Forget Oswald and Who....The Number of Bullets & Shooters Proves Conspiracy

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Author Topic: Forget Oswald and Who....The Number of Bullets & Shooters Proves Conspiracy  (Read 48359 times)

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First off do you concur with HSCA findings? The HSCA tried to say the open mike was on H. B. McLain's motorcycle, and that he was only 120 ft behind the limo. That is not true. "Richard E. Sprague, an expert on photographic evidence of the assassination and a consultant to the HSCA, noted that the amateur film the HSCA relied on showed that there were no motorcycles between those riding alongside the rear of the presidential limousine and H.B. McLain's motorcycle, and that other films[21][not in citation given] showed McLain's motorcycle was actually 250 feet behind the presidential limousine when the first shot was fired, not 120 to 138 feet. No motorcycle was anywhere near the target area.[22]"

Do you cuncur with the HSCA?
"After the FBI disputed the validity of the acoustic evidence, the Justice Department paid for a review by the National Academy of Sciences, an organization operating with a Title 36 congressional charter.

On May 14, 1982, the panel of experts chaired by Harvard University's Norman Ramsey, released the results of their study.[26] The NAS panel unanimously concluded that:

The acoustic analyses do not demonstrate that there was a grassy knoll shot, and in particular there is no acoustic basis for the claim of 95% probability of such a shot.
The acoustic impulses attributed to gunshots were recorded about one minute after the President had been shot and the motorcade had been instructed to go to the hospital.
Therefore, reliable acoustic data do not support a conclusion that there was a second gunman."[27]

You really are not very good at answering simple questions, are you now?

Nothing you have written comes even close to being an answer to John's question.

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However ... Jesse Curry did not believe there was a conspiracy to kill JFK while he was Chief of Police in Dallas (until 1966). 

How could anyone possibly know what Curry believed?
Reading his testimony before the WC might provide some insight...
The Recollections of Jesse Curry

Given months to prepare for his testimony, Chief Curry did rather poorly...

    Mr. RANKIN....When did you learn of the arrest of Lee Harvey Oswald?
    Mr. CURRY - While I was out at Parkland Hospital.
    Mr. RANKIN - Do you know about what time that was, the day?
    Mr. CURRY - It was on the 22d and the best I recall it was around 1 o'clock or maybe a little after 1 o'clock.
[The report of the Tippit shooting didn't get out until when exactly?? Horrible preparation there..Oswald wasn't even known about until much later after he was arrested @2:00 PM]
    Mr. RANKIN - How did that come to your attention?
    Mr. CURRY - Some of my officers came to me and said they had arrested a suspect. in the shooting of our Officer Tippit.
    Mr. RANKIN - What else did they say?
    Mr. CURRY - They also told me a little later, I believe, that he was a suspect also in the assassination of the President.
    Mr. RANKIN - What did you do then?
    Mr. CURRY - I didn't do anything at the time.

The President had only just been pronounced dead at 1:00

    Mr. CURRY - And I returned to the city hall.
    Mr. DULLES - Did I understand correctly, how long were you at Love Field after the plane of the President left?
    Mr. CURRY - As I recall it was approximately an hour.
    Mr. DULLES - That is what I thought.  [why did Dulles say that?]
    Mr. CURRY - We waited there until the casket bearing the President, and then the cars bearing Mrs. Kennedy arrived, and it was, I would judge an hour perhaps.
    Mr. RANKIN - Then what did you do?
    Mr. CURRY - I returned to my office at city hall.
    Mr. RANKIN - Did you do anything about Lee Harvey Oswald at that time?
    Mr. CURRY - No


    Mr. CURRY - No. As I went into the city hall it was overrun with the news media.
    Mr. RANKIN - What did you do about that?
    Mr. CURRY - I didn't do anything.

    Mr. RANKIN - Did anyone of the police department give them permission [TV news cameras etc] to do this?
    Mr. CURRY - I noticed--well, I don't know who gave them permission because I wasn't there. When I returned they were up there.
    Mr. RANKIN - Did you inquire about whether permission had been given?
    Mr. CURRY - No; I didn't.

