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Re: Trump supporters and conspiracy theory - Part 2
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Right wing radical MAGA Republicans in the House and Senate are screaming to "defund the FBI". They are even inciting violence towards law enforcement. 

Our most important law enforcement in the country and Republicans want to defund and abolish them.

This proves Republicans are soft on crime and have no regard for law enforcement.

Why are they doing this?

Because they belong to the Trump cult and Republicans only exist to protect and to cover up for Trump's crimes.

Trump stole top secret classified information on nuclear weapons and the FBI did their job by going in to retrieve these sensitive documents from Trump's home. 

Instead of the GOP showing outrage at Trump like the overwhelming majority Americans are showing, the GOP is directing their rage at our top law enforcement demanding to abolish and defund them.

Republicans do not care that Trump stole sensitive classified top secret documents. They do not care that he possibly shared this top secret information with our adversaries. All they care about is protecting Trump from being prosecuted for possible espionage.

Republicans do not deserve to be in Government because they are not here to represent Americans to keep us safe. All they care about is being loyal to Criminal Donald and doing what he demands them to do.         

Could you imagine the damage and the security implications to our country if the FBI was defunded or abolished like Republicans are calling for?

If Republicans ever took over Congress, you can bet they will go after the FBI and our law enforcement just like they are going after women's rights. They are screaming to do it now. If they have the power to do it, they will.   

If Republicans have the power, they would weaken our law enforcement and defund the FBI just to please Donald Trump. Our entire national security would be at risk.

That is why it's extremely important that Republicans lose in a landslide in November. Their dangerous actions will absolutely destroy our country putting our safety and existence in great peril.   
These right wing radicals are dangerous to our safety and have no business being in government.     

GOP lawmakers adopt "defund the FBI" rallying cry

Maryland's Governor Larry Hogan, a Republican, slammed fellow GOP lawmakers on Sunday who have called to "defund" the FBI in the wake of the Monday raid on former President Donald Trump's Florida residence.

Representative Marjorie Taylor Greene, a Georgia Republican and staunch Trump loyalist, this past week called for defunding the federal law enforcement agency, and even began selling shirts and hats with the words "Defund the FBI" printed on them. Representative Jeff Duncan, a South Carolina Republican, also floated the idea of abolishing the FBI in a Monday Twitter post. Meanwhile, a number of other GOP lawmakers have attacked the FBI, accusing the agency of corruption and political bias.

The Republican governor said that such calls are "dangerous," and added that "there are threats all over the place," warning that "losing faith in our federal law enforcement officers and our justice a really serious problem."

The FBI, with the approval of Attorney General Merrick Garland, carried out the raid of Trump's Mar-a-Lago resort home, searching for top secret and sensitive compartmentalized information, as well as other classified documents. Trump and his allies have condemned the raid, with the ex-president calling it part of a "hoax" and an ongoing "witch hunt" targeting him.

"The FBI has proven time and again that it is corrupt to the core. At what point do we abolish the Bureau and start over?" GOP Rep. Jeff Duncan wrote in a Monday tweet.

"We must defund the FBI, dismantle the DOJ, and gut the agencies of political biases and persecutions," Greene wrote in a Thursday Twitter post. "I believe in the people."


While many Republicans allege the FBI acted in a politically biased manner, the federal agency is currently led by a Trump appointee. FBI director Christopher Wray, a Republican, was selected by the former president in 2017 after he fired former director James Comey.

News first broke in early February that the former president had improperly taken classified documents to his Florida home, with the National Archives and Records Administration (NARA) confirming that it had been searching for 15 boxes of records. The ex-president did not deny the story at the time, saying that it was a mix-up as his staff hastily moved him out of the White House.

After the boxes were returned to the NARA, the collection led to additional concern that the former president still had additional classified materials. Federal investigators began interviewing Trump staffers to determine what had been taken from the White House. The interviews, and a broader investigation overseen by a U.S. attorney, resulted in a grand jury subpoena served against Trump in late May to produce specific documents.

When the documents were not turned over, the FBI and the Justice Department chose to take the unprecedented step of carrying out a search warrant against a former president. A federal judge, as is required due process, approved the warrant—believing that the FBI had demonstrated probable cause. The warrant, which was unsealed on Friday, aimed to recover top secret and other classified documents.

GOP Arizona Rep. Paul Gosar has called on Republicans to "destroy the FBI" in a recent tweet. 

