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If Only Altgens-6 Was A Little Wider On The Left ...
« on: June 17, 2020, 06:26:10 PM »
If only Altgens-6 was a little bit wider on the left, we'd be able to see Karen Westbrook standing immediately to the left of that short, unidentified headscarf-wearing woman (whom I misidentified as June Dishong about a year ago).

Due to the fact that she was so short and was standing in front of and a little to the left of tallish Westbrook (from Zapruder's POV), only a bit of her blue dress and one of her legs are visible in Zapruder.


As we can see in the above Zapruder frame, the woman I've identified as Westbrook was wearing a headscarf. I believe it must have been a very light blue one (almost completely washed out by the sun in Zapruder), which would help to explain how she misidentified herself so badly a few years ago as the blue-headscarf-wearing woman standing next to the Stemmons sign in Zapruder.

That, and the unfortunate fact that Gloria Jeanne Holt (Westbrook's 2017 "Gloria Calvery") had strawberry-blond hair that shone Gloria-Calvery-like reddish (but not nearly as red) in the late November sunlight, especially in Zapruder's color-saturated film.

--  MWT  ;)

PS  You can see that short woman's dark-blue dress and one of her legs in the sharper Zapruder frame a little bit down from the top the following EF thread. She's standing in front of and a little to the left of the tallish headscarf-wearing woman Sandy L. and I identified as Karen Westbrook about three years ago at the EF.  The yellow line that forms the left side of the large vertical rectangle that encompasses, from L. to R., Karen Westbrook, Carol Reed, Karan Hicks and big Gloria Calvery "bisects" the short, almost completely obscured woman I'm talking about.

If you'll scroll down almost half way to my post which includes the Zapruder frame that's all marked up with yellow names, lines and arrows, you'll  see that many moons ago Robin Unger mis-labeled Sandy L.'s and my Karen Westbrook as "Jane Berry".

Truth-be-told, Robin misidentified seven of the sixteen witnesses he labeled in that frame: "Berry," "Thornton," "Burney," "Westbrook," "Calvary" (sic), "Hicks," and "Reed".
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