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General Discussion & Debate / Prayer Woman
« Last post by Brian Doyle on June 15, 2019, 10:55:52 PM »
BK replied:

Brian dingo Doyle
This is the only true candidate for a blonde heavy set short lady.
And calling me a liar when you have more than 400 documented lies attributed to you in the past 12 months is really taking the biscuit.

You are becoming more boring as time goes on.....

BK prefers not to join here and argue this evidence like a man because he only posts where the opposition is censored...What you can't see in this quote is the Darnell image BK attached where he has Stanton down on the east side of the steps several steps down...A place where the evidence proves she couldn't be...BK has seen the responses to his false claim for Stanton's position but he ignores them and just keeps repeating this provable lie...No one takes BK's claimed location for Stanton seriously and it gets no backing...There's a huge double standard in the JFK research community because the rest of the community knows BK is lying but they look the other way...

The evidence that Prayer Man is Stanton has been repeated ad nauseum to BK...

Frazier said in plain words that he and Sarah were furthest back in to the shadows on the landing...The spot that is literally furthest back in to the shadows is the Prayer Man spot...

Lovelady specifically listed those from his left to his right in Altgens...He named Shelley to his left...Frazier behind...And Stanton to his right in the Prayer Man spot...

In his 1964 FBI statement Lovelady said Stanton was over to the far right of the portal next to him when the motorcade passed...About 35 seconds before the Darnell image BK shows...The far right is the Prayer Man spot...

Stanton said she couldn't see the limousine from her position during the shots...Not only does BK's choice for Stanton have a view of the limo in Darnell, but Prayer Man does not...

Chris Davidson proved Prayer Man was Stanton when he brought out a woman's face on Prayer Man in his enhancement of the Wiegman frame...

Frazier said when Calvery finished shouting the president has been shot he and Sarah turned to each other and stared at each other in shock for the longest time...The Darnell image BK shows is that exact moment and low and behold you see Frazier and Prayer Man locked on each other for the full 4 seconds of the clip...Frazier is too far and separated by other people from BK's choice for Stanton...And he's not facing that person either...

Frazier was clear that Sarah was furthest back in to the shadows...BK's choice is out in full bright sun...

All the witnesses said Sarah was up on the landing...BK's choice is several steps down...

Prayer Man is standing on the landing platform and is Sarah Stanton's exact 5 foot 4 height...

Prayer Man has Stanton's obese forearm and wide hips...

I think most of the credible research community understands by now that the only reason BK chose this obviously false choice for Stanton is because he couldn't find Sarah up on the landing other than Prayer Man...The rest of the community lets BK get away with this because it saves them the discomfort and loss of face of having to admit they backed a bogus theory by a large percentage...That community uses the rottenly dishonest method of banning persons who post this correct evidence rather than admit they were wrong...

Kamp is knowingly lying and knows his choice for Stanton is not Stanton...And I'm sure he honestly believes I have 400 lies documented against me...

General Discussion & Debate / Re: Motive
« Last post by Ross Lidell on June 15, 2019, 09:44:08 PM »
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You may well be right Paul. Personally, I think you're giving Oswald too deep a motive. I believe Oswald was on the edge of losing it for years. The failure to reconcile with Marina pushed him over the edge and the nasty little bastard just went out and 'did it' out of pure spite. No plan, no thought of escape. The SOB just wanted to get even with the world, get 'famous'. Who really knows? You can't explain the motives of a nut job.

You're right Denis. However, the language does not fit the location... Texas.

Lee Harvey Oswald killed President John F. Kennedy out of "sheer cussedness".

CUSSEDNESS: meanspirited, disagreeable, contrariness

General Discussion & Debate / Re: Motive
« Last post by Bill Chapman on June 15, 2019, 09:03:27 PM »
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Yes, we were both accustomed to the typical happy endings of movies geared toward kids. And we had no idea what kind of movie we were going to see. Only that the title was intriguing. So that ending came as quite a shock!

Great black humour in the movie, though

'You can't fight in here. This is the War Room!'

