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Author Topic: How Could LHO Walk Seven Blocks Shortly After The Assassination & Not Be Seen?  (Read 899 times)

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Honest Rob Caprio conveniently omits the fact that Buell Frazier saw Oswald cross Houston over to Elm and head in the direction of the bus...Armstrong pretty much puts a lock on the bus/taxi encounter being real...The real proof is Stuart Reed took photos of the bus probably for Intel evidence of places Oswald went...Reed would not be up there taking photos of a mundane bus blocks away from the assassination unless Oswald was there...

Armstrong made a strong case the bus transfer was real and was from McWatter's booklet...

David Josephs uses the fact Mary Bledsoe claimed Oswald's shirt had buttons torn off to dismiss her testimony and therefore deny the veracity of the bus Oswald...This denial of the bus/taxi Oswald is popular amongst the Prayer Man nuts and DiEugenio...Josephs lacks the detective smarts to realize that Mary Bledsoe could have been coerced to lie about the shirt in order to frame Oswald like many others, however her witnessing of Oswald on the bus could still be true...Josephs forgets that Tippit was waiting at the bus stop - which places Oswald on the bus doesn't it? This Josephs/DiEugenio gang stays noticeably quiet when it comes time to explain how their backing of the Prayer Man nuts conflicts with Armstrong - whom Josephs also backs...

LOL. Armstrong thinks LHO took the bus and the cab like the WC. 🤣😂 Quote Frazier saying this.

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Tell me who saw him leave the TSBD and walk the 7 blocks.

You seriously don't get how it works do you. If I claimed he was seen during his 7 black walk than it would be on me to name who saw him. I did not claim that.  You are the one making the claim so you are the one who needs to back up claim.

 I will ask again. How do you know he was not seen while walking the 7 blocks?
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