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Author Topic: Ms Carolyn Arnold  (Read 1324 times)

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Re: Ms Carolyn Arnold
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For those who struggle with challenging instances of English language use (e.g. the impossibly ambiguous "Then went outside to watch the P. parade"), let me explain what "was not in view of the camera" means--------------

Ain't nowhere to be seen in the Altgens photograph!


Knowing that Mr Bill Shelley is NOT the man-wearing-a-tie in Altgens just behind Mr Lovelady allows us to ascertain that the two white men (other than Mr Lovelady) shown in the doorway in Altgens--------------

-------------are Mr Joe Molina and Mr Otis WilliamsThumb1:


Mr Lovelady looks at this photo and, pointing to one of the people in the doorway shielding their eyes, states confidently that she works on the second floor.

Who is he pointing to? It cannot be pink arrow (Ms Madie Reese: female, but not second floor). It cannot be blue arrow (Mr Williams or Mr Molina: not female). Which would seem to leave only orange arrow-------------

If this is the person Mr Lovelady is pointing to, then he must know that this person is either Ms Sarah Stanton or Ms Pauline Sanders.

Yes? No?


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