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Re: U.S. Politics
« Reply #1456 on: May 29, 2023, 08:24:52 AM »
"Joe Biden came to office with more experience on how to cut realistic, what-the-traffic-will-bear Capitol Hill deals than any incoming president in American history – and it shows.”

-Mark Halperin

Doug Jones @DougJones

Looks like @JoeBiden has once again defied expectations. Yeah I know some Dems don’t like the so-called concessions, but folks these were coming anyway and in the scheme of things it is clearly advantage Biden. 

What the President so deftly did was to simply save the country from a catastrophic default on the country’s debt while jump starting budget talks for the appropriations bills needed by the end of the year.  Maybe with this deal we not only stave off a default on our debt - which remember was goal number one-  but we go a long way in preventing a government shutdown later this year.  And, to borrow a phrase/lyric, in a divided government you can’t always get what you want but if you try like Biden you just might find you get what you need.

CBPolitics @ClistonBrown

So I’ve been looking for details about Biden’s deal on the debt ceiling and I’m frankly astonished. The guy keeps getting more than I ever expected was actually possible. I don’t know how he does it.

Jon Cooper @joncoopertweets

I just came off a Zoom call with White House officials about the debt ceiling deal. I’m fully confident that key Democratic priorities have been protected — and to an even greater extent than I originally thought.

Thanks to President Biden’s leadership, this is yet another bipartisan win for our country.

Christopher Webb @cwebbonline

Show this to folks in the back who haven’t realized by now who we elected — President Biden is a negotiator. He gets s done.

Joe got the debt limit deal that he said he would and The United States will not default!


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Re: U.S. Politics
« Reply #1456 on: May 29, 2023, 08:24:52 AM »

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Re: U.S. Politics
« Reply #1457 on: May 29, 2023, 08:36:38 AM »
President Biden @POTUS

Speaker McCarthy and I reached a bipartisan budget agreement that will prevent the worst possible crisis – a default for the first time in our nation’s history.
This deal is good news for the American people.

I strongly urge Congress to pass the agreement right away.

The Speaker and I made clear from the start that the only way forward is with a bipartisan agreement.

This agreement is an important step forward, and now it will go to the United States House and Senate.

Here’s my update:


Tune in as I deliver remarks on reaching a bipartisan budget agreement.


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Re: U.S. Politics
« Reply #1458 on: May 29, 2023, 09:26:23 AM »
Here's another closer look at the historic Joe Biden presidency. 

253,000 new jobs were created in April.   

So we are now:

33.8 million jobs = 16 years Clinton, Obama
12.7 million jobs = 27 months Biden
1.9 million jobs = 16 years Bush, W. Bush, Trump

This simple statistic shows that Republicans are terrible at running the economy and job creation.

In 16 years in office, Republicans as a whole never even created 2 million jobs. That is absolute failure. Biden accomplished creating 2 million jobs in less than a half of year in office during a horrible pandemic.       

GDP growth under Biden running at 3 times the rate as under Trump

The 253,000 jobs created just in April is 2 years of job growth under the last 3 GOP Presidents. 2 years!

Jobs have been created at 50 times the rate under Biden as under the last 3 Republicans. Trump saw net job loss on his watch. Sad!

The 3.4% unemployment rate is the lowest in a peacetime US since WWII. A majority of Americans have never experienced an unemployment rate this low.

Biden is 3rd straight Democratic President to see substantial decline in the unemployment rate. 

It's gone up under last 3 Republicans.

Since 1989, 49 million net new jobs have been created in America.

47 million, 96%, have been created under Democratic Presidents. Essentially all of them.

Wages continue to grow at historically elevated levels. This has been particularly true of people who earn the least.

During the Biden Presidency America has seen the lowest uninsured and lowest poverty rates in our history. 

America is on track to produce more crude oil this year than any year in our history.   

Coupled with increases in renewables, America is more energy independent today than it has been in decades. 

OK, now let's talk about the deficit. 

The last 3 GOP Presidents saw the deficit rise on their watch. 

The last 3 Democrats lowered it. Trump had worst fiscal record since WWII. 

