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Dark Complected Man Gerda Dunckel Video Analysis

The 2003 Beyond Conspiracy Documentary which was supposed going convince the public there was no conspiracy. They made many glaring errors ( or was it intentional)  such as using a parallel staircase instead of right angle stair with 20 ft landing distance, so they could claim Oswald could make it easily to the 2nd floor lunchroom by 60 sec post shots.

I can forgive errors because we all make them but HOW could they claim to be objective when they BS us like that ?

I think it was not long after that documentary that I concluded the MSM is hand and glove with the MIC and the shadow government thatís now manifested itself as the WEC ( formerly the Bilderberg group).

I agree with Jim H. that the Z224 frame is distinctly the lapel flap movement and not a motion blur effect.

I almost agree with Jerry Organs computer graphic Model of JCís shoulder angle at approx Z223-224 with exception that imo, JCs left leg was turned right also  and adjacent to his right leg because the hat had be on the OUTSIDE of the left leg so that the bullet exiting the wrist does not go thru the hat.

I still do not understand how Andrew M. cannot see the obvious involuntary reaction  of JC to the effect of the Z224 bullet hitting JC in his back which is off center  to the right of his spinal cord thus causing the spin effect of his right shoulder abruptly turning counterclockwise and his body moving forward, followed by the involuntary clutching of his hat caused by the SAME  224 bullet that went thru his wrist.

Finally, Iím not certain if the Z 312-313 frame apparent movement of JFKs head forward Is the result of the actual film or was THIS where the crucial part of the film may be  altered in order to better convince all that the head shot came from behind the limo. ?

Because without those 2 critical frames and then as Mr Griffith pointed out, the Z film single 1/18th frame dissipation of blood splatter is NOT the same as Myttons deer head shot gif because that would require  6 frames or more approx, so now Iím suspicious again 😳
There is no apparent reason for any conspirator to have faked Oswald's presence in Mexico City.  It does not advance the plot to frame him from the JFK assassination but entails enormous risk since they would have to account for any witness who places Oswald elsewhere.   In a conspiracy narrative, they would not fake pointless events like Oswald getting on a bus after the assassination that takes him nowhere.  Events in a false narrative must have purpose.  You don't see characters in a movie doing random things that have nothing to do with the plot.   That is how a conspiracy plan would work.   Oswald's defection to the USSR provides ample support that he was a Commie/Marxist.  There is no apparent need to bolster that with a faked Mexico City visit if that is the alleged intent here.

The date, 11/23/63, indicates that it was written while LHO was still alive. And I donít believe that anyone (including Jack Ruby) had even dreamed that LHO would be murdered the next day. Good stuff Steve, thanks!
Yes, before Oswald was shot. It's hard for me to imagine that the conspirators who allegedly sent this impersonator wouldn't realize that the Cubans and Soviets would expose it? Would reveal this plot? Of course they would. So they send an impersonator to obtain visas, visas? - he's going to have to present photos and his signature (as he did) - and this will be pulled off? They have the evidence - fake photos and signature! The whole idea blows up.

And one more: If they're framing Oswald and the Mexico City visit why not lie and say he admitted going there? According to the interrogators, e.g., Fritz, Hosty et al., who were supposedly framing him he denied going there. Why did they say he said this? If they're framing him in the MC visit then lie and say he admitted it. He's dead; he can't deny it.

And once again, no, this man below did NOT say he was Oswald.

The day after the assassination the then head of the KGB, Vladimir Semichastny, reportedly issued a top secret memorandum to Soviet political leaders about what the KGB knew about Oswald. In the report he said that the KGB had "established data" that Lee Oswald did visit their Embassy in Mexico City requesting a visa and asylum in the USSR. The decision was made at that time to deny his request again.

The below is excerpted from Oleg Nechiporenko's book "Passport to Assassination." Nechiporenko was one of three KGB agents who met Oswald when he visited the Embassy in search of a visa. The Mikoyan that the memo was addressed to was top Soviet official Anastas Mikoyan who was then the Deputy Chairman of the Council of Ministers. This undermines the claim made by conspiracists who say Oswald was impersonated and that Nechiporenko and the other KGB agents falsified a story about Oswald visiting the Embassy in order to sell his book decades later or curry favor with the West. Again, the Soviets *at that time* believed the real Oswald visited their Embassy; not an impostor. Note as well that Nechiporenko never defected to the West; after the dissolution of the USSR and KGB he remained in Russia and worked for the Russian intelligence service the FSB.

The date, 11/23/63, indicates that it was written while LHO was still alive. And I donít believe that anyone (including Jack Ruby) had even dreamed that LHO would be murdered the next day. Good stuff Steve, thanks!
There is blur in z222 but it is not much different than the blur in z224:

There is a considerable difference in motion blur between Z222 and Z224. Look at these wider crops:

In Frame 222 there is a lot of motion blur from left to right (look at the Stemmons sign, the motorbike,...). Any contrasting line suffers from this lateral blur and that is what you are seeing - not a jacket lapel flipping out.
There is blur in z222 but it is not much different than the blur in z224:

So how can you "see" a lapel flip from z223 in z224 any better than the reverse "unflip" in z222 to z223? 
Judith Baker: Me and Lee. Pretty sure 99% of the entire text is fabrication.
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Old Joe is trying to force a ceasefire in Gaza while desperately seeking funding for his endless war in Ukraine.  Unreal.   He has no plan or policy in either case.  He does nothing in the interest of the US because he can't figure out what that even is.  He changes direction with the political winds.  The radical anti-Semitic leftists are anti-Israel.   So whoever is in charge tell Joe to take a stand against Israel. 
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