GOP Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene is selling "defund the FBI" merchandise on her website.   

PatriotTakes @patriottakes

Marjorie Taylor Greene modeling her new “Defund the FBI” hats which look like regular FBI hats until you get very close as the video shows.


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Re: Trump supporters and conspiracy theory - Part 2
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Re: Trump supporters and conspiracy theory - Part 2
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'B.enedict Donald' Trump 'understood the stakes in the search warrant was executed': MSNBC panel

Donald Trump biographer Tim O'Brien explained that even though the former president "isn't a sophisticated man" and " is a deeply ignorant man," he still "understood the stakes in the search warrant that was executed."

He joined a panel of legal experts on MSNBC Sunday evening to explain that Trump's "secret power" is spinning something into something else.

"Then there was this void around how to interpret the FBI search, and he lept into that by labeling it a raid and saying the United States had a broken legal system, just like third world countries and this was a political hit," said O'Brien. "All that got embraced by Fox News and the enablers in the GOP. And they had about two new cycles worth of momentum out of that. By the time Merrick Garland belatedly gave guidance to the American public about what the Justice Department's intentions were here, I think the wheel had turned."

It's only persisted since Thursday, he said.

"I think the initial focus was, 'well the FBI is off the rails here," O'Brien went on. "He effectively change people from focusing on him to focusing on the FBI's actions. Now that the people are focusing on him, his motives in all of this become paramount. I think you really have to ask yourself, why did Donald Trump take these documents? I think it drops into three baskets. I think at least painful one of them is that he's a seven year grown old, and there's some stuff from the White House that he wanted to keep. Late models of Air Force One and its paint job."

Where it gets dodgy is whether Trump had financial incentives to take documents.

"Donald Trump's business is under enormous stress," O'Brien explained."He faces an aging investigation by the New York attorney general investigation that could put him out of business. He owes a lot of debt. His son-in-law and former Treasury Secretary both cashed in under relationships with the Saudis. I think he saw people in his administration monetizing their service. I think we can't put it past anyone that Trump saw some of these documents as avenues for him to making money. I think that the third possible basket here is damage control for his own reputation, actions you might have taken before your eyes leadership while he was president."

Former deputy assistant attorney general from the office of legal policy, Lisa Graves made it clear that Trump also can't wave a magic wand and declassify anything he wants. She also explained that the documents report revealed that the ones he took were the most sensitive.

"But the Espionage Act does not require anything to be classified specifically in order for it to apply," she also said. "I think Trump is in a world of trouble. We may have to start calling him B.enedict Donald."

See the conversation below:

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Re: Trump supporters and conspiracy theory - Part 2
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John Bolton: Trump's 'desperation' around classified docs is 'almost certainly a lie'

New York Times reporters Maggie Haberman and Zolan Kanno-Youngs penned a piece detailing the remarkable similarities between Donald Trump's evolving alibis for how he ended up with classified information in his safe at Mar-a-Lago and his previous scandals.

Trump's first moves were attacking the FBI, alleging they planted evidence, he was a victim, there was a break-in, it was a witch hunt, and he's being attacked by rogue law enforcement. The excuses, justifications and claims expanded from there, but they're all remarkably similar to the playbook Trump has used for over decades, the Times explained. Most visibly, it was part of the plan when an investigation explored whether his political campaign was conspiring with the Russian government in 2016.

"In both instances, he claimed victimization and mixed some facts with a blizzard of misleading statements or falsehoods. His lawyers denied that he had tied his administration’s withholding of vital military aid to Ukraine to Mr. Trump’s desire for investigations into Joseph R. Biden Jr. and his son, Hunter Biden," wrote the Times.
Trump then tried to use classic whataboutism, claiming that Hillary Clinton had 33 million classified documents and somehow sprinkled acid on them. That is false. Then suddenly, it was former President Barack Obama who had 33 million emails that were carted off to Chicago. The National Archives called that a lie on Friday as well.

The report went on to cite the Kash Patel interview in which the Trump administration official claimed that the former president had declassified everything as a former president. According to right-wing writer John Solomon on Fox, Trump had a "standing order" that “documents removed from the Oval Office and taken to the residence were deemed to be declassified the moment he removed them.”