As the Republican manufactured default crisis has ended, here's a reminder of what this data shows:

Democrats = growth, lower deficits, progress
Republicans = recession, higher deficits, decline

McCarthy's MAGA plan would have brought recession, default or perhaps both. Recession and economic failure is what Republicans do.

Expert analysis proves it. We ALL should be glad McCarthy's failed MAGA plan did not go through, as President Biden rejected it for his plan, which will continue historic economic success. The MAGA plan would have destroyed President Biden's historic economy and job growth.   

LiveSquawk @LiveSquawk

Moody's: US GDP Growth Would Be 1.61% In 2024 Under GOP Debt Limit Plan Vs. 2.23% Otherwise
- Plan Would 'Meaningfully Increase' Likelihood Of Recession
- GOP-Proposed Spending Cuts Are 'Substantial Headwind' To Near Term Economic Growth
- Plan Would Cost 790K Jobs By End-2024

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Re: U.S. Politics
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Re: U.S. Politics
« Reply #1459 on: May 29, 2023, 09:47:24 PM »
President Biden @POTUS

On Memorial Day, we honor America's fallen heroes who gave their last full measure of devotion to this nation.

We'll never be able to repay the debt we owe them.

But today, we rededicate ourselves to the work for which they gave their lives, and we recommit to supporting the loved ones they left behind.

May God bless our fallen heroes.

Join me as I honor our fallen heroes at the 155th National Memorial Day Observance.

President Biden honors our fallen heroes at the 155th National Memorial Day Observance.


Biden honors ‘fallen heroes’ during Memorial Day address

During a Memorial Day address at Arlington National Cemetery, President Biden honored the “fallen heroes” who have died while serving in the military.

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Re: U.S. Politics
« Reply #1460 on: May 30, 2023, 08:43:24 AM »
A Memorial Day message from a real President and then from a real lunatic.   

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Re: U.S. Politics
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Re: U.S. Politics
« Reply #1461 on: May 30, 2023, 09:01:29 AM »
2024 General Election Poll:

Clarity Poll

Biden 47% (+7)
DeSantis 40%

Biden’s Big Win in the Debt Limit Deal

Washington Post: "For Biden, one upside of the deal — assuming it passes — is that he will not have to deal with the debt ceiling again until after the next presidential campaign, because the agreement raises the debt ceiling until 2025. This was a top priority of the administration, which will be grateful to move past the messy fight over the debt limit that has provoked substantial criticism even among fellow Democrats.”

Dan Pfeiffer: “Let’s be clear, this is s***** public policy foisted on the nation by a radical Republican House willing to blow up the economy and cause millions of jobs to vanish. Efforts to deal with deficits that do not include asking the wealthy and corporations to pay what they owe are cruel and wholly unserious. The tightening of access to aid for the most vulnerable Americans serves no purpose other than performative cruelty to appease the MAGA base.”

“But this could have been way worse in so many ways. The devil is very much in the details, but it seems like President Biden and his team outplayed McCarthy."

'You have no spine': Conservatives clobber Kevin McCarthy for cooperating with President Biden

Biden on debt limit bill: 'I feel very good about it'

President Biden spoke to reporters about the debt limit deal the White House reached with Speaker Kevin McCarthy and expressed confidence it could pass in Congress.


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Re: U.S. Politics
« Reply #1462 on: May 30, 2023, 10:33:39 PM »
MAGA right wing extremists are going crazy because Kevin McCarthy and President Joe Biden made a deal from stopping a default. The whole purpose of having a functioning government is to have both sides working together to come to an agreement. These MAGA radicals are incapable of compromising or working with Democrats. MAGA is all about chaos and destruction and they simply wanted to blow up our economy to destroy the lives of Americans and our country. Now we have MAGA radicals publicly calling to oust McCarthy for making a deal to save our country. And don't forget Donald Trump was egging these radicals on to default.

When Joe Biden campaigned for president in 2020, he said constantly during the campaign that he would be able to work with Republicans to get legislation passed and bring people together. Once again, President Biden kept his promise as he was able to work with McCarthy on this bipartisan deal to keep America from defaulting on its debt. President Biden also said "we will not default" and he kept that promise too. That's what we need in a leader, a man who keeps his word and can get things accomplished.               

