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Re: JD Tippit - Serious timing issues
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Where in his testimony did he say he heard on the radio a description of a suspect in the Tippit shooting?

As far as I can tell, here is his only mention in his WC testimony about hearing about the shooting of an officer:

Mr. BELIN - I want to take you back to November 22, 1963. This was the day that President Kennedy was assassinated. How did you find out about the assassination, Mr. Brewer?
Mr. BREWER - We were listening to a transistor radio there in the store, just listening to a regular radio program, and they broke in with the bulletin that the President had been shot. And from then, that is all there was. We listened to all of the events.
Mr. BELIN - Did you hear over the radio that the President had died?
Mr. BREWER - I heard a rumor. They said that----one of the Secret Service men said that the President had died, and said that was just a rumor.
Mr. BELIN - Do you remember hearing anything else over the radio concerning anything that happened that afternoon?
Mr. BREWER - Well, they kept reconstructing what had happened and what they had heard, and they talked about it in general. There wasn't too much to talk about. They didn't have all the facts, and just repeated them mostly. And they said a patrolman had been shot in Oak Cliff.
Mr. BELIN - Is Oak Cliff the area in which your shoe store was located?
Mr. BREWER - Yes, sir.

Here is his complete testimony:

1-There was no description put over public radio at all for LHO
2-news did not come out about the JD crime until 1.50 pm
(at least 20min after)

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Re: JD Tippit - Serious timing issues
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He had the radio turned on, likely tuned to KBOX station, and at about 1:31 pm heard that a police officer had been shot in Oak Cliff. A few minutes after hearing that, Oswald appeared in the lobby of the store.

Why "likely tuned to KBOX"?

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Re: JD Tippit - Serious timing issues
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Was the Dallas Police Department involved in the assassination and/or the cover up?
Was the Warren Commission involved in the cover up?
Most certainly. No one wanted to open Pandora's Box ...the can of worms that suggested a conspiracy. That was unacceptable. The cops 'had their man'.. This was the easiest solution and he was conveniently dead...let the matter rest there.
Who dare question the all powerful?

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Re: JD Tippit - Serious timing issues
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sorry for the 6 month delay on a reply

It is his testimony here also

So If he is at Brewers store at 1.15pm
and he left his flat at (WC) 1.03
are you guys saying he left at 1.03pm
gets to the JD crime scene by 1.10pm shoots JD
then gets to brewers store by 1.15pm?

this is laughable
in 12 minutes he has travelled 1.3 miles and committed a murder
he would have to be a full sprint to achieve that
was this guy an Olympian?
am I correct this is the WC timeline?

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