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Author Topic: For All You "The CIA Killed JFK!" Conspiracy Theorists Out There ...  (Read 2333 times)

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By Bill Simpich, who told me Eusebio Azcue's HSCA description of the "Oswald" he'd dealt with in the Cuban consulate was "just a red herring".


--  MWT  ;)

PS  I haven't read it yet.  Does he reference Tom Mangold? Jefferson Morley? David Wise? Probable mole George Kisevalter?

PPS  Does Simpich realize that in the 1970s, George DeMohrenschildt was believed by CIA CI/SIG analyst Clare Edward Petty, based on his close readings of some WW II VENONA decrypts, to have been a long-term KGB "illegal"?

PPPS  If Pyotr Popov was betrayed from within CIA itself, it may have been done by a Soviet Division officer whom Edward Ellis Smith had probably helped the KGB's Vladislav Kovshuk (alias Vladimir Komarov) to recruit in the U.S. in 1957.

PPPPS  Isn't it possible that Oswald fabricated his "Hidell" identification card so that he could use it, if necessary, to pick up the rifle at the post office?
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