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Author Topic: Did the Cuban experience with Castro contribute to knocking out Congo's leader?  (Read 144 times)

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Did the Cuban experience with Castro contribute to helping "knock over" Congo? 

The Congolese leader, Patrice Lumumba,  was indeed, deposed right before JFK was sworn in, like the preceding month in 1961.  Castro came into power in February 1959... Cold War tensions.

Some articles say Ike said we need to remove Lumumba "physically" if needed.  Almost everything I have seen, maybe not all, say he, meaning Lumumba,  was pretty harmless and he in fact, asked the USA for aid at one point.

It'd take research.... and I'm not positive if Alan Dulles is a culprit here (but there is a book coming out linking Dulles with the events in the '60s in Indonesia which was indeed horrible).

Full movie with English subtitles at youtube.

And Frank Carlucci may have had a role in all of this, Carlucci, a wheel in the Reagan administration.    Then, again, maybe he did not. See below:

In 1961, Carlucci was the second secretary at the United States Embassy in the Congo. During that time, Patrice Lumumba, the first prime minister of independent Congo, was executed in January 1961 during the Congo Crisis.[8]

According to subsequently released US government documents, President Dwight D. Eisenhower ordered the CIA to eliminate Lumumba.[8][9] Minutes of an August 1960 National Security Council meeting confirm that Eisenhower told CIA chief Allen Dulles to "eliminate" the Congolese leader.[10] The official note taker, Robert H. Johnson, testified to this before the Senate Intelligence Committee in 1975. However, subsequent investigations indicate that Lumumba was ultimately executed by order of political rival Mose Tshombe of the State of Katanga with Belgian assistance.[8][11]

According to James Schlesinger, a subsequent Prime Minister of the Congo, Cyrille Adoula, began a White House meeting with President John F. Kennedy with the question "O est Carlucci?" ("Where is Carlucci?"). Kennedy first responded "Who the hell is Carlucci?'" and then sent Dean Rusk to find him.[12]

A fictionalized 2000 biopic of Lumumba, titled Lumumba, and directed by Raoul Peck, portrayed Carlucci as being involved during his service in Congo in the murder of Lumumba.[12][13] Carlucci furiously denied the claims, and successfully went to court to prevent being named in the film when it was released in the United States.[12][13]

Whatever, at the least, it looks like Eisenhower ordered some action in Congo turning into a real Charlie Foxtrot affair.

We may have been upset about Fidel but this in Congo, could easily be an overreaction? Have people looked into this?

Abbreviated version here, Belgium likewise, seems implicated in all of this.

Then, again, Encyclopedia Brittanica's article seems to indicate, the USA was not directly involved in the tragic murder:

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We were talking about "think tanks", the Woodrow Wilson Center is one, I watched this video. It's pretty dry; it mainly goes over information, history I knew (including quite a few references to the Church committee, HSCA) but starting around the 55th minute or so,  an open forum to questions from the audience and this is when these Think Tanks often get interesting. Who funds these places? The government? Private funding?  But there's quite a few of these tanks and ... they aren't a bad place to start learning about these situations.

And though informative and this gentleman above, Steven Weissman seems very well informed, it's helpful to double check a lot of info... which led me to reading, check this book out:

(small image but fascinating looking, "Betting on the Africans, JFK's courting of African Nationalist Leaders")

Link to book and reviews:

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