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Author Topic: Monument of Oswald  (Read 3703 times)

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Re: Monument of Oswald
« Reply #60 on: August 01, 2018, 08:30:00 PM »
For all we know, the whole incident was staged [perhaps by persons unknown] to draw media attention to the event.
For many years I've thought the event was staged....With Lee's knowledge.    He was trying to infiltrate Castro's Bastion by pretending to be a communist revolutionary.   

At least one man there was not in on it, one of the Bills, near the end;"Were you subsidized by the government?"
we all know which government he meant as did Lee, "No but I was at all times under the protection of the US", "uuuhhm I err"
remains a classic. Also the guy who sounds like tattoo, had nothing, nuuuthing, a total light weight.
"Shouldn't that be Fair Play for Russia Commitee"(since he went to USSR) :-X
"...and in Cuba we had more badges per person than Russia"
The word "communist" so taboo even LHO has to nervously laugh it off, in case he's tarred with that life endangering label.

On the topic of naughty monuments,
a guy travels from New Orleans to Texas, when he get's there, there's some natives waiting for him, they size each other up
and after some talk and a little trading they go their seperate ways, after this brief meeting this paleface knows that in order for his vision
of Texas to succeed he will have to kill every last one of these savages, not only thinks it but writes it down and publishes it and rest assured by the time of his death
this particular tribe were gone, wiped out.
Biggest monument available is named after him and lots more besides. Don't talk to me...

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Re: Monument of Oswald
« Reply #60 on: August 01, 2018, 08:30:00 PM »