up the repatriated overseas horde of corporate cash, accelerated by
Trump party personal and corporate tax "gifts" to the wealthiest who are smart enough to cash in and walk away with it all, before the inevitable decline!

Is that your argument that he didn't tax the rich enough?
How much should so-called rich pay and define rich?

Tom Scully believes in the concept of trickle up poverty
Tom believes in global warming
Tom believes in the World Bank
What is the odd thing about Tom and his beliefs, for example, Trump has wanted to get Corp money taxed which they place in foreign banks but Tom is against that and happy if Trump is not successful but Tom doesn't like tax-cuts for corp. So which side is Tom on? Well, this is subjective for Tom because it depends on what Trump wants. Tom, being the Woodrow Wilson liberal that he is, only believes anything radical must be normal. So, Tom have you ever worked a day in your life? Can you respond with your own words instead of the copy/paste? How much data does a guy like you use? Before you hit the post button, are you ask if you're a human?
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