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Author Topic: The "Domino Room Alibi"  (Read 14168 times)

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Re: The "Domino Room Alibi"
« Reply #520 on: February 12, 2020, 07:31:42 AM »
Pat Speer went into great detail on this. He has found plenty of evidence to the contrary. No one here (crazy CTers and of course the Nutters) will of course bother reading the link below but if you really want to learn how it was virtually impossible for Oswald to have done what he was accused of doing in that very tight time frame and with so many people around, then read this very carefully.

Lance Payette seems like a nice guy. I gave him some advice when he traveled to DC a while back on a nice unknown site to see down there (the FDR memorial) and he said he enjoyed it afterward. But as for this case, Lance is nothing if not a walking contradiction. He claims to be a genius attorney who believes in no conspiracy anywhere, no UFOs (rightfully so) but also believes there is some higher up fairy out there controlling the universe with nothing more to believe in than "faith."

The problem with Lance is that for all of his so-called lawyerly prowess, he simply cannot shake it that things were a little too perfect, too pat, on 11/22. Any lawyer worth their salt - putting all of the other batshit craziness of this case aside - would have found plenty of oddities in this case that go beyond mere coincidence.

Do you agree 100% with Speer?


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