Conservative is ready to vote McCarthy out of speaker's chair over debt deal: report

Rep. Dan Bishop (R-NC) is ready to move Kevin McCarthy (R-CA) out of the Speaker's chair amid the debt deal made with President Joe Biden, Politico reporter Olivia Beavers revealed Tuesday.

It was something predicted by analysts who feared conservative members would try to sink the proposal and let the country ultimately default on its debts. If Biden and McCarthy agreed on something, conservatives would immediately be suspicious of it no matter what it was, they feared.

"That is not realistic with this speaker or with this House of Representatives," explained Rep. Steve Cohen (D-TN) last week. "If that would happen, they would certainly recall him, and they'd elect a new speaker, and McCarthy does not want to be the shortest-serving speaker in history."

Democratic strategist Kurt Bardella said that McCarthy would have to wrangle the far-right.

"You know, I think actually because of this deal coming right now, the expectation game has been well managed now because the ball's really in Kevin McCarthy's court now," said Bardella over the weekend.

"The pressure is on Kevin McCarthy to deliver the votes. If this thing falls apart now, it's going to be because of House Republicans — because of MAGA extremists — successfully holding McCarthy hostage once again, and that they are the ones who will get the blame. We will be done with this both sides narrative that each side has something to lose, that this could blow back on the president. No, no, no, no."

According to Rep. Bishop, “absolutely,” it is an option to remove McCarthy, he told Beavers. He went on to call it “inescapable," saying he thinks it must be "done" at this point. But he acknowledged it would depend on whether enough of his colleagues have the courage to move forward with it.

Thanks to the agreement made in January, it would only take one member of Congress to bring a "motion to vacate," which would force a vote on removing the speaker.

Far-right Utah Republican resigns from Congress

Rep. Chris Stewart (R-UT) was once thought to be the man that would oppose Sen. Mitt Romney (R-UT) from the right. On Tuesday, however, he announced he was resigning from office.

Republicans currently have 222 members in power in the House, and this resignation will reduce that to 221. It means Speaker Kevin McCarthy will need to be even more cautious as he looks for the numbers to pass bills.

According to The Salt Lake City Tribune, Stewart is leaving office due to a serious medical issue that his wife is facing. He hasn't elaborated on the details.

Evie Stewart was featured in a 2013 profile on the Congressman, who had just been elected for the first time. When asked about her husband's absence from home, she explained it was part of their belief system.

"Whenever we sacrifice for our God or our country, whether it's in the military or public service or sacrificing for our family, it binds our hearts to them, and then we love our God and our family and our country more," she said.

The Tribune explained that Gov. Spencer Cox (R) has seven days by law to set the dates for the primary and general election for the seat. It isn't expected to be a competitive district for Democrats, but the longer the absence, the greater the pressure on McCarthy.

"Under state law, those dates will be the same as this year’s municipal primary and general elections unless the Legislature appropriates money to hold an election on a different date," said the Tribune.

Those municipal elections fall on Aug. 15 and Nov. 7, respectively.

Stewart was a 2020 election truther, going so far as to suggest that Democrats somehow cheated in the Georgia runoff election.

Why Paul Gosar has become a 'sort of hero' to neo-Nazis and other extremists: report

In Arizona, far-right Rep. Paul Gosar is a polarizing figure even among fellow Republicans. Traditional McCain and Reagan conservatives have been highly critical of him, but MAGA Republicans who admire far-right figures like Kari Lake, Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-Georgia) and Rep. Lauren Boebert (R-CO) tend to be Gosar admirers as well.

In an article published by Talking Points Memo on May 30, journalist Haley Orion stresses that Gosar is so far to the right that some white nationalists and Neo-Nazis look up to him.

Orion notes that in an earlier article, TPM reported that Wade Searle, Gosar's digital director, appeared to be "involved with an interlinked group of social media profiles that were deeply enmeshed with white nationalist Nicholas Fuentes' viciously antisemitic Groyper movement."