"That claim would not resolve the investigation. Two of the laws referred to in the search warrant executed this week criminalize the taking or concealment of government records, regardless of whether they had anything to do with national security," the report said. "And laws against taking material with restricted national security information are not dependent on whether the material is technically classified."

John Bolton made it clear that the claim is "almost certainly a lie."

“I was never briefed on any such order, procedure, policy when I came in,” Bolton said, according to the Times. He also said that he'd never been told of something like that while working for Trump's White House nor had he heard of such a thing. “If he were to say something like that, you would have to memorialize that, so that people would know it existed."

He also told the Times that there are secure rooms and built for Trump at Bedminster and Mar-a-Lago where sensitive materials were able to be viewed. So, none of those documents would have to be declassified to begin with.

“When somebody begins to concoct lies like this, it shows a real level of desperation," he said.

Trump also released a statement in June saying all documents marked "classified" were returned to the government.

Read the full report at the New York Times piece here:

Trump is 'facing a three-front war' as his legal problems overwhelm him: legal expert

Appearing on MSNBC's "The Sunday Show," former U.S. Solicitor General Neal Katyal explained that Donald Trump has so many investigations and lawsuits hanging over his head that he can't effectively fight them all.

Speaking with host Jonathan Capehart, the legal expert suggested that the former president is fighting nothing less than a ''three-front war."

With former Sen. Doug Jones (D-AL) saying he was surprised that the former president listened to his attorneys before pleading the 5th Amendment 440 times during a deposition in Manhattan, Katyal jumped in.

"The senator is actually correct," he began. "Trump's lawyers were able to convince Donald Trump to stay silent for four hours. That's a herculean task and the only way in which that happens is because Trump knows he's got something very serious to hide."

"And the senator are absolutely right, in the civil case, the inference is now drawn against him. So he is going to lose these civil cases about fraud that the New York attorney general is pursuing," he elaborated. "A question is now what happens in the criminal investigation, that's ongoing in New York which is totally unrelated to the criminal investigation that we have been talking about, about Mar-a-Lago and classified documents. And also unrelated to any investigation about Jan. 6."

"Trump is now facing a three-front war," he suggested.


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Re: Trump supporters and conspiracy theory - Part 2
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Re: Trump supporters and conspiracy theory - Part 2
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The DOJ now has 'the strongest case against Trump yet': legal expert

In a column for Politico, former prosecutor Renato Mariotti maintained that Department of Justice now has a very prosecutable case against Donald Trump after FBI agents were forced to get a warrant to recover boxes of stolen highly-sensitive government documents from Mar-a-Lago last week after weeks of negotiations with the former president's lawyers.

According to Mariotti, Trump has only himself to blame for helping the Department of Justice put together a case that will stick.

With the New York Times reporting that surveillance video at the luxury Florida resort owned by Trump showed the disputed boxes of government reports were moved in and out of a room that was supposed to be secured, thereby alarming DOJ officials, the former prosecutor claimed that would be a contributing factor if investigators seek an indictment.

Writing for Politico, he asserted, "while it is possible the DOJ merely wanted to retrieve and secure the material that Trump refused to give back to the government, if they decide to press forward with charges, their case looks quite strong."

"One strategy I used as a federal prosecutor was to have agents serve targets of investigations with a notice indicating that what they were doing was breaking the law. If the target continued to violate the law after receiving the notice, we had the proof we needed," he explained. "DOJ’s repeated requests and demands to Trump and his team served the same purpose. It will be difficult for Trump to claim that he did not realize that the records he kept were national security secrets that rightfully belonged to the government, given that the government repeatedly told him so and demanded their return."

The attorney added, "Although Trump may believe that highly classified defense secrets are his own personal property, or that he could keep Top Secret documents because he informally 'declassified' them without following established procedures, it will be difficult to convince jurors that he had a legitimate reason to keep such sensitive national security information at his Florida resort."

Mariotti also pointed out that Trump has been treated with "kid gloves" by the DOJ until now, but that seems to have come to an end.

He also added that Trump's "best defense" in this case would likely blow up in his face.

"Trump’s best defense would likely be that he didn’t really know that classified material remained at Mar-a-Lago, because he relied on his aides and lawyers, who told him that they gave all the classified material back to the government. The problem for Trump is that doing so would likely waive attorney-client privilege between himself and the lawyers he is pointing the finger at, and it’s unclear whether any of them would be willing to take the fall for him," he wrote.

