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Author Topic: Bullet hole in windshield on JFK's Limo  (Read 45870 times)

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Re: Bullet hole in windshield on JFK's Limo
« Reply #248 on: August 30, 2022, 12:44:08 AM »
No hole in the windshield , kind of like the round bullet indenture in the chrome molding on the inside above the rear view mirror . CE 399 that we know would never be found because it is in John C's  left thigh because it was never removed . The hole in the windshield that you could put a pencil through must have just been a mirage that just didn't exist and what in the world happened to that Mauser ? When I look at what an LNer sees in this case and what a CT'er sees , it makes me think that things just look different to some people , but what are we going to do about that big blasted out hole in the back of JFK's head ? What hole ?