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Author Topic: Statements That Sink The WC's Conclusions -- #36  (Read 204 times)

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Statements That Sink The WC's Conclusions -- #36
« on: February 14, 2018, 12:16:01 AM »
Disclaimer: I will no longer respond to any posts that are off topic and/or meant to derail the issue of the opening post. This should not be taken as me running, but instead seen as me keeping the topic on track.

I have no issue with any WC defender, therefore, I am happy to discuss the case in a manner that uses the actual evidence with them. IF the WC was correct in their final conclusion as they claim then this should be no problem for them.

I will not participate in any personal discussions with them as these are meant to distract and discredit instead of focusing on the JFK assassination. I come here to discuss and learn about the JFK assassination and nothing more.
No more games with the LNers. The LNers have to to discuss the WC's, HSCA's and ARRB's evidence or move along.


We have seen in an earlier post that both Dallas Police Officer Joe M. Smith and Lee Harvey Oswald (LHO) said they encountered men who claimed to be Secret Service (SS) Agents and showed them credentials.  Did anyone else see SS agents?  Yes is the answer.


GI Gordon Arnold was told to vacate the area behind the wooden picket fence on top of the Grassy Knoll (GK) by a man who claimed to be a SS agent. He would say moments later shots came from there.

Witness Malcolm Summers followed the police to the top of the knoll and he said he was,

"...stopped by a man in a suit who had an overcoat over his arm. I saw a gun under the overcoat. And his comment was, "Don't you'all come up here any further, you could get shot...or killed..."

Who was this man?  The SS said they had NO men on the ground before, during, or after the shooting until Sorrels came back. 

Jean Hill described being taken by two men with force to a little room upstairs of what she thought was the sheriff's office.  She said once she was there men came in and said they were SS.  Apparently they had been watching the whole thing as they questioned her about her actions!  Who were these men?  IF they were SS agents as they claimed why did they just watch and do nothing?

Two high school students, Billy V. James and Ronnie Witherspoon, of Ferris, TX said they saw the police pull over a car for speeding.  They stopped to watch as they thought maybe they caught the assassins fleeing Dallas (Ferris is just south of Dallas). They heard the men tell the police that they were SS and they were in "a hurry to get to New Orleans to investigate something in connection with the assassination."  According to James the police obviously believed them as they let them go with no ticket.  Who were these men?

Two very credible witnesses for SS sightings come from two law enforcement officials (keep this in mind when you read the House Select Committee on Assassinations' (HSCA) weak explanation for the sightings).

Seymour Weitzman said this in his WC testimony:

Mr. BALL - Did you go into the railroad yards?

Mr. WEITZMAN - Yes, sir.

Mr. BALL - What did you notice in the railroad yards?

Mr. WEITZMAN - We noticed numerous kinds of footprints that did not make sense because they were going different directions.

Mr. BALL - Were there other people there besides you?

Mr. WEITZMAN - Yes, sir; other officers, Secret Service as well, and somebody started, there was something red in the street and I went back over the wall and somebody brought me a piece of what he thought to be a firecracker and it turned out to be, I believe, I wouldn't quote this, but I turned it over to one of the Secret Service men and I told them it should go to the lab because it looked to me like human bone. I later found out it was supposedly a portion of the President's skull.

There is no listing of this bone fragment in any of the official reports so we don't know if it was turned in or thrown away by these "Secret Service men".  Who where these men?

The other credible witness was another Dallas Police officer, D.V. Harkness. This makes three cops who claimed to see SS men and the WC, and subsequently the HSCA, chose to chalk their encounters up to being "mistakes" on their part!  Harkness said this before the WC:

Mr. BELIN - Then you went around to the back of the building?[Note: they are referring to the TSBD]

Mr. HARKNESS - Yes, sir.

Mr. BELIN - Was anyone around in the back when you got there?

Mr. HARKNESS - There were some Secret Service agents there. I didn't get them identified. They told me they were Secret Service.

NO SS men were assigned there as the ONLY one that would return was Forrest Sorrels and he was NOT there yet.  Who were these men?  Harkness told the Dallas Morning News many years later:

"The men were dressed in suits and were all armed."

Again, who were these men? Despite all these sightings, and three of them by COPS, the HSCA said the following:

"Except for Dallas Agent-in-Charge Sorrels, who helped the police search the TSBD, no [Secret Service] agent was in the vicinity of the stockade fence or inside the TSBD on the day of the assassination." 

The Committee would write off these sightings as MISTAKES and say the people confused PLAINCLOTHES COPS as agents!  This is in spite of the FACT THREE OF THE WITNESSES WERE COPS THEMSELVES!

This should be considered when you are reading the HSCA's conclusion too! This is from an interview Officer Joe M. Smith did with author Anthony Summers:

"This man, this character, produces credentials from his hip pocket which showed him to be Secret Service. I have SEEN THOSE CREDENTIALS BEFORE, and they SATISFIED me...So, I immediately accepted that and let him go and continued our search around the cars."

So now we see at least one of the cops had seen SS credentials before to recognize them!  Do you really believe the HSCA's and WC's conclusions now?  I don't

We again see evidence that disputes the claims of the WCR, therefore, their conclusion is sunk again.

Some of this can be found in Crossfire: The Plot That Killed Kennedy, pp. 321-324
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Statements That Sink The WC's Conclusions -- #36
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