"I would not be surprised if DOJ refuses to pursue charges, regardless of their strength, in the absence of a 'plus factor' like obstruction. But that factor might be present here, given recent reports that one of Trump’s lawyers signed a written statement falsely asserting that “all material marked as classified” had been returned to the government. That falsehood might be why an obstruction statute was included in the search warrant executed at Trump’s residence," he predicted. "That false representation creates potential liability for the lawyer, because lying to the federal government is a crime if it is done knowingly and willfully. DOJ could investigate that lawyer, who could claim that she relied on Trump’s false statements or — if she lied on her own — potentially flip on him."

"If DOJ can establish that Trump was personally behind efforts to obstruct their investigation, they very well might charge him," he concluded.

You can read more here:

ABC analyst: Trump faces '20 years behind bars' for 'serious felonies' at Mar-a-Lago

A legal analyst for ABC News pointed out that former President Donald Trump is potentially facing 20 years in prison for "serious felonies" after the search of his Mar-a-Lago home.

Dan Abrams told ABC host Jonathan Karl that the Department of Justice could indict Trump for multiple crimes after finding classified documents during the search.

"They're very serious," Abrams said of the charges. "And the one that's being talked about most is this espionage act because it has the word espionage in it. But the truth is that when it comes to potential criminal sentences, the obstruction of justice statute is the one with the most potential prison time."

"There you're talking about up to 20 years behind bars," he added. "So these are not sort of minor crimes we're talking about here. We're talking about the potential for serious felonies with regard to all three of the crimes being investigated."


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Re: Trump supporters and conspiracy theory - Part 2
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‘We all know he’s lying’: Morning Joe rips apart Trump’s shifting excuses for stealing classified docs

MSNBC's Joe Scarborough knocked down Donald Trump's excuses for taking home classified documents to his home at Mar-A-Lago.

The FBI searched the former president's home last week and removed around a dozen boxes of materials he had refused to turn over to the Department of Justice, and the "Morning Joe" host sorted through a litany of shifting justifications for Trump's possession of those documents.

"I didn't take the documents, but if I did take the documents, they weren't classified, and if they were classified, then they were planted, and if they weren't, I declassified them, and if I didn't, then it's a hoax," Scarborough said. "If it is not a hoax, Obama did it. He keeps changing, he keeps going through the lies. You know, first, he said he was working and cooperating with government agents, then, when we found out the truth about that, he said the agents planted it. Finally, he started lying -- and you're going to talk about this in a second -- saying he declassified them."

"Then on Sunday, on the Sunday shows, after all of these different stories didn't line up, after all of the lies that he had thrown out there and all of the you know what thrown against the wall didn't line up, then he had former aides go on TV and start a new round of lies," Scarborough continued. "One saying, well, he was in a rush, he was packing, he didn't know whether he was going to leave or not. Then when he found out he was going to leave the White House -- I'm not sure why he didn't know that he was leaving the White House. He lost by millions and millions of votes, lost by what he called his own victory, lost by the same number, which he said was one of the greatest landslides in American history, the Electoral College count."

"He's just making sh -- stuff up," Scarborough added. "It shows a real level of desperation. We all know he is lying. There has been, I guess if you count it, seven, eight, nine, 10 different lies."

Watch the video below:

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Re: Trump supporters and conspiracy theory - Part 2
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Bannon and Trump are threatening violence against our law enforcement. Lock these criminals up!   

Trump warns ‘terrible things are going to happen’ in Fox News rant against FBI’s ‘sneak attack’

Steve Bannon vows MAGA will destroy 'Gestapo' FBI: 'We are a threat to the American state'

Fox News host asks Trump to call off 'violent rhetoric' against FBI for 'just doing their job'

Fox News host Steve Doocy asked former President Donald Trump to denounce violent rhetoric and threats against law enforcement by his supporters after the FBI searched his Mar-a-Lago estate.

During a Monday segment about the FBI search on Fox & Friends, Doocy reported that there had been "very specific threats" against FBI agents and government officials.

"It would be great for everybody to tamp down the rhetoric against the FBI because the FBI simply was doing what the DOJ asked them to do," he explained. "The attorney general is the boss of the guy at the FBI, of all the people at the FBI."

He added: "So with all of these threats going around, it would ultimately be great if the former president who has always been a great supporter of law enforcement, posed with a thousand police departments coast to coast, it would be great if he called for an end to the violent rhetoric against federal law enforcement and, in particular, the FBI that was just doing their job."

