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Facebook, huh?

Denis must have a lot of newbies and dilettantes  hoping he'll post a photo of Greer shooting JFK, or of George H. W. Bush conferring with James Jesus Angleton, Richard Nixon and Allen Dulles in the shadows, etc, i.e., people who have never even heard of self-described American Indian Stella Mae Jacob and her two Texas School Book Company colleagues, Gloria Holt and Sharon Simmons.

Or your "proof" is not proof at all.  Guess which is more likely?  I know it makes you hopping mad to be disagreed with.

PS  Speaking of Denis, you are aware, aren't you, that Gloria Holt's brother told him that the gal in the middle in the Darnell clip (Westbrook's "Gloria Calvert") looks like his sister?

Utter BS.  Westbrook said nothing about the Darnell clip.  Even I think that the middle "gal" in the Darnell clip looks like Holt.  What does that have to do with Zapruder?
The belief the bag being made on 11/21 is nothing more than the FBI tested the paper and decided the bag paper matched the roll of paper being used at the time, maybe that could be in error.

Or did they?

3 not admitting his guilt he was admitting his guilt. OK Gotcha   

"Only a true witch would deny being a witch"

"Ok, then I am a witch"

"She's a witch!  Burn her!"
Careful... you might be caught in the same mindset as John's other dogmatic cult belief system's use of 'when are you going to open your eyes?'*

*Lyric in their theme song

Sorry, Chapman, I have no dogmatic cult belief system.  That would be you.  It's called the Warren Commission Report.
Some people (like you, for example, when you say that the three people on the Pergola Patio in Towner might be men, or that your "Glasses Woman" in Betzner-3 isn't really wearing glasses) are so biased that they can't see the evidence correctly.

And by "correctly", you mean in agreement with your unsubstantiated opinion.
General Discussion & Debate / Prayer Woman
« Last post by Brian Doyle on Today at 09:13:05 PM »

It is only because of Duncan MacRae that the correct information on Prayer Man exists on the internet ...If Duncan didn't have a sense of fairness and giving fair voice to those who fight the dominator BS artists the best evidence on the Prayer Man issue would have been censored off the internet by the dominating bullies...The members of those two other sites have no sense of embarrassment that they exist on brute censorship sites where the truth-tellers are persecuted so certain egos and personalities can remain in total power...When the best analyst on the subject gets brutally silenced they simply see it as more space for themselves...These are not the characters you want representing the subject...

I see I am now being openly referred to by Butler as "a mentally disturbed person on another forum"...Butler should be careful with that accusation seeing the public claims he has made of Fetzer-like film alterations...Butler agrees with the Prayer Man delusions so his nutty film forgery claims are tolerated...Again, these abusive references are just kiddie name-calling by persons like DiEugenio who are making an excuse for not coming to Duncan's forum where they are free to finally finish off that "mentally disturbed" person with their strong evidence...Who do they think they are fooling?...They know as well as us that the only reason they don't come over here to argue their Prayer Man rot is because they know they'll be quickly shredded and their nuttery won't be protected by cowardly banning like it is on that other forum...The usual culprits only post on forums where moderator bias and brute censorship protect their crazy evidence claims...When you post the refuting evidence they ignore it and then use name-calling to avoid answering for it...

Pollard is in denial that Hughes doesn't show Lovelady over against the west wall of the portal...Hughes shows Lovelady exactly to the "far right of the entranceway" that he described in his statement...So Pollard hasn't answered to the FACT that Stanton cannot be to the left of Frazier in Hughes because that would be 8 feet away and on the other side of Frazier so Lovelady would never describe her as being "next to" him like he did...Prayer Man was next to Lovelady in Hughes...How many months of posting this is it going to take for you guys to realize this?

