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Author Topic: New Book on the JFK Assassination  (Read 164 times)

Online Michael T. Griffith

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New Book on the JFK Assassination
« on: November 28, 2023, 10:37:32 PM »
For those who might be interested, I have published a new book on the JFK assassination. It is titled A Comforting Lie: The Myth that a Lone Gunman Killed President Kennedy. The book is available as a paperback and as a Kindle book on Amazon:

Here is the table of contents:

Part 1: The Investigations
Chapter 1    The Warren Commission and the Basic Elements of the Lone-Gunman Theory
Chapter 2    The Forgotten Investigation: The House Select Committee on Assassinations
Chapter 3    The Assassination Records Review Board: Historic Disclosures
Part 2: Bullets, Marksmanship, Film, and Suspicious Events
Chapter 4    Too Many Bullets, Too Many Misses
Chapter 5    Too Many Shot Reactions in the Zapruder Film
Chapter 6    The Wounding of James Tague: A Fatal Blow to the Lone-Gunman Theory
Chapter 7    The Impossible Feat: Oswalds Marksmanship and His Alleged Shooting Performance
Chapter 8    Suspicious Events in Dealey Plaza
Chapter 9    An Easy Target: The Suspicious and Unusual Lack of Security in Dealey Plaza
Part 3: A Look at Some of the Medical and Physical Evidence
Chapter 10    The 6.5 mm Object: Evidence of Fraud in the Autopsy X-Rays
Chapter 11    The Bullet Fragments in the Back of the Skull Refute the Lone-Gunman Theory
Chapter 12    The Vanishing Low Fragment Trail on the Autopsy Skull X-Rays
Chapter 13    The Strange White Patch
Chapter 14    The Autopsy Report vs. the Autopsy Photos of the Brain
Chapter 15    Too Much Brain: The Impossible Autopsy Photos of the Brain
Chapter 16    The Head Shot from the Front
Chapter 17    The Dented Bullet Shell: Hard Evidence of Conspiracy in the JFK Assassination
Part 4: A Disturbing Pattern of Death
Chapter 18    Suspicious Deaths
Part 5: Understanding and Appreciating JFKs Presidency
Chapter 19    Was JFK Bad for America?
Chapter 20    JFK and Vietnam
Final Thoughts
Bibliography and References

As you will notice from the pricing, I am not looking to get rich off the book. The Kindle version is only $9.99, and the paperback is only $23 even though it is over 400 pages long (however, the pages read quickly because the font is Arial 11 and the line spacing is 1.1).

The Introduction, Chapter 1, and part of Chapter 2 are included in the free Kindle sample. 

Offline Richard Smith

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Re: New Book on the JFK Assassination
« Reply #1 on: November 28, 2023, 11:56:55 PM »
Congrats Michael.  I don't agree with the premise of your book but give you credit for setting forth your case.