Orion explains, "While the revelations in the story were significant, they weren't necessarily surprising. The Groypers are deeply hateful and grotesque, but Gosar has never been shy in his flirtation with various factions of the fascist far-right, including the Groypers' leader, Fuentes. Or, as Gosar himself has bragged in the past: 'I’m considered the most dangerous man in Congress.' A large swath of the far-right has, in turn, taken notice, with Gosar becoming a sort of hero in some corners."

In 2021, Gosar set off a major controversy when he posted a video that depicted violence against Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-New York). Gosar's defenders claimed she was overreaching, but his critics responding that depicting violence against a member of Congress is never acceptable.

Orion stresses that Gosar isn't afraid to associate with extremists.

"Gosar has lent his support to a broad coalition of far-right bigots and Christian supremacists: from the s***posting Groyper neo-Nazis to the camo-clad LARPers and hate groups to the suit-wearing, ultranationalist political elites at home and abroad," Orion notes.

"He'll rile up the Arizona chapter of the Oath Keepers, telling them that the United States is already in a Civil War, 'we just haven't started shooting yet,' then repeat the same line in an interview with a well-documented neo-Nazi. He'll even associate with the conspiratorial, and often ridiculous, QAnon movement, tweeting out references to Q-drops — Gosar later said the tweet was sarcastic, though the tweet remains up to this day — and appearing at Q-friendly rallies."

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Re: U.S. Politics
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Re: U.S. Politics
« Reply #1463 on: May 31, 2023, 09:53:07 AM »
I've said all along that these MAGA right wing extremists wanted to default on our debt to purposely crash the economy because they thought it would help them politically. Sure enough, the so called "Freedom Caucus", which are a group of MAGA insurrectionists, publicly admitted today that was indeed their goal. They wanted to destroy our economy, which would in return, destroy the lives of Americans including their own constituents because they thought it would help their cult leader Donald Trump politically in 2024. Trump is on his way to prison for his crimes but these extremists didn't care, they wanted to destroy our economy anyway. These MAGA extremists are also angry that they can't use a default fight again next year to do the same thing all over again. MAGA has no interest in governing, all they want to do is cause chaos and destruction in order gain power to push their extremist agenda. But the majority of Americans reject their fascist policies.               

Clown car': MAGA Republicans blasted for threatening to 'tank economy to help Trump win'

Some members of the most far-right group of House Republicans, the Freedom Caucus, admitted Tuesday their goals are to defeat the debt ceiling agreement, thereby killing the economy, which some of them believe would then help Donald Trump win back the White House in 2024.

Many of the House Freedom Caucus members are tied to the January 6, 2021 insurrection, by various methods, including supporting efforts to overturn state elections and spreading false claims about the results of the 2020 presidential election.

U.S. Rep. Dan Bishop (R-NC) in Tuesday’s Freedom Caucus’s press conference pointed to the portion of the debt ceiling agreement, brokered by President Joe Biden and Speaker Kevin McCarthy, which says the nation’s debt limit will not have to be raised until 2025. Outraged, Congressman Bishop admitted Republicans had wanted to have another debt ceiling fight next year, which would, he claimed, help a Republican presidential candidate win the White House.

Surrounded by far-right Republican Representatives Byron Donalds, Lauren Boebert, Chip Roy, Freedom Caucus chair Scott Perry, former Freedom Caucus chair Andy Biggs, and others, Bishop angrily complained, “And what does the device of two years do?”

“It removes the issue from the national conversation during the presidential election to come. How could you more successfully kneecap any Republican President than to take that issue out of his or her hands?” Bishop asked, fully and freely admitting the GOP is trying to use the levers of government, and the U.S. and even global economy, to put a Republican back in the White House, regardless of cost to the American people.

As he spoke Rep. Boebert’s head was nodding in agreement.

Sirius XM host and journalist Dean Obeidallah blasted the North Carolina Republican: “GOP Dan Bishop says quiet part out loud: MAGA wanted to use debt ceiling in 2024 to tank economy to help Trump win.”

