Roy Lewis is not Carl Edward Jones

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Roy Lewis is not Carl Edward Jones
« on: May 02, 2022, 02:09:24 AM »
In 2015, Mr. Bart Kamp published a Prayer Man video on Youtube where he marks the figure of Carl Jones with Mr. Roy Edward Lewis's name. He repeatedly calls Mr. Jones Mr. Edwards throughout. Then in 2016, Mr. Larry Rivera had Mr. Roy Lewis come and speak at his assassination conference where he impersonated Mr. Carl Jones. Why would Mr. Lewis do this? Could it be that he was actually out on the grass infield in Dealey Plaza when the fatal head shot struck President Kennedy? He was only seventeen and perhaps he was so traumatized that he decided not to tell his true whereabouts on 11-22-63. He is caught in the Bronson, Nix, and Zapruder films.

In this Willis 8 photograph, Mr. Carl Jones is the tall black man in the silver clothing on the TSBD steps. The smaller man to his left in the maroon jacket is Mr. Roy Lewis.

In this Bronson frame, Mr. Roy Lewis is running with a group of men on the grassy infield between Main and Elm Streets. Mrs. Marilyn Willis and her mother are behind the group of men.

In this Nix frame, Mr. Lewis stands by himself on the grass for awhile.

In Zapruder frame 310, Mr. Lewis has outrun the two older black men and is on the left behind Mrs. Toni Foster.

Mr. Lewis eventually makes it to the concrete island with Mr. Otis Williams in the white shirt and Mr. Carl Jones in the silver outfit.

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Roy Lewis is not Carl Edward Jones
« on: May 02, 2022, 02:09:24 AM »


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