Why the first shot missed

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Re: Why the first shot missed
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The pipes could be the issue if one of them
had hot water flowing thru it.

The SE window gunmans exact firing stance is unclear to me still (  crazy after all these years heh)

Maybe the gunman was sitting on the box at first and then burned himself as he fired his first shot , at approx z223. ?

But the shooters reaction from the pipe burn perhaps had  only a slight effect on his aim
so that the 223 shot aimed at the head , instead hit JFK in the back. So there was no missed 1st shot, just a slightly off target shot that still hit the body of JFK.

After this pipe burn (or obstruction)of the pipe , did the gunman take up some other kind of firing stance before he fired off 2 more shots rapidly together about 4 secs later?

If it were not for Harold Normans description of hearing the clack clack noise which suggests a bolt action rifle, then the 4 sec spacing of all 3 shots that Norman also  demonstrates , would indicate that a semi auto rifle was more probable than a bolt action rifle to be able to fire 3 shots rapidly, especially the last 2 which most witness heard “back to back”.

 An obstruction causing the gunman to miss would fit nicely with a theory of semi auto rifle being used and the gunman firing 3 rapid shots. The gunman , having had his aimed head shot at Z220 thrown off from either a pipe or other obstruction when he pulled the trigger at Z222 ,  adjusted his firing position slightly afterwards, while still tracking the target with his good quality scope mounted correctly on his good quality semi auto rifle.

He fired about 4.8 secs after his missed head shot at Z223 and fired 2 shots rapidly at Z313.

The 2nd shot was the head shot at Z313, followed immediately by the 3rd shot a split sec after Z313, which because of “muzzle rise” from  firing rapidly, caused that shot to fly over JFKs head, and over to the curb near to Tague (by the Triple underpass)

A projectile fired from a semi auto rifle with different composition of metals than the MC rifle 6.5mm bullet, thus may explain the anomaly of metallic element analyzed from the curb not matching the typical 6.5 mm bullet from the MC rifle (in Tom Aleya film lifted from the 6th floor by Lt. Day) and alleged to be the rifle fired by the SW gunman by the WC.

It may also explain CE 399 MC bullet  having been substituted for a bullet that came from Gov Connallys leg, ( or replacing the one found on a stretcher) which bullet was of different caliber than 6.5 mm or was not  a type which could have been fired by an MC rifle even if it were 6.5 mm, because of cartridge size.

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Re: Why the first shot missed
« Reply #160 on: Today at 03:02:52 AM »


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