Mr. RANKIN - Did you have anything to do with the interrogation of Lee Harvey Oswald?
    Mr. CURRY - No, sir; I did not. I was in the office once or twice while he was being interrogated but I never asked him any question myself.
    Mr. RANKIN - Do you know who did?
    Mr. CURRY - Captain Fritz principally interrogated him, I believe.
    Mr. RANKIN - Was that his responsibility?
    Mr. CURRY - Yes; it was. There were several people in the office. It seems to me we were violating every principle of interrogation, the method by which we had to interrogate.
    Mr. RANKIN - Will you explain to the Commission what you mean by that?
    Mr. CURRY - Ordinarily an interrogator in interrogating a suspect will have him in a quiet room alone or perhaps with one person there.
    Mr. RANKIN - Is that your regular practice?
    Mr. CURRY - That is the regular practice.
    Mr. RANKIN - Tell us how this was done?
    Mr. CURRY - This we had representatives from the Secret Service, we had representatives from the FBI, we had representatives from the Ranger Force, and they were--and then one or two detectives from the homicide bureau. This was, well, it was just against all principles of good interrogation practice.
    Mr. RANKIN - By representatives can you tell us how many were from each of these agencies that you describe?
    Mr. CURRY - I can't be sure. I recall I believe two from the FBI, one or two, Inspector Kelley was there from Secret Service, and I believe another one of his men was there. There was one, I recall seeing one man from the Rangers. I don't recall who he was. I just remember now that there was one. Captain Fritz, and one or two of his detectives--this was in a small office.
    Mr. RANKIN - Did you do anything about this when you found out there were so many, did you give any instructions about it?
    Mr. CURRY - No; I didn't.

  So from what can be gathered here is that Chief of Dallas Police Jesse Edward Curry on Nov 22, 1963..just basically stood around and did nothing. He was the only prime official that did not take part in interrogating his own suspect. Didn't even know who was in his own office.. He didn't even order a tape recording so that he could examine an interview with a guy he accused of killing the President of the United States !!! Said he was at Parkland when he "first heard about Oswald " Completely impossible...and utterly unbelievable. 

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If it doesn't agree with the Report....just ignore it :-\

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Oswald on the 6th floor fired 3 shots and that's that!


Oswald on the 6th floor fired 3 shots and that's that!

John, Why do you persist in making an ass of yourself.    Surely you know that the claim that Lee Oswald fired three shots from the sixth floor is pure BS!   Lee was in the first floor lunchroom at the time of the ambush...

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If it doesn't agree with the Report....just ignore it :-\

Some parts of that film don't agree with or report what the witnesses originally said.

James L. Simmons affidavit (March 19, 1964):

     SIMMONS advised that it was his opinion the shots
     came from the direction of the Texas School Book
     Depository Building.

     SIMMONS said he thought he saw exhaust fumes of
     smoke near the embankment in front of the Texas
     School Book Depository Building.

James L. Simmons at the Shaw Trial:

     I was facing this way and the sound appeared to
     come from this general direction over along here,
     and there is a row of trees along the fence and
     towards the end of the fence there is a small
     building and just this side of it a few feet is
     where I saw the smoke.

Simmons locates the "smoke" near the pergola shelter.

Sam Holland is telling Lane/Blake the third shot came from behind the fence. But Holland originally said" "But the puff of smoke I saw definitely came from behind the arcade through the trees." and testified:

     Mr. HOLLAND - There was a shot, a report, I don't know whether it was a shot. I can't say
     that. And a puff of smoke came out about 6 or 8 feet above the ground right out from under
     those trees. And at just about this location from where I was standing you could see that
     puff of smoke, like someone had thrown a firecracker, or something out."

In the film, Holland leads Lane/Blake to the inside corner of the wooden fence where "we saw the smoke and heard the shot". But that's not he first ran to.

     Mr. STERN - When you ran behind the picket fence after the shots were fired, did you
               come near the area where the station wagon was parked?
     Mr. HOLLAND - Went up to behind the arcade as far as you could go.
     Mr. STERN - So, you would have passed where this station wagon was?
     Mr. HOLLAND - Yes.

Holland thought it could have been a firecracker thrown out from the pergola, the first place he ran to after the shots.

I believe Simmons and Holland caught a momentary sight of the bottle-breaking at the retaining wall reported by Marilyn Sitzman, who said the bottle smashing was louder than the shots.

The Sitzman bottle-smashing wasn't widely-known until the 1990s. Simmons and Holland seem to tie some visual anomaly that occurred near the shelter, with Holland running there first.

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The Witnesses: S.M. Holland

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The Witnesses: James L. Simmons

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