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Author Topic: Mark Bell Mark Bell -- where were thou?  (Read 10632 times)

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Re: Mark Bell Mark Bell -- where were thou?
« Reply #40 on: December 04, 2021, 06:56:39 PM »
Do u really think that the boss-agent who got a report from the agents who saw a bullet hole in the floor would have gone running to the police & reporters & (gasping for oxygen), would have blurted ---
"there's a gasp gasp bullet hole in the gasp gasp floor".

This is the same boss-agent who told Hickey to keep the 6 hot AR15 casings in his pocket (they could smell the casings at the hozzie)(plus they could smell the AR15 at the hozzie).
This is the same boss-agent who told his agents to keep quiet re shot-1 being at the signals at Z113 (a very early shot makes the SS look even worse).
And re Hickey's accidental auto burst of say 6 shots (Powers did not ever deny that he heard the deafening AR15 shots just inches from his left earhole).
And re the big dent in the chrome trim above the mirror (in fact the boss-agent said that the dent was already there from an accident many moons before).
And (at first) re the cracked windshield & the bits of lead on the glass at the center of the cracks.
This is the same boss-agent who snatched Jfk's body -- & jfk's brain -- & jfk photos -- but somehow wasnt concerned about anyone finding out about the hole in the limo floor.

Whatshisname from Ford, who replaced the carpet, would have seen the hole in the carpet & the hole in the floor.
And, he would ordinarily have kept the bloody carpet for his own private collection.
But, he did not keep the carpet (koz he woz not allowed) -- which suggests that there was indeed a hole.
And, the replacing of the carpet, rather than simply cleaning it (either in-situ or ex-situ), suggests a hole.
Re the dent in the chrome being there many moons before.
Yesterday i looked at youtube footage that showed that there was no dent in the chrome trim when the jfklimo was in Main St.
Have a look at the 1:40 long footage AMIPA jfk dallas tx.......... at the 0:39 mark.
Also there is no spider cracking on the glass windshield just left of (ie on driver's side of) & below the rear vision mirror.
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Re: Mark Bell Mark Bell -- where were thou?
« Reply #40 on: December 04, 2021, 06:56:39 PM »