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Re: Wiegman / Zapruder Frame Timeline
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Quote: Dale Myers

Dave Wiegman was an NBC cameraman riding in Camera Car 1, the tenth automobile in the motorcade. When the shooting began, Wiegman turned on his 16mm news camera, which ran at 24 frames-per-second.

Wiegmans first frame W001 is equivalent to  Zapruder 246

Wiegman frame W015 is equivalent to  Zapruder 257

Wiegman frame W035 is equivalent to  Zapruder 272

               One of the major questions raised by the Wiegman Film is why is SA Lem Johns completely Absent from every single frame of this film? Johns claims to have jumped out of the LBJ SS Follow-Up Car and begin running in the direction of LBJ's car when the Kill Shot rang out. SA John's reported at that point the JFK Motorcade sped up and he was left standing in the middle of Elm St.  On Wiegman frame 265 we see the LBJ SS Follow-Up Car at the South Elm curb area. Wiegman F265 is also supposed to correspond to Zapruder frame 447, a point in time in which the JFK Limo had Not even reached the Triple Underpass. Yet, there is No SA LEM JOHNS visible at that point on the Wiegman Film or at Any Other Point going forward. Wiegman climbed out of Camera Car #1 & ran around the corner of Houston/Elm, he then ran straight down Elm St in the direction of the Triple Underpass. His film allegedly captured the JFK Limo beginning to go under the Triple Underpass. Yet, his "continuously running" film somehow Completely Failed to capture even a glimpse/a frame of an SS Agent standing smack dab in the middle of Elm St? Either the SA Lem Johns story is Bogus or the Wiegman Film is Not as Billed regarding its' Time Line /Bona Fides.
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