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Author Topic: Ed Forum & DPF posting activity: Accurate Inaccurate Emphasized Avoided Dropped  (Read 2732 times)

Offline Mark A. Oblazney

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Rick Ross had it right, Tom.  Go to and see the PrayerDude-length thread about SurferDude and his lackey Tulsi.  Beyond the pale. 

Oh, bytheway, just finished watching 'Wild Wild Country' on Netflix........ dang.  Butler had nothing on this dude, man.  And Baghwan's inner circle 'offed' him, to boot.  Big B kinda reminds me of Big T...... don'tcha think?

Speaking of conspiracies, have you seen the cartoon where Kobe crashed his helicopter before it really happened.........  Illuminati?  Dang.  I wonder if Tulsi shall, well...... nevermind+

Online Tom Scully

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MONDAY, JUNE 24, 2019

William F. Brown, 91, Tony-Nominated Writer
William F. Brown of Westport, a Tony-nominated writer best known for his libretto to the long-running Broadway musical “The Wiz,” died June 23 at Norwalk Hospital. He was 91. Image
William Brown: Broadway, TV writer. David Gordon photo
His death was confirmed by his longtime wife and collaborator, Tina Tippit.

Brown was born in Jersey City, New Jersey on April 16, 1928. After attending Princeton University, he moved to New York City and landed a job writing for Look Magazine in 1950.

After a year in the U.S. Army, he worked from 1952 to 1954 as a television producer for the advertising agency Batten, Barton, Durstine and Osborne (BBDO), while also starting a freelance career as an author, illustrator, cartoonist and TV writer. See full obituary HERE from

Recent Contact info of Christina E. Tippit Brown : (Doyle is, of course, a "cracker jack" interviewer, in his own mind....) Please do not scare this  elderly witness!
Christina Tippit Brown from Westport, Connecticut ...

Obit of Jack D. Tippit :

You're welcome.... and A1bert, Brian, "Ralph Yates", Doyle.... be sure to take (usurp) personal credit for this discovery, and Happy New Year.

I’m not sure where Scully is going with this since any geriatric Connecticut Tippit is unlikely to have any information about the Gardos store front...Scully is a hypocrite because while posing himself as a guardian of unfairly denied information he then turns around and commits that very offense by bashing me and ignoring my very important discoveries from Sarah Stanton’s relatives...Parr for the course in the self defeating, dysfunctional JFK research internet...

John Kowalski posted on  February 28, 2020

John B. Am always glad to make a contribution to this very important thread.

Contacted Jack Dempsey's Tippit's ex-wife, Tina Tippit Brown on LinkedIn and also sent her a letter. She still lives in the same home that she and her husband lived in when they received the call. Still no response from her but will update everyone if she does respond.

On 3/14/2020 at 9:42 AM, John Kowalski said:

I received a telephone call from Tina and an email from her granddaughter. Had a nice chat with her and she told me something about accents. She is from Texas and the only accent she is familiar with is Mexican accents. So her comments about what type of accent the caller had were probably not accurate.

She said that she did not know the woman caller. The woman called a number of times and every time she called she was in a rush, fearing being overheard.

She does not know the Tippit family because they are distant relatives, if they are relatives at all. She said there are different ways to spell Tippit and because of this they may not be relatives and the only thing they have in common is that they are from the same part of Texas.

She made notes on the call but does not want to access them right now because she is cleaning up her late-husband's estate and the notes are packed away in boxes.

Her comments about the woman fearing being overheard are interesting. If Tina's impression is correct, that she feared being overheard, this would suggest that she was not calling from a telephone booth but from a home or office where she could be overheard. If she did not call from a telephone booth then there is the possibility that the number could be traced and having this number would lead to the identity of the caller.
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Online Brian Doyle

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More indecipherable data dumping from Scully the obtuse meaning of which only he knows...

Offline Jerry Freeman

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At least over on the Ed Forum... agree/disagree ---they seem to stay on the topic that is posted  :-\

Offline John Iacoletti

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...and they had the good sense to ban Brian Doyle.