'Premier Kissoff' haha
General Discussion & Debate / Re: Motive
« Last post by Bill Chapman on June 15, 2019, 08:33:53 PM »
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This forum is now almost a waste of time visiting, we have people like you and a few others to name, trying to wind up members to get them banned or suspended, you tried it with me with your falsehood that I made you appear to agree with my theory, and Duncan almost fell for it.

Again: You truncated a sentence in my post that made me look as if I supported your circus trick-shot theory. I saw that falsehood immediately. Denis saw that falsehood immediately. Duncan has specifically addressed that practice in his latest forum rules.

Forum veteran Royell Storing, despite being firmly entrenched in the CT encampment, set aside differences and stood up to defend the integrity of forum by way of supporting Denis and myself in this matter.

If you get 'wound up' by my posts, then you are far too emotionally embedded in the assassination in general.

General Discussion & Debate / Re: Motive
« Last post by Charles Collins on June 15, 2019, 08:08:04 PM »
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Yes, we were both accustomed to the typical happy endings of movies geared toward kids. And we had no idea what kind of movie we were going to see. Only that the title was intriguing. So that ending came as quite a shock!
General Discussion & Debate / Re: Motive
« Last post by Bill Chapman on June 15, 2019, 07:13:57 PM »
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I do remember a lot of paranoia concerning the nuclear threat. Backyard bomb shelters and such. The final scene of the movie “Dr Strangelove” with Slim Pickens riding on the falling bomb was pretty scary to my younger cousin.

General Discussion & Debate / Re: Motive
« Last post by Richard Smith on June 15, 2019, 06:21:49 PM »
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When considering motive, it must be considered where LHO received his financing from over the years.  He made a trip to Russia and Mexico.  The first trip paid for by saving money during the time of service as a US marine.   There is no account of how he convinced the Russians to give him a factory worker job in Minsk and how he was able to live comfortably there and be repatriated later, especially after serving in the US Marine Corp.   

Conveniently this dead man's tax records or bank accounts? are left hidden so you are unable to determine who was paying him for sure when he returned to his life in the US.  His W-2s should have been proof for all the various jobs he held after coming back.   Did he not pay taxes and have wages withheld by his employers?   That proof has never been provided.   He seemingly could never hold a job until he got the TSBD job where his boss Truly said he was "an above average employee"!  Those short employments would have created tax liabilities and records which any sane investigator would have investigated.

The records such as his W-2s would prove/disprove who was bankrolling him on his endeavors.   It is possible he kept all his money "in his pillow" but if he had a repatriation loan when he moved from Russia to the US for $435.71 on June 1, 1962, how did he pay it back or did it remain outstanding?  This record may not have clarified whether or not he was on the CIA's "non-taxable" payroll but it certainly would have been looked at to confirm W-2s and tax records from his various places of employment to verify the accuracy of the statements made by his employers.

Furthermore, this US Marine achieved a 191 score as "marksman" in 1959 but yet failed to hit his stationary target Edwin Walker at 100 feet - so the story goes ,unconfirmed but presumed!   This same gun was "assumed" to be the one to kill JFK, his shooting ability much improved by this time, able to land at least 2 shots from a bolt action rifle on a moving target in a few seconds at a much greater distance!   

If his IQ was fairly low, he may have been convinced by his handlers to go along with the charade.    Some people are gullible and can be led down a garden path, told they are the greatest double agents on the earth and follow orders in a spy/espionage game where they think themselves heroes and great patriots.  Unbeknownst to them, they then find themselves tied into the plot and framed to become the patsy.   Then it is too late to end the game and they are the pawn.   Take out the pawn and the story never has to be revealed, case closed!

There is a full and complete accounting of Oswald's finances and how he got his job in Russia.  Do you really believe that if Oswald was on someone's payroll to assassinate the president that this income would be reflected on his W-2s?  Whew.  Oswald only failed to hit Walker because his bullet deflected off of a window frame.  Oswald was trained to shoot a rifle in the USMC.
General Discussion & Debate / Re: Motive
« Last post by Jerry Organ on June 15, 2019, 05:57:31 PM »
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Yes I could well imagine the fear civilians might have had, and propaganda works in such strange ways it got the people so paranoid.

