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Author Topic: Did Oswald cut the TSBD electrical power to aid his escape?  (Read 40 times)

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Did Oswald cut the TSBD electrical power to aid his escape?
« on: March 26, 2020, 03:52:19 AM »
Geneva Hine, the only employee in the Depository's second floor offices, observed the electrical power and telephone go dead right after the shots had been fired.

Unfortunately, the WC did not question a single employee, including building manager Roy Truly, about the mysterious interruption of  electric or telephone service, nor did they ask the location of the electric and telephone panels. Moments after the shooting Ms. Hine knocks on the door of Southwestern Publishing (Room 203 in the TSBD). She sees a woman through the opaque glass, hears her talking on the phone, and continues knocking on the door, but the woman never answers. Researcher John Armstrong has questioned why a phone worked in one office when electrical service and telephone service went dead everywhere else in the TSBD.  The woman using the phone, Mrs. John L (Carol) Hughes, was NOT questioned by the WC.

While the power being cut, and the woman continuing to be on the phone does raise suspicion for an organised conspiracy (like Armstrong) suggests, another possibility is that Oswald himself cut the power in order to aid his escape. Oswald may have opened the electrical disconnect at the power lines that fed power to the electrical distribution panel for the building.

The idea might have been to disable the elevators on an upper floor while he made his escape down the stairs.


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