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Author Topic: Oswald in New Orleans  (Read 2004 times)

Online Thomas Graves

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Re: Oswald in New Orleans
« Reply #70 on: January 13, 2020, 06:00:37 PM »
What was the reason that Lee hastily departed Dallas for New Orleans ?   Do you believe he couldn't have found an unskilled labor job in Dallas ?

Who told him to go to New Orleans and for what reason?

Evil, evil, evil James Angleton, through GPH or ... ? ? ?

--  MWT   :D

Online Richard Smith

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Re: Oswald in New Orleans
« Reply #71 on: January 14, 2020, 02:03:12 PM »
no evidence is left at the crime scene for the authorities to link Oswald to the crime

Obviously you're ignorant of the FACT that Lee left the very unusual rifle near Walker's in hope that the police dogs would find it and trace the easily traceable rifle to his PO box.   

Lee left the cheap old Carcano under some brush with the idea that the police would find it .....  Your ignorance of the facts is exposed once again.

How do you know where he left it?  Wherever that was it apparently wasn't too obvious since the police never found it.  And you think the conspirators would just give up at that point instead of providing the DPD with a tip like "there is this nutty commie you might want to check out"?  Instead they just give up.  That was quite a plan.  Lucky for them that it didn't work or your hero Oswald would have been in Cuba in this fantasy scenario and not available to frame for the JFK assassination.

Offline Jerry Freeman

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Re: Oswald in New Orleans
« Reply #72 on: January 14, 2020, 03:59:00 PM »
New Orleans. The topic is Oswald in New Orleans. Can we stop all the off topic spookulation?

Offline Walt Cakebread

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Re: Oswald in New Orleans
« Reply #73 on: January 14, 2020, 07:42:28 PM »
New Orleans. The topic is Oswald in New Orleans. Can we stop all the off topic spookulation?

The Walker hoax is part of  LHO in New Orleans ....  The Hoax is one of the reasons he went to N.O.

Offline John Iacoletti

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Re: Oswald in New Orleans
« Reply #74 on: January 15, 2020, 09:13:10 PM »
In one of the photos of the rear of Walker's house there is a 1953 Ford in the place where the 57 Chevy with the hole in the deck lid is parked in the famous photo.  The license plate is visible on the FORD.  Davis Ferrie had a 53 Ford that he kept just to loan to "friends".

Is this the photo you're talking about?  I can't make out the license plate number.

Offline Walt Cakebread

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Re: Oswald in New Orleans
« Reply #75 on: January 16, 2020, 08:43:52 PM »
Is this the photo you're talking about?  I can't make out the license plate number.

Yes, that's the photo of the 53 Ford in Walker's parking area.   I believe it's been cropped so the License plate isn't complete.....  If that photo is in the archives, perhaps  a photo expert could enlarge it and read the plate number.  ( it doesn't appear to be a Texas Plate.)...    Yes's a very long shot...but who knows?

Offline Jerry Freeman

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Re: Oswald in New Orleans
« Reply #76 on: January 17, 2020, 04:07:47 AM »
On April 24, 1963...Oswald arrived in NO by bus with a ticket purchased in his own name [some secret get-a-way huh?]
It was a Wednesday one knows where he stayed through the following week.
He had phoned his aunt Lillian asking to vouch for him staying with her but he did not actually show up until the 29th. So...where did he stay?

Oswald supposedly had taken a rifle to NO but where was it? Oh...Oh I know [say the Leedidits]...he must have stored it at the bus station. ::)
Mr. JENNER - But you don't remember seeing any package, any oblong package, out in the garage among those things that Lee had brought in there?
Mrs. MURRET - No; I didn't.
Mr. JENNER - Would you have any conception of what a rifle would look like when it is disassembled, what the barrel separated from the stock looked like, and so forth?
Mrs. MURRET - No; I'm afraid I don't know anything about rifles.
Mr. JENNER - Was there any discussion of a rifle at any time in your presence?
Mrs. MURRET - No.
Mr. JENNER - No discussion about anything like that by anybody?
Mrs. MURRET - No.
Mr. JENNER - Did you ever see a rifle around in the garage where this stuff was stored?
Mrs. MURRET - No; I never did.
Mr. JENNER - Did you ever see a package out there that looked like it might contain a rifle?
Mrs. MURRET - No; I never did see one around there.
Mr. JENNER - You never saw anything that looked like a rifle or shotgun at all among his belongings that he had put in the garage in the corner?
Mrs. MURRET - No; but I didn't really pay too much attention to all that stuff. The only thing I remember him ever taking out of there was these boots and this hat.
Jenner didn't seem to know the meaning of asked and answered.
Mrs Murret revealed that Marina knew more English than she had led everyone to believe....
Mrs. MURRET - That's what he said. He said, "I'm used to that." He said, "I give talks all the time." I asked Marina later on one day if she would like to attend mass the next morning with me, and she said yes, she would, and she asked Lee about it, so they were talking it over in Russian, so I don't know what they were saying.
Mr. JENNER - Did she go with you to mass the next morning?
Mrs. MURRET - Yes; she did.
Mr. JENNER - Did she say she liked it, or what did she say?
Mrs. MURRET - Yes; she said, "I like your church very much."
Mr. JENNER - Marina said that?
Mrs. MURRET - Yes; I said, "Marina, I'm sorry you don't live near me; we could go to church together," and I said to her, "I wish you would become a Catholic."
Mr. JENNER - Marina could converse to some extent in English, could she not? She could communicate with you to some extent, couldn't she?
Mrs. MURRET - Yes; I could make her understand most things, you know, about what I was talking about. Now, another thing, Lee didn't want the baby to be baptized.
Mr. JENNER - Who didn't?
Mrs. MURRET - Lee. He told me that the baby was baptized, but in the orthodox religion, and he wanted the baby to be baptized in the Lutheran religion. Marina wanted the baby to be baptized in the Orthodox Church, and she went ahead and did it, and I think that's something he probably resented--not the baptism itself but the church...........