The Brits fueled this,  they used the U.S as a third arm, they shaped the U.S by immigrating there in droves, then to suit British needs and in their hatred for Russia over it's revolution which seen the killings of Royalty.

The 2nd WW2 was one example where they were trying to hit back and were hoping that Hitler would take over Russia, and then they would strike a deal with him, the Nazis were financed by Wall Street, through Britain.
They almost use America as a big Brother where they create conflicts, by robbing Natural resources from other nations  and then go running for help when they get caught out.

U.S society was created, mainly by those of  British heritage, and this ran into the backbone of the American foreign policy and the very society which Oswald detested a greedy capitalist racist system, with a lot of horrible people who felt superior to many others.

The bottom line is J.F.K stood to destroy this special relationship, between Britain and the U.S and they got rid of him for this.

Poor Mick. Peering at the world through rose-colored glasses.

American Patriots were largely anti-Catholic until it became necessary to ally with France.

Those who don't want to admit Prayer Man is Stanton will pretend they don't understand the significance of the topic...

It is generally accepted and established by most credible researchers who want to be taken seriously that the 3 Women spoken of by Karen Westbrook in her 6th Floor Museum interview were not herself, Calvery, and Reed but were instead Sharon Simmons, Gloria Holt, and Stella Mae Jacob...This is proven by the fact the latter threesome were filmed by Towner and Darnell staying together and walking on the Pergola patio and Grassy Knoll...The close-up of the 3 Women that was definitely filmed by Darnell proves beyond a doubt that the 3 Women were Simmons, Holt, & Jacob...This identification is all part of undoing the damage Greg Parker and Sean Murphy caused the legitimate research world with their Tom Sawyer-like contrarian fantasy research posing as serious effort...Evidence hack and charlatan Bart Kamp has taken up this bogus cause and continues the Prayer Man group tradition of ignoring evidence and unnecessarily prolonging the debate by refusing to acknowledge the proof that Prayer Man is Stanton...Stephen Fagin also bears some blame in this because he refuses to publicly correct Westbrook's highly misleading claim...In my opinion Fagin does this because his institution does not want to get too in to the habit of correcting false assassination evidence for obvious reasons...

As Thomas Graves said, once you establish the 3 Women are Simmons, Holt, & Jacob then that forces Tall Woman to be Gloria Calvery...Gloria Calvery has been correctly identified as being on the steps in Darnell through her short-length sweater and plaid skirt...Which in turn forces the competent, responsible researcher to coordinate Calvery's location with Buell Frazier's location of Sarah Stanton in relation to Calvery's arrival at the steps...Once credibly done there can be no doubt that Darnell represents the precise time period Frazier spoke of when Calvery had just finished shouting the president has been shot and Buell said he and Sarah turned to each other and stared at each other for the longest time...Prayer Man turns towards Frazier from Wiegman to Darnell and matches Sarah turning towards Frazier like he described...There's absolutely no doubt that Prayer Man is Stanton, yet we are still arguing this because the Prayer Man majority refuses to admit good evidence and is willing to destroy the credibility of the entire community by not admitting it...Jim DiEugenio is a major culprit in all this because he uses dishonest methods to rally his sycophants behind this dishonest denial...Sandy Larsen deals with this by saying "You and I have too many differences" - but he fails to simply honestly follow-through on his own evidence...People who pretend Davidson hasn't shown a woman's face on Prayer Man are just setting themselves up for discrediting when the original film proves that the woman's face is a firm part of the original Wiegman celluloid (counter to BK's lies)...
General Discussion & Debate / Prayer Woman
« Last post by Brian Doyle on June 15, 2019, 03:54:30 PM »

Barry - You didn't respond to my post #4580...

Prayer Man is female because Davidson legitimately brought out a female face on Prayer Man in Wiegman...And also because Frazier said he was facing Sarah when Calvery finished her shouting...Darnell shows Frazier facing Prayer Man exactly at that time...

BK could not locate Stanton on the steps and lied about her location...
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