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Re: Fragments
« Reply #112 on: July 17, 2020, 09:17:27 PM »
Direct impulse effect of projectile-target collision

In the Zapruder Film President Kennedy is seen to react to three separate gunshots, the first missing him and the limo [6], [16], [4], [17], the next two hitting him with increasing accuracy. Further discussion of the first two shots is beyond the scope of this paper other than to note that all three gunshots had associated 12 frame anomalous movements, and a outward impulse is observed on the jacket lapel of Texas Governor John Connally [...] at the same time the President begins showing signs of being injured [12], [6], [7], but no other discernable impulses are otherwise seen on either of the two men (prior to the third shot).

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Dear William,

I, like Max Holland, believe the missed shot was the first of three shots, and that it occurred about 1.4 seconds before Zapruder resumed filming at Z-133.

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Re: Fragments
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  The Max Holland stuff about shot #1 deflecting off the signal light and then ricocheting down to the curb where Teague was struck is pure Bunk. The Distance between that signal light and the curb near Teague is roughly a Football Field. There is absolutely NO Physical Evidence or Eyewitness Accounts to corroborate Holland's Theory. NONE!