Watch the video below:

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Re: Trump supporters and conspiracy theory - Part 2
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Re: Trump supporters and conspiracy theory - Part 2
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Rudy Giuliani is the target of a Georgia election probe, his lawyers are told

ATLANTA — Prosecutors in Atlanta on Monday told lawyers for Rudy Giuliani that he's a target of their criminal investigation into possible illegal attempts by then-President Donald Trump and others to interfere in the 2020 general election in Georgia, one of Giuliani's lawyers said Monday.

Special prosecutor Nathan Wade alerted Giuliani's local attorney in Atlanta that the former New York City mayor could face criminal charges, another Giuliani attorney, Bob Costello said. News of the disclosure was first reported by The New York Times.

Fulton County District Attorney Fani Willis opened the investigation last year, and a special grand jury was seated in May at her request. County Superior Court Judge Robert McBurney, who's overseeing the special grand jury, has instructed Giuliani to appear before the panel to testify on Wednesday.

Willis' investigation was spurred by a phone call between Trump and Georgia Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger. During that January 2021 conversation, Trump suggested that Raffensperger could "find" the votes needed to overturn his narrow loss in the state.

It has also become clear that the district attorney is interested in Georgia legislative committee hearings that were held in December 2020 where Giuliani appeared and spread false claims of election fraud in Atlanta's Fulton County.
Willis last month filed petitions seeking to compel testimony from seven Trump associates and advisers. Because they don't live in Georgia, she had to use a process that involves asking a judge in the states where they live to order them to appear.

In a petition seeking Giuliani's testimony, Willis identified him as both a personal attorney for Trump and a lead attorney for his campaign. She wrote that he and others appeared at a state Senate committee meeting and presented a video that Giuliani said showed election workers producing "suitcases" of unlawful ballots from unknown sources, outside the view of election poll watchers.

Within 24 hours of that Dec. 3, 2020, hearing, Raffensperger's office had debunked the video. But Giuliani continued to make statements to the public and in subsequent legislative hearings claiming widespread voter fraud using the debunked video, Willis wrote.

Evidence shows that Giuliani's hearing appearance and testimony "was part of a multi-state, coordinated plan by the Trump Campaign to influence the results of the November 2020 election in Georgia and elsewhere," the petition says.

Lindsey Graham was ordered to testify in Atlanta

Also Monday, a federal judge said U.S. Sen. Lindsey Graham must testify before a special grand jury in Atlanta that is investigating whether then-President Donald Trump and his allies broke any laws while trying to overturn his narrow 2020 general election loss in the state.

Attorneys for Graham, R-S.C., had argued that his position as a U.S. senator provided him immunity from having to appear before the investigative panel and asked the judge to quash his subpoena. But U.S. District Judge Leigh Martin May wrote in an order Monday that immunities related to his role as a senator do not protect him from having to testify. Graham's subpoena instructs him to appear before the special grand jury on Aug. 23, but his office said Monday he plans to appeal to the 11th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals.

Prosecutors have indicated they want to ask Graham about phone calls they say he made to Georgia Secretary of State Raffensperger and his staff in the weeks following Trump's election loss to Democrat Joe Biden.

Graham had argued that a provision of the Constitution provides absolute protection against a senator being questioned about legislative acts. But the judge found there are "considerable areas of potential grand jury inquiry" that fall outside that provision's scope. The judge also rejected Graham's argument that the principle of "sovereign immunity" protects a senator from being summoned by a state prosecutor.

Graham also argued that Willis, a Democrat, had not demonstrated extraordinary circumstances necessary to compel testimony from a high-ranking official. But the judge disagreed, finding that Willis had shown "extraordinary circumstances and a special need" for Graham's testimony on issues related to an alleged attempt to influence or disrupt the election in Georgia.

May, the judge, last month rejected a similar attempt by U.S. Rep. Jody Hice, R-Ga., to avoid testifying before the special grand jury. Former New York mayor and Trump attorney Rudy Giuliani had argued he couldn't travel to Atlanta to testify because of health issues, but Fulton County Judge McBurney instructed him to appear on Wednesday.