Offline Jerry Freeman

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Re: Oswald in New Orleans
« Reply #77 on: January 17, 2020, 04:21:15 AM »
The question was: Why did LHO go to New Orleans? Whether or not Nixon was actually there isnít relevant to the question. Marina apparently believed what she said LHO told her. And this was a contributing factor in the decision to go to New Orleans.
So....Oswald went to New Orleans because he thought Nixon was coming to Dallas? :-\

Offline Jerry Freeman

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Re: Oswald in New Orleans
« Reply #78 on: January 27, 2020, 03:37:34 AM »
Lee Harvey Oswald became employed by William B. Reily Company, Inc. as a greaser and oiler maintenance man on May 10, 1963. His employment terminated on July 19, 1963.
There were occasions from time to time when I was unable to locate Oswald in and about the premises and learned that he was in the habit of absenting himself from the premises without leave and visiting a service station establishment adjacent to the Reily Coffee Company known as Alba's Crescent City Garage. Furthermore, Oswald had become quite indifferent to the performance of his duties.
Why was Oswald so interested in the activities of Alba's Garage?
I can't find very much research into this facet of Oswald history.
Mr Alba passed away in 2016....
A bit of fake info in that obituary ..... 
Oswald regularly spent his lunch hour and breaks at the garage chatting with Alba and reading gun magazines lying about in the small lobby area; and it was from one of those magazines that Oswald allegedly ordered the Mannlicher-Carcano rifle he allegedly used to later assassinate President Kennedy.
At least it said 'allegedly'.
If Oswald merely spent his lunch breaks at the garage...why would that get him fired?
Supposedly...Oswald had already received the weapon that previous March before he ever went to New Orleans ::)

Alba gave an interview in the '70s stating that he saw Oswald regularly accepting white envelopes from G-men in what he knew to be FBI company cars as they entered or exited his garage. Alba recalled watching Oswald approach an FBI car outside the garage and receive a white envelope that was handed to him through a cracked window before concealing it under his shirt. Alba later said Oswald "met the car again a couple of days later and talked briefly with the driver," whom, as detailed in "JFK and the Unspeakable..." Alba knew as an "FBI agent visiting New Orleans from Washington." He further stated that he did not know the content of the envelopes. He explained to his interviewer that he had refused previous interviews or photos, even for money, because he was worried about the safety of his family. He refused to be filmed for the interview.   

