Author Topic: Two different people posing as a 'Babushka Lady'  (Read 682 times)

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Re: Two different people posing as a 'Babushka Lady'
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You bring up many good points.  My reply as far as the lack of photographic evidence is this:  I think we can all agree that the photographic record of the JFK assassination has been meddled with, and not just the Z-film.  If my BL theory is correct, then one of the major things the conspirators would be on the lookout for would be any and all photographic images which would indicate that there were TWO Babushka Ladies, and if found, these images would have to be edited or destroyed.  Take, for example, my analysis of the Bell film, where there appeared to be a break in the footage between the last time we see BL_1 and the first time we see BL_2.  Also, look at my images of the two Bond photos.  The green line in Bond9 is the extreme right hand edge of Bond8.  BL_1 is right at that line, which means that Bond8 may have actually captured BOTH BL_1 and BL_2 - and the conspirators had the area containing BL_1 cropped out.

I tend to look at it this way:  There may not be any obvious photographic evidence proving a BL switch occurred, but the subtle yet detectable physical differences between BL_1 and BL_2 dictate that at some time soon after the assassination, a switch did in fact take place.  It all comes down to whether or not you believe that BL_1 and BL_2 were two different people - as I do.

As for Brehm, well, some people would do almost anything - for the right price.  I should say that I have no hard evidence Brehm, Hill and Moorman were in on the plot.  This assertion is based (almost) solely on my belief that BL_1 was an assassin.  Put yourself into the shoes of the conspirators:  you can't just say the your assassin:  "Hey, put on this dress, overcoat and headscarf, then go stand out in the open on the South side of Elm street and take some shots at JFK as he rides by"  That's leaving too much to chance. 

By the way, the BL is visible in 22 of the 406 Zapruder frames, yet there is not one single clear image of the BL.  Coincidence?
If BL_1 was indeed a 'man with a gun', then images of BL_1 would have needed quite a bit of editorial attention - as far as the Zapruder film is concerned...



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