Graham's office said in a statement Monday that the senator disagrees with the judge's interpretation of the provision of the Constitution he believes protects him from being questioned by a state official. His lawyers have said that he was making inquiries that were clearly part of his legislative duties, related to certification of the vote and to the proposal of election-related legislation.

But the judge wrote that that ignores "the fact that individuals on the calls have publicly suggested that Senator Graham was not simply engaged in legislative factfinding but was instead suggesting or implying that Georgia election officials change their processes or otherwise potentially alter the state's results."
In calls made shortly after the 2020 general election, Graham "questioned Raffensperger and his staff about reexamining certain absentee ballots cast in Georgia in order to explore the possibility of a more favorable outcome for former President Donald Trump," Willis wrote in a petition.

Graham also "made reference to allegations of widespread voter fraud in the November 2020 election in Georgia, consistent with public statements made by known affiliates of the Trump Campaign," she wrote.

Republican and Democratic state election officials across the country, courts and even Trump's attorney general found there was no evidence of any voter fraud sufficient to affect the outcome of his 2020 presidential election loss.
Trump-allied lawmakers were planning to challenge the tallies from several battleground states when Congress convened on Jan. 6, 2021, to certify the results under the Electoral Count Act, but after the Capitol attack that day Georgia's tally was never contested.

Trump supporters have gone to war with law enforcement — and ex-FBI analyst warns it's growing worse

After Donald Trump's Mar-a-Lago golf club, where he lives, got a visit from the FBI this week looking for a set of classified documents that they thought the former president stole from the White House, his followers have waged war.

The day after the execution of a search warrant, Trump supporters were cataloged online, making threats against the judge who signed the search warrant. They revealed all of his personal information, called for information about his children, began attacking his place of worship and called for his death. That trend has continued as Trump supporters are now going after law enforcement.

Those who once chanted to "back the blue" are now demanding to defund federal law enforcement, doxing FBI agents, finding their children on social media sites. On Thursday, a Trump supporter who appeared at the Capitol on Jan. 6 went after the FBI headquarters in Cincinnati with an AR-15 and a nail gun which he thought would be able to shoot through bulletproof glass. Republican leaders have spent the past several days calling them "dangerous."

Rep. Jeff Duncan (R-SC) wrote on Twitter, “The FBI has proven time and again that it is corrupt to the core. At what point do we abolish the Bureau and start over?”

Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-GA) tweeted “DEFUND THE FBI!” and is now selling t-shirts saying as much.

Rep. Matt Gaetz (R-FL) agreed with the defunding language.

“The antidote has to be not one more damn penny for this administrative state that has been weaponized against our people in a very fascist way,” said Gaetz.

Friday the FBI and Department of Homeland Security released a bulletin that warned of Trump supporters seeking to bomb FBI headquarters around the country. They also explained that since the search warrant, there had been a dramatic increase in threats against the FBI.

“The FBI and DHS have observed an increase in threats to federal law enforcement and to a lesser extent other law enforcement and government officials following the FBI’s recent execution of a search warrant in Palm Beach, Florida," the bulletin said.

NBC News reported that the bulletin also says that the threats are happening online and they sent the note out after an abundance of caution

"It calls on authorities to be vigilant and to be aware of issues surrounding domestic violent extremists, past and present incidents, and past behaviors," said the piece.

Speaking to CNN, former FBI senior counter-intelligence analyst Phil Mudd revealed that he hasn't worked for the bureau for over a decade, but even he is being sent threats.

"I think there's a couple of things you need to think about," said Mudd. "The first would be threats to American citizens who happen to be FBI employees. If you look at what happened in Cincinnati and you've seen reports today, of armed individuals outside the office in Phoenix, this is a numbers game, Jim. If politicians start to encourage people to commit acts of violence against the FBI, even if you say, defund the FBI, there is a violent fringe that will say, I want to take action. There might be 100th of 1 percent of the fringe who say, that means I should commit an act of violence."

He went on to explain that the FBI offices are largely open and that they work with the public.

"If 0.001 percent of the population says, 'I need to commit an act of violence the FBI employees are under threat," he said.

See the interview below:

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Re: Trump supporters and conspiracy theory - Part 2
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Marsha Blackburn is compromised.

Marsha Blackburn blocks bills that would ensure foreign countries can't interfere with American elections

Sen. Marsha Blackburn (R-TN) is behind an effort to block bills that could ensure US elections are more secure, Axios reported Monday.

