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Author Topic: Dulles Brothers Comprehensive thread  (Read 200 times)

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Dulles Brothers Comprehensive thread
« on: May 05, 2020, 06:29:34 PM »
This doesn't really belong in the proper big "General Discussion and Debate"; but I'm not so sure about Brother John Foster Dulles, I do have the book on the Dulles brothers to read but I've been seeing some interesting info on Allen Dulles lately. How about this first article??   (It's NY Times, I know some people are against the NYT but if one criticizes it, please prove where the article is wrong).  I also know of who wrote this first "Op-Ed", Stephen Kinzer who overall, I find to be a credible competent writer even if his views do not always jive with mine.  BTW, Kinzer seemed to write this piece in response to the problems General David Petraeus was having per an "extra-marital" affair in the news.   (Also, for the record, other Dulles related material is in this post)

Op-Ed Contributor
When a C.I.A. Director Had Scores of Affairs

By Stephen Kinzer

    Nov. 10, 2012

WALKING through the lobby of the Central Intelligence Agency headquarters in Langley, Va., after handing in his resignation on Friday, David H. Petraeus passed a bas-relief sculpture of Allen Dulles, who led the agency in the 1950s and early ’60s. Below it is the motto, “His Monument Is Around Us.”

Both men ran the C.I.A. during some of its most active years, Dulles during the early cold war and Mr. Petraeus during the era of drone strikes and counterinsurgency operations. And both, it turns out, had high-profile extramarital affairs.

But private life for a C.I.A. director today is apparently quite different from what it was in the Dulles era. Mr. Petraeus resigned after admitting to a single affair; Allen Dulles had, as his sister, Eleanor, wrote later, “at least a hundred.”

Read more at:

Okay, on to other info, this caught my eye this morning and inspired me to come up with this thread:

Full thread:
14.  In his book "The Game of Nations," Miles Copeland, a CIA agent in Cairo in the early 1950s, reveals that he had received instructions from CIA director Allen Dulles
 asking him to find a way to topple Nasser’s anti-US policies.

15. The plan was to find an influential religious figure in the Egypt similar to the Christian missionary Billy Graham, who was a popular religious figure thanks to his sermons and his work as a spiritual advisor to a number of American presidents including Dwight Eisenhower

What Eisenhower and Dulles Saw in Nasser: Personalities and Interests in U.S.-Egyptian Relations

Through most of the 1950s, relations between the United States and Egypt were dominated by three individuals: Dwight D. Eisenhower, John Foster Dulles and Gamal Abdul Nasser. It was probably inevitable that the two Americans would find Nasser difficult to live with. Though they professed support, in principle, for the anti-colonialist nationalism Nasser represented, Eisenhower and Dulles were constrained by the fact that the United States was a status-quo power, perhaps nowhere more than in the Middle East. Nasser found the status quo obnoxious, tilted, as he thought it was, to the advantage of the West and the disadvantage of Egypt; and he did all he could to right the balance.

Compounding the problem of the different interests of Eisenhower and Dulles, on the one hand, and Nasser, on the other, was a serious clash of personalities. The American president and secretary of state never quite knew what to make of Nasser. At certain times he seemed to them a reasonable, responsible statesman like many others they had encountered in their long careers. At other times, he appeared violent, irresponsible and an unwitting stooge for the Russians. Largely because of their inability to fathom Nasser, Eisenhower and Dulles were unable to shape a consistent policy toward Egypt. As a consequence, U.S.-Egyptian relations during the eight years of the Eisenhower administration oscillated wildly, from relative amicability to spectacular contretemps that led to the decade's most astonishing fiasco and permanently altered the face of the Middle East


It took Eisenhower and Dulles some time, as it did many other observers, to recognize that Nasser was the source of real power behind General Muhammad Naguib. Between the anti-royalist coup of July 1952 and the beginning of 1953, American officials were unable to tell just who was setting Egypt's new course. By May 1953, though, the American ambassador in Cairo, Jefferson Caffery, felt confident enough to cable Washington: “The real direction of affairs in Egypt, it is becoming increasingly apparent, is in the hands of Nasir.” Naguib, Caffery added, was fast becoming merely “a figurehead.”1 Five weeks later, in response to Dulles's query whether reports of a clash between Naguib and Nasser meant that Naguib had lost control of Egyptian policy,2 the ambassador declared: “Naguib never had effective control over policy....Effective control was always in the hands of Nasir and his friends.”3


Article on Indonesia, JFK and Dulles, I'm just going to post the link:
Looks like it is an Indonesian website, perhaps devoted to the injustices that befell that nation in the 1960s.

I think at least, Allen Dulles is worthy of a dedicated thread. Quite a bit of unsettling information is out there about him. I do not know much on the brother except from that book.

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Re: Dulles Brothers Comprehensive thread
« Reply #1 on: May 25, 2020, 11:10:03 PM »
Here we go, available only in kindle currently, curious premise. It came out on May 19th, 2020, so brand spanking new:

JFK vs. Allen Dulles: Battleground Indonesia

For fans of conspiracy theories and JFK assassination theories, the untold story of Indonesia, gold, JFK, Allen Dulles, the CIA, and secret military coups.

Two of the most fascinating figures in history, John F. Kennedy, thirty-fifth president of the United States, and Allen Dulles, our nation’s longest-serving CIA director, often clashed over intelligence issues and national security. However, one such conflict has remained in the shadows until now. JFK vs. Allen Dulles: Battleground Indonesia takes reader to the vast archipelago 3350 miles wide where this secret showdown occurred.

In 1936, an Allen Dulles-established company discovered the world's largest gold deposit in remote Netherlands New Guinea. In 1962, President Kennedy intervened, and Netherlands New Guinea was added to President Sukarno's Indonesia. Neither Sukarno nor JFK was aware of the gold, since Dulles had not informed Kennedy.

Dulles planned a complicated and ruthless CIA regime-change strategy to seize control not only of Indonesia itself, but also of its vast resources, including the gold. This strategy included a push to start Malaysian Confrontation. Yet Kennedy's plan to visit Jakarta in early 1964 would have sunk Dulles' master plan, which included the destruction of the Indonesian communist party as a wedge to split Moscow and Beijing. Only an assassin's bullet put an end to Kennedy’s plan of peace. Did Allen Dulles arrange for JFK to be killed to save his plan and his gold? Was his coup for gold successful with JFK out of the picture?

Read more at:

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Re: Dulles Brothers Comprehensive thread
« Reply #2 on: June 10, 2020, 02:15:02 AM »
Dulles and Dick Bissel (CIA) wanted JFK to win? Alan Dulles knew Joe Kennedy down in Florida and fairly friendly with him?

See around 17:30 here:

Good speaker,  Brian Latell? Worked for CIA apparently while JFK was in office.

Latell very clearly thinks Cuban intelligence under Castro killed JFK. were complicit in the assassination.... I'll have to read his book, compelling story, doesn't sound like bull.
Former CIA analyst Brian Latell: ‘Cuban intelligence officers were complicit in Kennedy’s death’

This veers of course, in the JFK assassination theme for the other forum. I am reading up on this.

Conspiracist who like to blame the CIA won't care for this guy.

This Brian Latell has been a prof at FIU, Florida International Univ. An interesting take.

So Alan Dulles knew Joe Kennedy? Really?

More, he wrote a book on all of this:

17th minute, he talks some about the JFK assassination. I will have to look his book up

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