Online Tom Scully

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Just another example of why there is so little, older, accurate original research, as well as why more recent original, verifiable research is usually ignored. Most "know what they know"....

Ron Bulman
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Posted 3 hours ago - March 26, 2020
I know there's an old thread or two or three about Rose (Cheramie) on the forum I should probably look up but she relates to Ruby as she was a former stripper for him if nothing else.

First, I just read most of H. P. Albarelli's book A Secret Order a couple of months ago.  Until then I never realized Rose was originally from Houston or that she was a police informant there.  That she left town shortly after the honest, dedicated vice cop she informed to was suicided when his investigations got too close to corrupt cops re selling confiscated drugs.

Then I came across a particularly interesting bit to me in Gary Shaw's article on Rose in the latest Garrison.  I'm pretty sure I had read that her death certificate said DOA, but that for some reason that had been questioned.  I don't remember reading "her hospital records detailed eight hours of medical treatment".  I had also read something about "the possibility of a gunshot wound in the head." I did not realize this also comes from those hospital records.  I believe I also had read that "the death certificate denotes an autopsy was done... It had disappeared, either lost or destroyed."   How convenient.  Shot in the head.  Left in the road near her luggage to be run over.  Observed by a guy in a parked car who takes off when the guy who runs over her stops.

Rose predicted the assassination to Lt. Fruge, more than one doctor, multiple nurses before and as it happened.  Yet when Fruge called the Dallas Police Department they had "no interest" in her story.  They didn't want to touch her with at ten foot pole.  This has for many years been for me One of the many Rosetta Stones.  Right up there with the Magic, Single, Pristine bullet.

December 29, 2015 Tom S.

Editor’s note:
An image of Marcades’s death certificate.:
Tom S.  December 29, 2015 at 7:57 pm
To be clear, Willy, Ronnie Wayne is quoting Richard Beltzer’s book. Beltzer is quoting :

…..Finally, it should be noted that Cheramie’s hospital
records state that in addition to her other injuries, she had suffered a
“deep punctate stellate wound above her right forehead.” 23

23) J Gary Shaw, “Case Closed” or Posner’s Pompous & Presumtuous
Postulations, Dateline Dallas, Nov 1993 pp. 12.

As far as I have determined, and I would appreciate reading a comment from a better informed submitter,
J Gary Shaw has never furnished any evidence supporting his 1993 description of the contents of hospital records describing a head wound similar to a bullet wound.

All I could present was an image of Marcades’s death certificate. I chose this topic because I wonder what either “community” requires in the way of actual evidence to base assumptions on.

What impresses commenters? Why? How is your approach to this research similar or different from buying an expensive item
on Ebay or Craigslist, or a home or a used car?

Tom S. December 29, 2015 at 8:51 pm
“Autopsy performed” box on right lower middle of death cert. image is checked “yes”.
by Chris Mills* 22 August, 1996

….Punctate stellate wound

The cause of death was “Traumatic head wound with subdural &
subarachnoid & Petechial Hemorrage to the brain caused by being struck
by auto”.20 There was an autopsy performed but, unfortunately, the
hospital is now unable to locate these records……
Thursday, September 9, 1965
Woman Lying On Highway Fatally Hurt An unusual accident on Highway 155 took the life o: a Duncanville woman and increased the traffic death total for Upshur County to 18 so far this year, 16 oi them on rural highways, and two inside the Gilmer city limits. Latest victim was identified as Melba Christine Youngblood, 41, who was fatally injured when struck by a car as she was lying on Highway 155 at the roadside park one and one-half miles north of Big Sandy. A sister made the identification and told officers she had called her the night before to say she was going to hitch hike to New Orleans and had a ride with three sailors. The woman was struck by a car driven by Jerry Don Moore, 23, of Tyler. He was driving on Highway 155 about 2:15 a.m. Saturday when the accident occurred. Moore said he saw some luggage on the highway and that as he dodged it he ran over her where she was lying in the road. He was absolved of any blame in the accident. Moore picked the woman up and took her to Hawkins to a doctor. An ambulance was called and she was transferred to a Gladewater hospital where she died about 10:30 Saturday morning. She never regained consciousness after she was brought to the hospital. She carried no identification other than the letters found in her luggage.

