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Author Topic: JFK Mouth Movement In The Zapruder Film  (Read 1050 times)

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Re: JFK Mouth Movement
« Reply #8 on: September 16, 2023, 05:52:21 PM »
Hi Charles,  I totally agree that JFK probably couldn't have spoken. I believe what's happening in the film is that he's trying to speak, but obviosuly nothing is coming out because his voice  box is destroyed,  The "My God I'm hit" claim from Roy Kellerman had to have been his imagination because no one else in the car heard JFK utter a word, but Kellerman.  We need a lip reader to possibly tell us what JFK may have been trying to say.  I know what you mean about this section of the film being disturbing.  When I first saw it back in 1978, upongetting the first Groden enhanced Zapruder film with this famous "Rotoscoped" version of the film, it upset me as well.  The older Iget, the more disturbing it is to watch the Zapruder film.  Mrs. Kennedy's staring at Governor Connally as she said his "Screaming" drew her attention, and she's tranfixed on him. Her actions of being transfixed on Connally has always disturbed me because she could have pulled JFK down and saved his life.  She had a little over 4 seconds to do so from the time she put her hands on him as he's shot.  And then there are Kinney, Roberts,both sitting there staring at JFK after he's been hit-as seen in the Altgens 6 photograph-and Kinney's 1978 statement to the HSCA that he saw the first shot hit JFK.  Why didn't these men tell the agents on the running board to GO!  But, no, other than Clint Hill, they wait until the fatal shot is fired to react, and the proof of this lies in the Nix film where we can see both McCintire and Ready start to take off . Ready should've been right there on top of JFK after the 1st shot, since he was the closest.  It's very frustrating and deeply sad to watch what happened because of these men!

Yes, I think that it is possible that Connally could have said My God, Im hit. And the fact that one of his lungs had probably just collapsed could have altered the way his voice sounded (to be more like JFKs voice). Of course thats just speculation on my part. I think the clever ambush from above and behind was too sudden and too surprising and too confusing for just about everyone who was there. Only Brennan and a few others who saw the rifle seemed to really know much of anything about what had happened. The what-ifs are so numerous. What if Connally had simply yelled get down when he realized it was a gun shot instead of trying to turn and see JFK and then yelling something that only appears to have confused the situation more, especially for Jackie? But, as Clint Hill and Landis and who knows how many others found out the hard way, it does no good to dwell on the what-ifs

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Re: JFK Mouth Movement
« Reply #9 on: October 14, 2023, 03:54:10 PM »
"My God, I'm hit!"

   Don't fall for this David Copperfield misdirection. The person to focus your attention on during this segment of the Z Film is Gov. Connally. And of course, Connally is conveniently CROPPED from this eye catching but mind numbing presentation. This kinda stuff is mandatory in order to continue selling the SBT amidst the SA Landis revelations.
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