Author Topic: The Media, the Virus and the "Lab Leak" Hypothesis  (Read 898 times)

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Re: The Media, the Virus and the "Lab Leak" Hypothesis
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Not surprising that Biden’s inquiry into the origins of Covid came back inconclusive.

 Summary of the ODNI report -


COVID's origin is still inconclusive, according to an unclassified intelligence report publicly released Friday.

Driving the news: Chinese officials had no knowledge of the virus prior to its initial outbreak, according to the report, though it doesn't rule out the lab leak or animal transmission theories. The intelligence community "remains divided."

What they're saying: COVID was "probably" not developed as a biological weapon or genetically engineered, but the two dominant theories — that it came from a lab leak or was naturally transmitted from an animal — remain plausible, per the report.

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Re: The Media, the Virus and the "Lab Leak" Hypothesis
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The same pattern applied to the Media’s coverage of Russiagate too.

And those of us who are JFK assassination skeptics or CT’ers could say that that kind of behavior in the media has gone on for decades.

Whether it’s Covid, Iraq’s WMDs, Climate Science, or the JFK murder investigations, the Mainstream Media for some reason tends to try to limit the boundaries of what is legit to discuss and tries to discredit narratives or ideas that they don’t like or that goes against mainstream consensus.

Because the Media hates Trump so much, it was easy to dismiss the Lab Leak theory as just another conspiracy theory when he was President.

Now that a few mainstream reporters and some scientists have endorsed the idea that the theory is at least plausible and Trump is no longer President, the media’s consensus has shifted.

Because I have kept an open mind from day one, I never ruled out the Lab Leak as a plausible event even while I think a natural origin is the most likely explanation…

Not surprising that Biden’s inquiry into the origins of Covid came back inconclusive.

 Summary of the ODNI report -

Jon, the media never "hated Trump so much". He exploited it. That is the main "talent" of his group of criminals. Considering what you've expressed just in the two posts I quoted, if I were you, I'd be more concerned about what Trump has done to exploit my (IOW, your) bias, generally.

Please post examples of media misreporting about Trump's denial of Russia's influence in the 2016 election and of his obstruction of justice. He became the President, not Clinton, yet the tenor of your post is that he is somehow "the victim."

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Li-Meng Yan or Yan Limeng (simplified Chinese: 闫丽梦; traditional Chinese: 閆麗夢) is a Chinese virologist,[citation needed] known for publications and interviews alleging that SARS-CoV-2 was made in a Chinese government laboratory. These publications have been widely criticised by the scientific community.[3][4][5][6]

In April 2020, she fled to the United States. She co-authored several preprint research papers[a] claiming that SARS-CoV-2 was "produced in a laboratory."[8][9][10] According to scientific reviewers from the Johns Hopkins Center for Health Security, Yan's paper offered "contradictory and inaccurate information that does not support their argument,"[3] while reviewers from Rapid Reviews: COVID-19 criticised her preprints as not demonstrating "sufficient scientific evidence to support its claims."[4]
Political links
Yan's preprint was promoted by the Rule of Law Society,[23] a political organisation affiliated with Steve Bannon, former Trump strategist, and Guo Wengui, an expatriate Chinese billionaire, in November 2018.[6][24] The organisation's stated intent was to investigate "Chinese corruption and financially support victims of the regime."[17][18][25] The Rule of Law Society had not previously published scientific or medical research.[17] Yan previously appeared on Bannon's "War Room" podcast.[19][17] The lack of financial disclosure in Yan's papers was described as a lapse in ethical transparency by Dr. Adam Lauring, particularly when publishing "what are essentially conspiracy theories that are not founded in fact".[4]

In November 2020, The New York Times reported that Yan's "trajectory was carefully crafted" by Steve Bannon and Guo Wengui, who played to rising anti-Chinese sentiments, with the goal of bringing down China's government and distracting from the Trump administration's handling of the COVID-19 pandemic.[26] The Times article pointed out that Guo and Bannon arranged for Yan to fly first class to the United States, arranged lodging, coached her on media appearances, and arranged interviews for her with conservative media hosts such as Lou Dobbs and Tucker Carlson.[26]

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