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The Education Forum
« on: June 17, 2018, 12:03:04 AM »
I have posted elsewhere asking how one applies for the JFK Education Forum, but did not hear back. I also saw some post that you need to be invited I am not itching to be invited since JFK is a topic that draws me and keeps me from my main purpose of building community, local economics that kind of stuff Also it seems like things have died down there anyway so I mostly just curious

I was at a 9/11 Truther Facebook page trying to convince some of them to form a new grassroots website and discussion board. I mentioned  how the Education Forum, and other discussion boards. can serve as a repository, in contrast to Facebook, since links to threads from those forums will show up on google searches and Facebook will not I have never seen this forum turn up on Google searches but perhaps that is because of the December demise of last year? Does anyone know if there are certain ways to have a forum conversations show up on a Google search or is it purely based on the traffic from the board? Also it seems like most of links to the Education Forum that appear in Gooogle searches are from conversations around 05-06 Maybe it has just been a coincidence
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The Education Forum
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