Larsen is just in straight denial of the fact Lovelady is going up the extension in Darnell...He himself proved this by matching the plaid bars in Lovelady's shirt to the man on the extension...I got an e-mail reply from Larsen 2 days ago and he said people don't realize the Lovelady in the plaid shirt on the steps in the Martin film is a bogus Lovelady and is not the real Lovelady...Larsen wrote that Lovelady did not wear the plaid shirt the day of the assassination but actually wore the vertical stripe shirt and that you cannot use the plaid shirt for reference in Darnell...Yes, Larsen is actually in firm agreement with Cinque and is using straight Cinque material in his determination of the evidence (and they call ME mentally ill!)...When I replied to Larsen that you could see Lovelady's bald spot on both the man on the extension and the man on the steps in Martin he did not reply but simply answered there were too many differences between us...Again, there's a rogue double standard in the JFK research community because if I went Fetzer/Cinque like Larsen has I would be pilloried and ridiculed by the Prayer Man crazies...Larsen is allowed to get away with it because he's drank the Kool Aid on Prayer Man and believes it is Oswald so he is given a pass on straight textbook Fetzer lunacy...

The man on the steps in front of Calvery is Molina...This is 100% correct and confirmed by anyone with the skill to do photo analysis...The claim that it is Lovelady is just the forced imaginations of persons whose pet theories require them to deny the real evidence that shows Prayer Man is Stanton...

Both Hargrove and Larsen have entered claims that Lovelady & Shelley ran out to the concrete island where they encountered Calvery but then ran back to the steps immediately after...Larsen needs this in order to make the man on the steps Lovelady, and Hargrove needs this in order to make the two white men seen by Truly, when he ran in, Lovelady & Shelley...Both Larsen and Hargrove are violating the known evidence by doing this...First of all, the woman that Larsen is saying was Calvery by the concrete island was actually Karan Hicks...When you show the proof for this they ignore it and then return with this same claim over and over...And the moderator on that other forum lets them...Larsen is mixed up...Calvery is already back at the steps by the time Shelley pulls-up and speaks to Hicks as she runs by...Both Hargrove and Larsen ignore that we have already shown that Hicks is Running Woman from the Zapruder film and Depository Christmas photos...From the safe protection of their censorship-protected forum where the opposition is banned Davidson, Larsen, Butler, Stancak and others all congratulate themselves on their film evidence but then ignore what it shows...Their own film evidence shows Running Woman in the blaze orange scarf is Karan Hicks...Therefore she can't be Calvery...These men are all guilty of very poor analysis that seems to have no problem passing moderator scrutiny at that other forum...The only persons that the moderator seems to have issues with are those who point-out this rotten research...

Larsen is mixed up and doesn't process that since Calvery is at the steps in Darnell that therefore Lovelady & Shelley are 3 seconds up the extension after speaking to Calvery at the steps...Larsen foolishly ignores the TIMING that precludes his out and back theory...Obviously Lovelady & Shelley spoke to Calvery at the steps before leaving them as Frazier told...Lovelady also made this clear in his HSCA interview...So the timing requires Calvery to run to the steps and get there at say 18 seconds after the last shot...Calvery speaks to Lovelady & Shelley who are asking her about what she was screaming...What Larsen and Hargrove ignore is that Lovelady & Shelley were inspired to go up the extension by what Calvery told them therefore proving it happened...Larsen foolishly ignores that Lovelady & Shelley leave the steps at say 22 seconds after the last shot and the Couch/Darnell clip starts at 25 seconds after the last shot...So therefore both Hargrove and Larsen foolishly fail to observe the basic analysis process of connecting the TIMING to their theories...The TIMING proves that Lovelady doesn't have enough time to go to the concrete island and return in order to be the man on the steps...This is PROOF that the man is Molina...

Larsen may try to say Lovelady & Shelley intercepted Calvery at the concrete island long before Couch/Darnell when Calvery ran past it...But common sense tells you that doesn't work because the Couch/Darnell film shows Lovelady & Shelley leaving the steps and heading down the extension towards the railyard...They are going in the wrong direction and that scenario would have Lovelady & Shelley leaving the steps too early to make sense...   