Offline Alan J. Ford

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OBlazeny is an open Lone-Nutter on Jim Hess’s Facebook page but that’s no problem for DiEugenio or Mr Ethos Peter Lemkin or Johnson...

To Mr. Scully’s valid points…(1) My hope in starting this thread is to provide some balance to offset what I regard as a trend discouraging readers seeking to become better informed, especially those who follow threads of this forum and the two others I've mentioned.

(2) As always, informing readers in a sincere and well documented manner should be the primary purpose of all who choose to contribute.

With these excellent points in mind, the next generation of researchers deserve such a solid foundation in order to further advance the diligent contributions of the first generation and present-day-generation of researchers.

Now, with a certain “researcher” in mind, it is clearly a disservice to the due-diligence of present day researchers, and future researchers to waste their time navigating w/great care around horse manure stench masquerading as “research” (a heavy-set female imposter wearing a wig to conceal her otherwise gray hair posing as a male over in a position far removed from her own documented one). That said, out of respect for the OP’s request to refrain from turning this particular thread into an exchange over who is standing where, etc., I’ll respectfully honour his wishes and simply focus on the key points made.

That said, though I’m knee deep in other responsibilities and pursuits requiring a great deal of time…

Dear Mr. Ford,

You have applied to have a rally at the Lincoln Memorial on August 28, 2020. Please call me so that I can set up a logistical meeting.

Thank You,

Xxxxxxxx X. Xxxxxxxx
Permit Assistant
National Park Service
National Mall and Memorial Parks
Division of Permits Management

I do make time to do some catch up reading from time to time at the venues the OP cited. Staying abreast and informed is worthy of all our efforts; however, as stated by the OP let’s be careful to push forward/promote discoveries/questions worthy of a much closer examination, as oppose to reinventing the wheel on worn out roads leading to no where so to speak.

To be clear, lest Mr. Doyle thinks otherwise, the issue here is not DPF or the EDF. That said, Mr. Doyle, if you care to respond to me do it via PM rather than within this thread, if you wish to cower away and put me on ignore status, I understand, considering the source. I merely used you & your “research” as an example to further illustrate the OP’s valid points. As Mum would say, if the Shoe fits…

Best Wishes to everyone--you too, Mr. Doyle, to remain healthy & safe amid this ongoing coronavirus pandemic. 

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As evidenced by the numerical decline in postings on virtually all on line JFK sites, one has to ask why. 10-15 years ago I was an avid, ardent LN poster. I rarely post any longer. Simple explanation for me is, why oh why must be debate the very same arguments day after day, year after year. What’s accomplished? For so many years many of us that researched the case waited for NARA to release the “smoking gun”. There was/is no smoking gun. What’s left to debate? The evidence hasn’t changed one iota in 56 years despite the efforts, distortions and outright lies of DiEugenio and his ilk.

Offline Peter Goth

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As evidenced by the numerical decline in postings on virtually all on line JFK sites, one has to ask why. 10-15 years ago I was an avid, ardent LN poster. I rarely post any longer. Simple explanation for me is, why oh why must be debate the very same arguments day after day, year after year. What’s accomplished? For so many years many of us that researched the case waited for NARA to release the “smoking gun”. There was/is no smoking gun. What’s left to debate? The evidence hasn’t changed one iota in 56 years despite the efforts, distortions and outright lies of DiEugenio and his ilk.

 :) a sad surrender, neither side can prove.
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Offline Paul May

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:) a sad surrender, neither side can prove.

We disagree. For the majority of historians it has been proven, and was in 1964. The conspiracy side however has not changed nor will it. Their mantra is and remains “we cannot prove conspiracy because the conspirators won’t let us.” I personally have stated numerous times on this site and other sites over the years, Oswald and only Oswald shot and killed JFK to the exclusion of anybody else. However, we don’t know and likely never will whether some individual or organization was pulling his strings. Is it possible? Of course it’s possible. Can it be proven? No, it cannot be.


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