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Author Topic: How the CIA would have got rid of JFK (if they wanted to)  (Read 4805 times)

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Re: How the CIA would have got rid of JFK (if they wanted to)
« Reply #32 on: October 08, 2021, 02:36:10 PM »

These sorts of scandals have always been an issue and could have been used in the 1960’s.

History repeats itself but the early 1960s was a very conservative time for American culture and we can't project modern day culture onto 1960s America.

Also, it seems naive to believe that political insiders and members of the DC Press were unaware of the infidelity of many US Presidents (including JFK and LBJ) given how many books have been written about that sort of thing after the Presidents leave office. It's more likely that they knew but chose not to report on it at the time. And publishing intimate pictures of a President with his wife or a mistress would've never happened in the 1960s.

The Press for the most part, adored JFK and the media rarely dug into the personal lives of politicians in general back then.

Don’t some CTers claim that some of the press is controlled by the CIA? Wasn’t James Phelan supposedly working for the CIA, even though he appeared to be a legitimate reporter?

"Manipulated by the CIA" is more accurate in my humble opinion.

A former CIA agent once explained how they manipulate journalists. He said first they give several accurate newsworthy scoops to the journalist. Once they build a good relationship with the journalist they can insert propaganda or misleading info into the info that they pass to reporters.

I'm sure that other intelligence services like the KGB for example, operate the same way.

But whether it's control or manipulation, I can't imagine JFK being taken down by a sex scandal in the 1960s. That sort of thing just wouldn't happen back then.

And you don’t answer my main point. If I accept a Large-Secret-Enduring Conspiracy theory like the JFK assassination theory, why shouldn’t I accept others? If I go that far, why not believe that many programmers, volunteer election workers and Republican politicians like governors and secretary of state were all involved in stealing the 2020 election from Trump?

I'm of the opinion that only a small number of people (less than 20) were needed to execute a conspiracy to kill JFK.

As for the coverup, sure, lots more people would need to be involved and the reasons for government agencies covering it up varies from wanting to avoid "World War 3" as LBJ seemed to suggest to Earl Warren to wanting to protect certain agencies or operations from scrutiny that could land people in prison or lead to the agency being disbanded.
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Re: How the CIA would have got rid of JFK (if they wanted to)
« Reply #32 on: October 08, 2021, 02:36:10 PM »

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Re: How the CIA would have got rid of JFK (if they wanted to)
« Reply #33 on: June 09, 2022, 05:26:40 PM »
Why the CIA got rid of JFK ...

From---  Creating the Oswald Legend
Written by Vasilios Vazakas
[Allen] Dulles was held responsible by JFK for the bungled Bay of Pigs invasion and was fired afterwards. Dulles never forgot or forgave JFK for the humiliation suffered. Kennedy decided to return West Irian to Indonesia from Dutch colonial rule. What Kennedy did not know, but Allen Dulles did, was that West Irian was a region extremely rich in minerals, even richer than Katanga. In the 1920s and 1930s, Allen Dulles was a lawyer at the giant corporate law firm Sullivan and Cromwell. He represented the Rockefellers there and he knew that Indonesia had huge mineral and oil potential. One of the oilfields in Sumatra exploited by Caltex was the size of similar oilfields in Saudi Arabia. In 1936, a joint Dutch and American expedition—including explorer/geologist Jean Jacques Dozy—was organized by Allen Dulles through Sullivan and Cromwell. That expedition discovered two enormous mineral deposits in West Irian. The American firms that financed the expedition were two divisions of Standard Oil. One of the two colossal deposits was called the Ertsberg and the other the Grasberg. Both were extravagantly rich in gold, silver, and copper. Just the gold content was much larger than the wealthiest gold mine in the world, then located in South Africa. Allen Dulles was close to the DeMohrenschildt family and transferred George DeMohrenschildt to West Irian to work on Standard Oil’s drilling, since the region had one of the largest oil deposits in Indonesia. Dulles lied to Kennedy on several occasions regarding the Sino-Soviet split. He told him it was not real, but a Cold war ploy to fool America. It was real and Dulles was using Indonesia as a wedge to further the split between China and the Soviet Union. From 1958, his first attempt to overthrow Sukarno, Dulles was planning on regime change. That would have allowed his clients to control the oil, gold, copper, and silver reserves of Indonesia rather than go to the citizenry of Indonesia, as Kennedy and Sukarno had planned. The policy of wedge against China and the Soviet Union would have been disrupted. Dulles had used religious organizations like the Unitarians to create humanitarian front organizations in order to conceal OSS and later CIA covert operations to destabilize Eastern Europe, South America, and Southeast Asia.