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Anatomy of Dr. Humes' Saturday Morning Phone Call
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Part 8-27 deal with what the pathologists knew at the time at the autopsy, and when exactly Dr. Humes phoned Dr. Perry.

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Re: Anatomy of Dr. Humes' Saturday Morning Phone Call
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The Warren Commission Report attempted to summarize the autopsy:

"The autopsy examination further disclosed that, after entering the President, the bullet passed between two large muscles, produced a contusion on the upper part of the pleural cavity (without penetrating that cavity), bruised the top portion of the right lung and ripped the windpipe (trachea) in its path through the President's neck. The examining surgeons concluded that the wounds were caused by the bullet rather than the tracheotomy performed at Parkland Hospital. The nature of the bruises indicated that the President's heart and lungs were functioning when the bruises were caused, whereas there was very little circulation in the President's body when incisions on the President's chest were made to insert tubes during the tracheotomy."

The takeaway here being that there was no bruising caused by the tracheotomy, which meant that JFK was already dead. So unless JFK was struggling to breath, why perform one? And why not insert the trach tube into the bullet hole instead of creating a ragged mess? Was that standard procedure?

"No bone was struck by the bullet which passed through the President's body. By projecting from a point of entry on the rear of the neck and proceeding at a slight downward angle through the bruised interior portions, the doctors concluded that the bullet exited from the front portion of the President's neck that had been cut away by the tracheotomy."

Looks like the missile passed thru bone to me, T1 to be specific.

I guess they were covering for the intact condition of CE-399 before they were informed it magically created multiple wounds in JFK and Connally, smashing thru at least 3 bones before dropping onto the wrong stretcher without a trace of blood, tissue or bone on it in "swimming pool" condition.

"Concluding that a bullet passed through the President's neck, the doctors at Bethesda Naval Hospital rejected a theory that the bullet lodged in the large muscles in the back of his neck and fell out through the point of entry when external heart massage was applied at Parkland Hospital. In the earlier stages of the autopsy, the surgeons were unable to find a path into any large muscle in the back of the neck. At that time they did not know that there had been a bullet hole in the front of the President's neck when he arrived at Parkland Hospital because the tracheotomy incision had completely eliminated that evidence. While the autopsy was being performed, surgeons learned that a whole bullet had been found at Parkland Hospital on a stretcher which, at that time, was thought to be the stretcher occupied by the President. This led to speculation that the bullet might have penetrated a short distance into the back of the neck and then dropped out onto the stretcher as a result of the external heart massage."

Wherein the Magic Bullet was born. "..dropped out onto the stretcher as a result of the external heart massage". Sure, onto the wrong stretcher. It defies logic to think CE-399 wasn't planted.

"Further exploration during the autopsy disproved that theory. The surgeons determined that the bullet had passed between two large strap muscles and bruised them without leaving any channel, since the bullet merely passed between them. Commander Humes, who believed that a tracheotomy had been performed from his observations at the autopsy, talked by telephone with Dr. Perry early on the morning of November 23, and learned that his assumption was correct and that Dr. Perry had used the missile wound in the neck as the point to make the incision. This confirmed the Bethesda surgeons' conclusion that the bullet had exited from the front part of the neck."

The surgeons' official conclusion was that the magic bullet struck JFK right of center at the T1 vertebrae and exited center of the throat at the C7 vertebrae, without touching bone. However, there are at least 2 things wrong with those assumptions:

1) The missile path could not have avoided the T1 vertebrae (see x-ray above).

2) There wasn't a straight line trajectory from the 6th floor of the TSBD striking JFK's back at T1 and exiting at C7. Given the geometric parameters as established by the WC we have the following scenario:

The ONLY way to support the Magic Bullet Theory is to sit in between 2 lasers pointed at each other at a 17 degree angle and reproduce JFK's back/throat wounds then post the results.

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