The Prayer Man people are going to have to get used to the fact credible photo analysis will show Molina's head on the man on the steps...I can see it clearly...The shape is exactly the same as well as the eyes etc...You can see the exact same slope of the forehead and bald pate...There is zero doubt this man is Molina and the Prayer Man people are just straight out ignoring the fact Molina described drifting over to that spot in his original signed statement...People who ignore good evidence should not be given the censorship-protected front position in assassination research...

Molina simply recalled the stronger memory when he said he spoke to Calvery in the lobby...In no way is Molina's failure to describe being face to face with Calvery on the steps disproving of it happening at all...Molina simply told the FBI of his longer, stronger encounter with Calvery and didn't mention seeing her on the steps as she went back inside...

These pet theorists have now seized the main assassination discussion boards and are forcing anyone who can disprove their nonsense off by means of friendly, corrupted moderators...The result is a tanking of research integrity and forcing of garbage research as the only allowed thing...We have proven Prayer Man is Sarah Stanton but it is being ignored by uncredible persons who ignore the evidence and refer to their disprovers as "mentally disturbed" instead of simply answering their perfectly legitimate evidence... There's a rogue double standard out there in the research world where my good evidence is banned under false accusations and open flaming accusations of mental disturbance are perfectly tolerated...
General Discussion & Debate / Re: Prayer Woman
« Last post by John Iacoletti on Today at 09:11:37 PM »
I'm saying that for a guy who can only see blobs, Iacoletti has ridiculously high standards for evidence, especially when he realizes that said evidence might be perceived by some as incriminating that innocent, innocent, innocent Lee Harvey Oswald!

Maybe you should explain how your identification of Calvery via your alleged "bars" has any bearing whatsoever on Oswald's innocence or guilt.
General Discussion & Debate / Re: Prayer Woman
« Last post by John Iacoletti on Today at 09:09:01 PM »
Just remember that Iacoletti's definition of "evidence" requires that there be, at minimum, SIXTY-FOUR notarized statements (each), SIXTY-FOUR DNA tests (each), and SIXTY-FOUR color photos (covering most of the angles) of forehead tattoos on those four headscarf-wearing Southwestern Publishing gals in the Z-film (each),  saying, for example, "My Name Is Gloria Calvery, Gosh Darnit!"

Translation:  if Tommy's evidence is "duh....looks like her to me!", then that should be sufficient.
General Discussion & Debate / Re: Prayer Woman
« Last post by John Iacoletti on Today at 09:07:54 PM »
Thomas - I haven't been reading Iacoletti's entries for some time now...I don't consider them serious or genuinely-seeking of facts...

I don't care.  I'm not exposing your lies for your benefit.
General Discussion & Debate / Re: Prayer Woman
« Last post by John Iacoletti on Today at 09:06:04 PM »
We know Stanton moved from east to west because we have Pauline Sanders confirming Stanton was over on the east side of the steps with her as well as Frazier...But then we have Lovelady confirming that Stanton was over in the Prayer Man spot when he named those from his left to his right on the steps...

No he didn't.  You just made that up.

We know Shelley was to Lovelady's left in Altgens because we can see it...So we therefore know Lovelady named Shelley to his left first and then named Sarah to his right second...We know this because Lovelady saved the person who was behind him for last so therefore he named Stanton as the person to his right since Shelley occupied the position to Lovelady's left...The person to Lovelady's right in Altgens is Prayer Man...

Not only did Frazier not say anything about naming people in any particular order, or from left to right, but he didn't even name Stanton last.

Lies all around.

Frazier ultimately confirmed Stanton's move to the west side of the portal when he located her in the Prayer Man spot when Calvery got to the steps in his interviews...In my phone call with Frazier he agreed to this...

Even by your own distorted account, all he said was that it was possible that she moved.  After you lied to him about what he said in his interview.
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