Is This Really The Way It Works Here?

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Author Topic: Is This Really The Way It Works Here?  (Read 2751 times)

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Re: Is This Really The Way It Works Here?
« Reply #16 on: October 06, 2019, 06:34:28 PM »
Actually, the more I think about it she could be right. Whilst reading his post's my lightbulb blew..I think MYTTON THE WICKED may be responsible!


If the tragic incident really did occur as Christina says, then since I now tend to think like my heroes Tennent H. Bagley, James Angleton, and Anatoliy Golitsyn, I believe the perp is probably none other than my nemesis here and at the EF back-in-the-day, Michael Clark ... and for at least three reasons:

1)  I recently transferred an old EF thread to this fine forum in which Robert Charles-Dunne and I had, about a year ago, debated an issue in which RCD got paranoiac and blamed me for his just having had something bad happen to him IT-wise there.

2)  Michael "Far-Left Firebrand" Clark hates my guts, and has gone out of his way to "cover" my posts with his own short, inane ones, or by repeatedly and very quickly posting old, debunked-by-me CIA docs, etc.

3)  Clark apparently owns a small IT-based company in Albany, New York.

4)  I wouldn't put it past Michael Clark to try to "link" Christina's and RDC's tragic experiences in the minds of fervent CTers here and at the EF, in order to "cleverly" cast suspicions on moi.

5)  Hmm ...

6)  Or, if it didn't really happen to Christina (hmm ... Is she doubling as "Paz Marverde," Michael Clark's old tag-team-partner at the EF?), then maybe they're in cahoots to effect a Ruskie-type "op" both here and at the EF.

7)  "Waiter, bring me two more double-martinis, please. Kim's gotta get back to work soon to continue covering for Burgess and Maclean."

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Re: Is This Really The Way It Works Here?
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