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General Discussion & Debate / Mary Hollies
« Last post by Brian Doyle on Today at 12:45:30 AM »
Barry Ernest wrote:

Prior to publication of my book, "The Girl on the Stairs," in

which I analyzed the story of Victoria Adams, I discovered in the

National Archives a document out of Dallas that had not been made

available otherwise.  It was a June 2, 1964, transmittal letter from

Martha Joe Stroud, assistant U.S. Attorney for the Northern District

of Texas, and its recipient was J. Lee Rankin, general counsel to the

Warren Commission. (See it below.)

     The letter has since become known as "the Stroud document."

     Its contents concerned the testimony of Victoria Adams and how,

on examination, Miss Adams had noticed several spelling and

grammatical errors that she felt needed correction.  None of those

corrections were made in the final version, however.

     But the startling discovery came in the final paragraph of the

letter, written almost as if it were an afterthought:

     "Mr. Bellin [sic] was questioning Miss Adams about whether or not

she saw anyone as she was running down the stairs.  Miss Garner, Miss

Adams' supervisor, stated this morning that after Miss Adams went

downstairs she (Miss Garner) saw Mr. Truly and the policeman come up."

     To anyone unfamiliar with the story of Victoria Adams, that last

line would have meant little if anything.  But suddenly, Dorothy

Garner had taken on an extremely important role.

     Her sighting of Marrion Baker and Roy Truly after Victoria Adams

had left to go down the stairs was in direct contradiction to the

Warren Report's conclusion about when Miss Adams was on those stairs.

It meant Miss Adams was right all along.  And it cried out for an

answer as to why Miss Adams didn't hear or see Oswald, as the Report

stated she should have under those circumstances.

If proven innocent, Oswald would deserve no reward but his lawyer should supplant Clarence Darrow as being considered the world’s greatest lawyer.
General Discussion & Debate / Mary Hollies
« Last post by Brian Doyle on Today at 12:39:44 AM »
In spite of Mr. Doyle's self-serving "evidence" mired in horse manure stench to the contrary, let's Recap...

Five (5) TSBD employees (per their respective sworn testimony) on their descent down the backstairs did not see the tandem of Roy Truly & Marrion Baker on those same backstairs together:

Victoria Adams; Sandra Styles; Harold Norman; Bonnie Ray Williams; and, James "Junior" Jarman

None of them heard Roy Truly yell up the elevator shaft for an elevator. We can also add Jack Dougherty's name to this list in respect to that.

What Ford does is ignore the information that refutes him, wait a while, and then just re-post the same claim again as if nothing was ever said about it...There's every possibility that Adams & Styles were out by the time Baker & Truly got to the elevators...If so they may not have heard Truly shout for the elevators...

You have already been told repeatedly that if Williams saw Baker's helmet emerge while the black workers were hiding deep in to the rows of boxes that therefore the black workers could not have been on the stairs when Baker & Truly came up them...Even after being repeatedly informed of this correct evidence you still trollishly ignore it and uncredibly repeat that the black workers did not see Baker & Truly on the steps even though you know when you are saying that that the evidence precludes those black workers from seeing Baker & Truly on the steps because they had already ascended the steps before the black workers went down them...The reason the black workers went down the steps is because they figured Baker & Truly had cleared the floors below of any danger...You are repeating moronic violations of the evidence (a trait of the gas-lighting Prayer Man provocateurs) with no protest from anyone...

Now, when we take a much closer examination upon how many witnesses actually saw Roy Truly & Marrion Baker near the rear stairs together, only 1 "witness" out of 60+ actually place Roy Truly near the backstairs. That's Mr. Piper (Eddie). As we have already read, he does not place a uniformed white helmeted police officer in long black boots with Roy Truly at this specific time interval.

The dilemma for Mr. Doyle remains the same: He does not have a single eyewitness that places Roy Truly & Marrion Baker on the rear stairs together. He makes every attempt to force one witness into 'confirming" his self-serving "evidence", but here's what she actually says when asked if she saw Roy Truly that afternoon ----->

You're lying in public...I have already cited Mrs Garner as seeing the pair together...Her witnessing retroactively back-fills everything before it and makes all your false arguments and false contrivances of the evidence moot...You can't ignore that and still be credible...Oswald also witnessed Baker & Truly as they ascended the stairs...And your side dishonestly refuses to do a voice stress analysis of Baker & Truly's CBS interview where they calmly described their obviously-true story...

"I saw him several times that day," she said, but I'm not sure when or where." -- excerpted from her interview with Mr. Ernest (Barry)

To her credit and to Mr. Ernest's credit, I'm positive she saw Roy Truly that afternoon too.  Given her keen attention to detail ----->

"She demanded the best, watched the clock like a hawk and

tolerated no nonsense or talking when she ruled her kingdom...If you can picture an old fashioned prim librarian

telling everyone to 'shush,' you have an idea of the power and

demeanor of Dorothy Garner."
--Victoria Adams' assessment of her direct supervisor

She does not specifically identify a uniformed white helmeted motorcycle officer in long black boots with Roy Truly. Given her sharp demeanor that is very telling. She is simply an honest human being sharing truth, while Mr. Doyle shamelessly forces words into her mouth, no great surprise considering the source.

Mr. Doyle has yet to explain why five witnesses did not see the tandem of Roy Truly & Marrion Baker during their descent down the backstairs they are claimed to be upon together. I believe the lying roof-top tandem did indeed come together at some interval that afternoon, but spare us the hastily contrived script version with only one single "witness" out of 60+, who at the very best merely saw Roy Truly with another man (not a uniformed white helmeted motorcycle officer in long black boots).

You're trolling Alan...The reason you are trollishly ignoring the fresher more accurate memory of Mrs Garner from her 1964 Stroud Document statement where she directly mentioned seeing Baker & Truly emerge on the 4th floor immediately after Adams & Styles descended is because you know it refutes you and proves the Lunch Room Encounter to be real...

Thanks, but that same video has already been posted two times on the previous page. I doubt Styles will say something different in this one....  :D
I got a TV guide as well. I just assumed the comment Murphy made was the most insightful thing he could come up with about it.
Question for Jerry - was there anything in it that indicated Sandra Styles and Victoria Adams didn't hit the stairs straight away? It's in relation to John's post where Murphy says Styles told him they didn't.
Try again. Worked OK for me. Give it a chance to load. Mrs Butler seems like a very believable lady.

Perhaps it depends on where you are in the world. I still get the TV guide page...

Can somebody post the actual video here?
When I click on the link, the page goes to the TV guide of Discovery UK
Try again. Worked OK for me. Give it a chance to load. Mrs Butler seems like a very believable lady.
Benedict Donald

Benedict Donald is America's #1 traitor


"Watch fourth-floor employee Sandra Styles talk to camera about her experiences that day.

Sandra, in stating that she neither saw nor heard anyone else coming down the stairs, says it's possible that Oswald came down before her and Vicki Adams or after them: "He could have been behind us, he could have been ahead of us, I have no idea".

He could have been behind us... That's a very interesting comment for Sandra to make, for it backs up the Vicki Adams claim that the two ladies went to the stairs very soon after the shots."

Sean Murphy - posted November 13, 2013

No mention of his little insight here just a really odd observation picked out of a statement that seems to clearly demonstrate Styles didn't have a clue where Oswald was. "He could have been behind us" is not a very interesting comment to make, it's just part of what she was saying taken out of context. Not sure what point your making John.

When I click on the link, the page goes to the TV guide of Discovery UK
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