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Re: Allen Dulles
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Is there anyone suspected of involvement in JFK's assassination who was better positioned to organize a conspiracy plot and the cover up afterwards?

Dulles reportedly continued to meet regularly with his CIA loyalists after he was fired by Kennedy and spent the weekend of the Kennedy assassination at a farm in Virginia that was used by the CIA.

David Talbot:
Is there a good reason why William Harvey's travel files are still classified? He has been dead since the 1970s.

While it's probable that Dulles used his role on the Warren Commission to help protect the CIA's secrets, it remains largely speculative that he had a role in JFK's assassination. But if it was an inside job, he's one of the few people I could see pulling a plot like that together.

On the afternoon of the assassination, Dulles allegedly returned to his L.I., NY home from a morning engagement in Boston.

Gentleman Spy: The Life of Allen Dulles - Page › books
Peter Grose · 1996 · ‎Snippet view
12 Allen was flying to his Long Island country home toward noon on Friday , November 22 , 1963 , after giving an early morning interview in Boston . Arriving at Lloyd Neck for a relaxed weekend , he heard the news that jolted an entire

Mafia Spies: The Inside Story of the CIA, Gangsters, JFK, › books
Thomas Maier · 2019
On November 22, Dulles was resting inside his Long Island home, just returned from another speaking engagement, when he heard news of President Kennedy's assassination. A week later, the White House called. The new incumbent, Lyndon B.

Dulles was photographed entering the white house on the 23rd...
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Re: Allen Dulles
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Re: Allen Dulles
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1964 :
"..Listen to this fascinating telephone call in June 1964 between President Lyndon Johnson, Attorney General Robert F. Kennedy and former CIA director Allen Dulles.
In the call, LBJ and RFK prevail upon Dulles to serve as the president’s personal emissary to Mississippi after disappearance of the three civil rights workers."

This makes it quite likely that RFK did indeed recommend Dulles to be on the WC.


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