Freedom Caucus chair Scott Perry, who the Select Committee on the January 6 Attack reportedly saw as “central” to its investigation, also spoke at Tuesday’s press conference.

“We’ve asked for Janet Yellen’s figures. And with all due respect, she comes with zero credibility to the discuss,” Perry claimed, falsely. “We don’t believe her figures, we’ve asked to see her figures.”

And he admitted Freedom Caucus members “will be absolutely opposed to the deal and will do everything in our power to stop it.”

Calling it a “bad deal…that we all campaigned to put an end to,” Freedom Caucus member Lauren Boebert also spoke at the press conference, declaring, “There is nothing real in this bill to enforce. In short, tomorrow’s bill is a bunch of fake news and fake talking points.”

U.S. Rep. Byron Donalds (R-FL) called the debt ceiling deal “crap.”

“Washington is doing it again,” Rep. Donalds declared, apparently attacking his own party since Republicans have the majority of the House seats.

“While you were celebrating Memorial Day, all of our men and women who gave their lives for this great nation, and you were spending time with your family and your friends, this town was cutting another crap deal that’s going to put you more in debt with no real changes whatsoever.”

“Washington is lying, again,” said Donalds.

Republican turned Democrat, attorney Ron Filipkowski mocked the extremist GOP lawmakers.

“The Freedom Caucus members just climbed out of their clown car, and are upset that their cult leader won’t be able to run for president on a crashed economy,” he tweeted.

“Wait,” tweeted Seth Kaplan, the managing editor for Fox affiliate stations in the Twin Cities. “He wants to help ensure a catastrophic economic situation just so it can be a talking point during the 2024 election? Please tell me I’m misinterpreting.”

Earlier this month journalist Jay Bookman observed, “So basically, the debt ceiling crisis is just another version of the Jan. 6 insurrection: Give us what we want, or we’re going to tear the whole damn thing down.”

Reps. Scott Perry, Dan Bishop, Byron Donalds, Lauren Boebert, Andy Biggs, and other Freedom Caucus members earned a “very poor” grade by the Republican Accountability Project, which has been tracking Republicans in the wake of the 2021 insurrection.

Among the criteria for earning a “very poor” grade include signing the Supreme Court amicus brief “that sought to nullify votes cast in Michigan, Wisconsin, Pennsylvania and Georgia,” (Boebert and Donalds were not in Congress at the time to sign to that brief.)

Also, objecting “to the certification of Electoral College votes from at least one state,” making “public statements that cast doubt on the legitimacy of the 2020 election,” voting “to hold Trump accountable via impeachment or conviction,” voting “to create an independent commission to investigate the January 6th insurrection,” and voting “to hold Steve Bannon in contempt of Congress.”

Read More Here:

Lauren Boebert throws tantrum over debt deal: 'That's the end of Kevin McCarthy's speakership'

Rep. Lauren Boebert (R-CO) on Tuesday did not rule out a motion to vacate the chair in an attempt to remove Kevin McCarthy (R-CA) as speaker over a deal that would raise the U.S. debt ceiling.

During an appearance on Steve Bannon's War Room podcast, Boebert accused McCarthy of a "violation" of his promises because amendments were not being allowed in the House Rules Committee.

"So, the whole point of the speaker's race and having a motion to vacate a check and balance was because we know at any given time those rules can be suspended," she explained. "And so, this, at the Speaker's request, is what I've heard; this was to be a closed rule with no amendments allowed."

Boebert argued that there was insufficient support to remove McCarthy as Speaker. But she predicted the demise of McCarthy's speakership if many Democrats supported the debt ceiling bill.

"If this bill passes with a majority of Democrats voting in favor of it, then I'm sorry, that's the end of Kevin McCarthy's speakership," she warned. "That is a bad, bad look to pass a bill of this magnitude without the support of the majority and if it's Democrats."

Watch video in link:

Matt Gaetz warns Kevin McCarthy’s deal could be a ‘black letter’ violation that triggers removal

Rep. Kevin McCarthy (R-Ca.) may have enough votes to usher his debt ceiling deal through Congress, but it could cost the House Speaker his job.