From the Warren Report------
Mr. LIEBELER - Did you ever become acquainted with or observe in your garage Lee Harvey Oswald?
Mr. ALBA - Through conversations and Outdoor Life magazines in the office I have a coffee pot there, and a coffee table, and some chairs, and a magazine rack, where he frequent the magazines quite often and drank coffee. And I have a coke machine there.
Mr. LIEBELER - Did this fellow, did you tell us what his name was?
Mr. ALBA - All I knew him was as "Lee."
Mr. LIEBELER - I understand that you are a gun enthusiast, is that correct?
Mr. ALBA - That is correct.
Mr. LIEBELER - And that you kept in your office in the garage various magazines relating to outdoor life and guns?
Mr. ALBA - Yes.
Mr. LIEBELER - Did Oswald ever discuss guns with you?
Mr. ALBA - Yes, he did.
Mr. LIEBELER - Can you tell us what he said, and what you said on the subject?
Mr. ALBA - He pursued the issue of ordering guns, and how many guns had I ever ordered, and how long did it take to get them, and where had I ordered guns from----
Mr. LIEBELER - Go ahead. What did you tell him? Just tell us the conversation that you had with him.
Mr. ALBA - I told him that I had a gun on' order at the present time, a U.S. .3 caliber carbine, and he asked had I received the gun, on several occasions, after that. "I told him no at I hadn't. And he ask me Would I consider selling him the gun and when I got it. I told him no.
Mr. LIEBELER - Was there anything peculiar about this particular rifle that made Oswald want it? Or why did he want you to sell this rifle? Do you know?
Mr. ALBA - He told me he had a couple of guns, and he would like to have the carbine. He was familiar with the carbine from the service, I believe.
Mr. LIEBELER - And this was the regular M-1 carbine?
Mr. ALBA - Regular M-1 carbine, yes.
Mr. LIEBELER - From whom had you ordered that carbine? Do you recall?
Mr. ALBA - Through the National Rifle Association.
Mr. LIEBELER - Did Oswald indicate to you what other kind of rifle or weapons that he had?
Mr. ALBA - No; he didn't. He did make a remark that he had--I think he said he had several rifles and, several pistols, but he did not go into the nature of the arms, or how much, or what they were.
Mr. LIEBELER - Did he ever express any interest in any rifle that you indicated that you had, other than this M-1 carbine that you told him you had order?
Mr. ALBA - One 30.06 Springfield rifle that I had.
Mr. LIEBELER - Did you have that?
Mr. ALBA - I was in the process of sporterizing that at the garage at the time----
Mr. LIEBELER - What did he say about that particular weapon?
Mr. ALBA - He said what was it worth to me, and I told him it was worth over $100 to me. There was no followup on that.
Mr. LIEBELER - Was this particular rifle that you have referred to, a Japanese rifle?
Mr. ALBA - No it wasn't. I had a Japanese rifle down there that was not for sale, an he was more partial to the Japanese rifle than the Springfield and the carbine put together.
Mr. LIEBELER - He was really interested----
Mr. ALBA - He was more interested in the Japanese rifle.
Supposedly...Oswald had a rifle that he supposedly shot into the Walker house.
Why is he saying that he has a virtual arsenal?
Mr. LIEBELER - What is the effect of cutting the barrel?
Mr. ALBA - On the accuracy of a rifle; none. [is that really true?]
Mr. LIEBELER - Did you tell Oswald that?
Mr. LIEBELER - Did he seem surprised? 
Mr. LIEBELER - The Japanese rifle that you said you had completely sporterized, can you tell us approximately how long that weapon would be when it is put together?
Mr. ALBA - Prior to sporterizing or after sporterizing?
Mr. LIEBELER - Both?
Mr. ALBA - I took approximately 4 to 4 1/2 inches off of the barrel, and I think it was left with a 22 1/2-inch barrel, and it had approximately a 2 or a inch barrel to start off with.
Mr. LIEBELER - When you fasten the barrel to the stock, can you tell us approximately how long that rifle would be?
Mr. ALBA - I can take a guess--I never really measured it, or any of my pieces, for that matter, but I would say approximately 55 inches.
55 inches? My ...that is still quite long is it not?
Why was Oswald pumping Alba for information about obtaining rifles?

Online Ted Shields

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Re: Oswald in New Orleans
« Reply #79 on: January 30, 2020, 12:20:40 PM »
as a pre assassination setup.

Lee wasn't sent as a pre-assassination set up.....    The coup d ' etate wasn't being seriously plotted in May of 1963.     

Lee went to New Orleans to see if he could learn who was supplying the Cuban "Freedom Fighters" with the money, boats and guns to attack Cuba from bases in La.
It didn't take Lee long to learn that "EX" FBI agent Guy Bannister ( actually one of Hoover's EXTRA Special agents ) was the man running the illegal raids on Cuba.

JFK was mad as hell because those idiots who were attacking Cuba and the Russian ships in Cuba were creating a nightmare in his efforts to defuse the nuclear threat from the missiles in Cuba.    Lee had been successful in his mission to Russia, and was being utilized again  in an effort to curtail the illegal training and arming of
Cuban refugees.   

In July JFK ordered the ATF to raid the training camps and arrest everybody at the camps.....   Then just before the raid JFK called Hoover and told him about the raid and ordered Hoover to send FBI agents in support of the ATF.  Naturally this infuriated J. Edgar Hoover, because he was supporting the training of the Cubans, and he didn't want to be forced into supporting the ATF.  The raid netted several CIA operatives and many Cubans plus guns, and bomb making materials.

It didn't take Hoover long, to figger out that Lee was the snitch who had provided the info that allowed JFK to raid the illegal training camp.

That was the trip point in setting the murder of JFK into action.... Hoover thought it was great that he could set the little commie snitch (LHO) up as JFK's assassin....

Not a bad theory, if a little far fetched. Not a shred of evidence for it though unfortunately.


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