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Dimitri Polyakov (TOPHAT/ BOURBON), a GRU colonel, had already been stationed at U.N. Headquarters in NYC when he was sent back there by Gribanov of the Second Chief Directorate (today's FSB) in October 1959 to "volunteer" to spy for the FBI and CIA. He wasn't able to "volunteer" until late 1961, though, because CIA's and MI6's late 1960 co-recruitment of another GRU Colonel, soon-betrayed Oleg Penkovsky, forced KGB to devise an elaborate, time-consuming scenario by which Penkovsky could be arrested as though he'd been detected in late 1962 by a combination of luck and superior KGB surveillance in Moscow rather than by having been betrayed by a British mole (Roger Hollis?) and/or by an American mole (George Kisevalter? -- one of Penkovsky's two American handlers) just two weeks after he was recruited in April of 1961.
Among other deceptions and bits of KGB disinformation, Polyakov, like Aleksei Kulak (FEDORA), told the FBI was that Yuri Nosenko was a true defector (as did Kisevalter implausibly do until his dying day) and thereby poisoned J. Edgar Hoover's mind regarding true defector Anatoliy Golitsyn.

Polyakov is mentioned 30 times in this 35-page PDF by Tennent H. Bagley:

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