Yale Skull & Bones Society Provides the Root of Evil Behind JFK Assassination

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Author Topic: Yale Skull & Bones Society Provides the Root of Evil Behind JFK Assassination  (Read 6585 times)

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That is how you lose me.....if you actually believe it is a reasonable assumption, i.e., LIKELY. Might, maybe, possibly, suspect, are all
reasonable, considering the actual evidence you are able to summon in support of your claim. I posted a likeness from a 1943 newspaper
article. You added five years to the 20 year span between 1943 and 1963. You already dismissed the bothersome detail of a twenty year
age difference between Geb and Oswald.

If your intent is to make a compelling case it was Geb impersonating Oswald, supplying little more than your opinion, explaining away the
problem of the age difference and describing the possibility as LIKELY, gets you exactly where?

My core point is, Lee, I know less than you, but enough to stay with maybe or possibly unless I can actually prove what I suspect.

Here are some facts. General Dynamics chairman Frank Pace was appointed to the Time, Inc. board in 1961 after he greased the skids
for Luce brother in law and former Time, Inc. publisher Maurice Moore and his law partner Rozwell Gilpatric to merge the defense contractor
with the business interests of Henry Crown and Conrad Hilton. This precipitated the TFX contract scandal and senate committee investigation.

When Luce died in 1967, Frank Pace and Maurice Moore were two of three Luce had handpicked to manage his estate and Time, Inc.

CD Jackson and his best friend graduated from the Hill School, a Pottstown, PA boarding school feeding graduates to Princeton.
Henry Luce hired Jackson's best friend and when he suddenly jumped from an NYC window to his death in the early 1930's, Luce
hired Jackson to replace his friend.

Attending Hill school simultaneously were Hill school and later Princeton roommates Phil Strong and Walker Brainard Spencer, both Princeton class
of 1924. In 1927, Spencer was best man in the wedding of Frank P. Burke, Jr., chief of the NOLA CIA office from 1947 to 1962. Spencer gave
a buffet dinner for Burke's daughter in 1950 when she was chosen Queen by anonymous Comus for Mardi Gras rituals.

Phil Strong's father was one of ten Jekyl Island, 1910 fathers of the Federal Reserve. Strong's grandson recently based a book on Phil Strong.

Gen. Philip Strong, USMC, as chief CIA science officer, is described in CIA documents as father of the U-2.

When Clare Luce was in the Rome embassy, she interacted with Tom McCoy, later the best friend of Clark Clifford law partner, Tom Finney.
The two recent CIA operatives McCoy and Finney interrupted their lives, attempting to deny RFK the 1968 nomination through their take over of the
"Clean for Gene" presidential campaign.

Lost Crusader: The Secret Wars of CIA Director William Colby - Page 57

Tom McCoy was the husband of the other Priscilla Johnson. She was OSS London in WWII and her record was described by John Newman as merged
at CIA with the records of Priscilla Mary Post Johnson and a third P.J. McCoy's father-in-law was a US ambassador and a member of Nelson Rockefeller's
father's favorite Bar Harbor club, comprised of just 50 members.

John Simkin titled his Priscilla article with the name of Mccoy's Priscilla and did not correct the name after I informed him at least twice.:
Tom McCoy's father David was longtime democratic town chairman in NEW HAVEN. The Bones tomb is located at 52 High St., New Haven.

Tom, thanks for your post.  The identification of MCMM as Geb was the most plausible I had seen documented.  There was no need for Geb to be similar in appearance or age as Oswald if no one at the embassies knew Oswald.  The CIA were carrying out photo surveillance of the embassies but guess what no photos of the real Oswald surface; only Geb.

My hypothesis (and I did state that) is that Geb impersonated Oswald but only by generating a paper trail in the name of Oswald.

Oswald was sent to MC but on an unrelated trip to meet a contact that didn't show up.  This was part of the frame up organised by Philips.

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The HSCA stated that the murder of JFK was probably the result of a conspiracy and that a new investigation should be undertaken as it differed so much from the fatally flawed WCR.  On this basis it was a very significant conspiracy and cover up and not the work of even one complete government agency.  Far more loyalty and trust was required and so the origins were likely a secret society.  Look at The Skull and Bones Society at Yale and it's history.  Some of the prominent members that had highest level involvement that immediately come to mind were:

- George H W Bush
- Malcolm Wallace
- Clark Clifford
- James Jesus Angleton
- McBundy George
- Prescott Bush
- Henry Luce
- William F Buckley

And JFK. Add him to the list.

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Offline Steve M. Galbraith

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And JFK. Add him to the list.

No, JFK was a Harvard man; the Skull and Bones was a Yale group.

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Offline Lee Wotton

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The McGeorge Bundy connection to events surrounding JFK are interesting:

1) Bundy called off the air strike that would have wiped out the remainder of Cuba's air force planes that posed areal danger to the Bay of Pigs invasion force.  He called it off very late on the day of the invasion and that action has been directly attributed to the failure of the invasion.

2) Bundy had a draft of NSAM 273 and signed it on 11/21/63 the day before JFK was killed and his whole cabinet were conveniently overseas.  NSAM 273 was opposing JFK's Indochina policy and Vietnam plans.  Strange whilst JFK was away and still alive.  What did he know?  Who instructed him?  LBJ signed it I believe on the 26th

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