The bills were Sen. Mark Warner's (D-VA) plan to ensure that after the Russian interference in the 2016 election, a foreign country could never do it again. According to Blackburn, however, they're a "federal power grab."

One of the bills would make campaigns call the FBI if they were ever approached by a foreign power and offered election assistance. During the 2016 election, Trump's campaign was offered "dirt" on opponent Hillary Clinton, and operatives met with the person offering the information in Trump Tower.

A different bill would fund the Election Assistance Commission, which would ensure that voting machines weren't connected to the internet. Republicans claimed after the 2020 election that the machines were being hacked and that was how foreign countries were able to decide U.S. elections.

The Senate Intelligence Committee released the third section of their report on the security of the election in 2016 and noted that it was "not well-postured" to counter it again. At the same time, the intelligence community has been warning that there aren't the necessary protections in place to ensure American elections are as secure as they could be. FBI Director Christopher Wray testified before Congress that Russia continues its "informational warfare" campaign as the midterm elections approach.

Most state and local election offices don't have the staff or resources available to protect against international hackers or foreign spies.

Read More Here:

Details in latest DOJ filing could 'drive Trump to be even more worried’: legal expert

On Monday, former solicitor general Neal Katyal took to Twitter to analyze the significance of the Justice Department's unwillingness to release the unredacted affidavit that helped them secure the search warrant for President Donald Trump's Mar-a-Lago resort in Palm Beach, Florida.

One of the key points in the document, Katyal argued, will give Trump further cause for alarm.

"DOJ is appropriately resisting disclosure of the Mar-a-Lago search affidavit because it will compromise their ongoing investigation. This is very standard and right," wrote Katyal. "That said, what they said — especially about witnesses — will invariably drive Trump to be even more worried."

In the DOJ's filing, officials stated that the affidavit would require so many redactions as to be of little practical use to the public.

"Disclosure at this juncture of the affidavit supporting probable cause would ... cause significant and irreparable damage to this ongoing criminal investigation," said the filing. "As the Court is aware from its review of the affidavit, it contains, among other critically important and detailed investigative facts: highly sensitive information about witnesses, including witnesses interviewed by the government; specific investigative techniques; and information required by law to be kept under seal pursuant to Federal Rule of Criminal Procedure 6(e)."

This also comes as Trump and his allies reportedly are searching for a "mole" within Mar-a-Lago who may have worked with the FBI to give them information about where and what classified information might have been stashed on the former president's property.

Read More Here:

John Brennan outlines just how damaging to national security Trump's classified documents scandal is

There were two Chinese people arrested at Donald Trump's Mar-a-Lago's club, raising questions about possible efforts of foreign countries attempting to spy on the then president. Speaking to MSNBC, John Brennan noted that it begs the question about the security of the documents that were at Mar-a-Lago and it could have been a reason that the DOJ wanted to act quickly to take the classified information back.

"It certainly seems as though the Department of Justice and Merrick Garland have been careful in terms of how they've gone about trying to retrieve these documents that should not be in the possession of Donald Trump," said Brennan. "As your chronology indicates there has been back and forth between the folks in the Trump orbit and the Department of Justice [and] National Archives, but it's clear that over the course of 20 months these very sensitive documents, seven sets of classified documents as well as other sets of documents or material that shouldn't be in his private possession down in Mar-a-Lago that these documents are something that I think were intentionally withheld from the government."

He said it isn't likely a bunch of classified information was mixed in with to-go menus or coupons.

"But there seems to be some type of effort and not just for Donald Trump and others to try to conceal the fact that he was retaining these documents," said Brennan. "And so when I look at the labels that the Department of Justice said were on these documents, top secret, SCI, secret documents and others, it's really quite concerning because who knows who might have had access to these documents over the course of these last 20 months?"

He explained that's why the DOJ would have rushed in after only two months of negotiation with Trump, because the first objective was to regain possession of them so there would not be any further damage caused. And now since there were calls for damage assessment Avril Haines and others will have to look carefully at how damaging this information might be to our national security interest given that it was unsecured and it was illegally retained for this length of time."

He went on to say that whether or not there was nuclear information in the documents and what could have happened over the past 20 months.

"I do think foreign intelligence services, the Russians and the Chinese, could have easily tried to get people into Mar-a-Lago to gain access to what was an unsecured facility, and the availability of these documents that were kept in the files there," said Brennan.


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