Rep. Matt Gaetz (R-Fla.) on Tuesday suggested that, regardless of the outcome of the debt ceiling deal vote, if a majority of Republicans oppose the deal, that would be a “black letter violation” that would likely leave McCarthy facing a threat to his speakership, CNN’s Melanie Zanona tweeted.

“If a majority of Republicans are against a piece of legislation and you use Democrats to pass it, that would immediately be a black letter violation of the deal we had with McCarthy... and it would likely trigger an immediate motion to vacate," Gaetz said according to Zanona.

Zanona reports that “McCarthy, however, has repeatedly expressed confidence that a majority of House Republicans will back the bill.”

Gaetz, a member of the ultraconservative Freedom Caucus, opposes the debt ceiling deal.

He isn’t alone.

“Not one Republican should vote for this bill,” Rep. Chip Roy (R-Texas) told reporters Tuesday.

“We will continue to fight it today, tomorrow, and no matter what happens, there’s going to be a reckoning about what just occurred unless we stop this bill by tomorrow.”

Rep. Dan Bishop (R-N.C) went even further.

“I’m fed up with the lies. I’m fed up with the lack of courage, the cowardice,” Bishop told reporters on Tuesday.

Bishop blasted McCarthy over his handling of the debt ceiling deal, saying “Nobody could have done a worse job."

Democratic congressman mocks GOP colleague for saying he can't read a 99 page bill in 3 days

Following the release of the draft agreement to raise the debt ceiling, House Freedom Caucus member Rep. Ralph Norman (R-SC) went on Fox News to complain he didn't have any time to read it before the vote — even though, by any reasonable measure, he did.

"It's like the Pelosi days. You gotta pass it before you read it," complained Norman, referencing a quote former House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) made about the Affordable Care Act in 2009 that has frequently been taken out of context. "We ought to have a lot more time."

"But he's giving you three days to consider it," pushed back Fox anchor John Roberts, adding, "It's only 99 pages."

Following this exchange, Rep. Ted Lieu (D-CA) took to Twitter to mock his colleague's complaint that reading a 99-page bill in three days is just too burdensome a task for him.

"Let’s do some math," wrote Lieu. "If GOP Rep Ralph Norman works 8 hours a day, that’s 24 hours over 3 days to read 99 pages. That comes out to reading a little over 4 pages every hour. And these are double spaced text pages."

"Alternatively, he can have AI summarize the bill for him in 1 min," Lieu added.

Norman, who faced national controversy after leaked text messages revealed he begged the Trump administration to declare "Marshall [sic] law" to prevent President Joe Biden from taking office after the 2020 election, appears to have already made up his mind against the bill he says he doesn't have time to read it.


'They only know what they're against': Ex-Congressman slams Matt Gaetz and obstructionist GOPers

U.S. Rep. Matt Gaetz and other Republicans coming out in strong opposition to the debt ceiling compromise are doing so in part because they don't have another setting, according to a former Democratic Congressman.

Former Rep. Conor Lamb, of Pennsylvania, was part of a panel on MSNBC's The 11th Hour With Stephanie Ruhle on Tuesday. Ruhle asked Lamb if he thinks Speaker Kevin McCarthy (R) was at risk of losing his speakership over the deal, which was advanced by a committee earlier in the night to a full House vote set up for the next day.

Lamb said that he doesn't think McCarthy will lose his speakership over the disagreements, saying "the difference with whoever they would replace him with would be minimal, and I don't see how it would go to anyone's benefit."

Lamb did, however, use the time to call out Gaetz, who threatened McCarthy's speakership over the tentative deal already, and fellow Republican Chip Roy, who urged his colleagues to reject the deal.

"What you're seeing is the Matt Gaetzes and Chip Roys of the world are being revealed: they only know what they are against and they really don't have much of an idea of what they're for, as far as anything they can accomplish," Lamb said.

He added that individuals like this tend to lash out against a lot of things, but are not necessarily getting things done.

"So the idea of just lashing out... and the words that Chip Roy was using: kill the bill, end the speakership, they only know how to put a stop to things they don't like... that's the language they're using because they have nothing else to say."