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Houston and Main
« on: October 28, 2023, 07:24:16 AM »
A large group of people stood on the corner of Houston and Main streets as the Presidential limo turned right onto Houston Street. There was Charles and his son Joey Brehm. There was the Willis family. This included Marilyn Willis's parents. I believe they are called Mr. and Mrs. Stubblefield, but this is a ten year old memory. Phil, and his daughters Linda and Rosemary ran towards the TSBD. Marilyn ran towards the Mary Moorman and Jean Hill location. Mrs. Stubblefield slowly followed her. The Babushka Lady was near the Willis family. Charles Brehm must have picked up Joey and ran along with the Babushka Lady arriving near Mary and Jean. Toni Foster also ran to the same area. She is not too far from Roy Lewis who was with either his family or relatives or friends and probably one stranger, and they all ran to the same Mary Moorman area. It appears that Apron Man and his companion, the first two people we see in the Zapruder film on the south side of Elm Street when the limo passes the Stemmons Freeway sign, are standing on Houston and Main to the left of Roy Lewis. It is interesting how quickly people could move around!
Here is a picture of the group on Houston and Main in the Bronson film.

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Houston and Main
« on: October 28, 2023, 07:24:16 AM »