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Author Topic: Evidence of CIA Manipulation of the Zapruder Film and 6 Shots Being Fired  (Read 9160 times)

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"Let me not answer that question, let me take a detour. I?m an army brat. My dad was in the first and second world war. And he was an officer. And when I was four years old, I was taught to shoot tricks. I was one of the greatest trick shot artists. When I was sixteen I used to fire at Perry, at Camp Perry, Ohio, I was in the NRA national championships. I?m talking about target shooting, not tricks. I was what they called a sight shooter. I could hit without aiming. In other words I was a trick shot artist. My dad would hold a dime between his fingers and at fifty foot I could shoot it out (ha ha) with a little trick gun. I?d pump three balls, golf balls and could pump and hit the three of them before they hit the ground. I used to have a rifle range in my basement and I would shoot every day and I became?.it was like driving a car and after you?ve done it for so long you?re reflexes do it automatically. I could shoot without looking. I didn?t close one eye and look through a sight. I could actually shoot and hit what I wanted to hit. And I think I could really see the bullets hitting the object, and their trajectory, I could see the path of the bullet, and I could compensate for that if I missed. It was a feedback mechanism. And I was very good at what I did. In fact I?d make money in the money matches with the larger rifles, and I could make four or five hundred dollars in prize money firing, so I was a professional shooter, and yes, I could look at the pictures and tell you how many shots and possibly where they came from up, down, right, left, and this is intuition, and I couldn?t explain how I know that. "

Intuition? How compelling.

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Check out the hand written photographic inspection notes for the number and timing of shots fired on 11/22.

Pressure was exerted by the SS to state only 3 shots.