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Author Topic: Rare 70s Interviews of Dealey Plaza Witnesses  (Read 961 times)

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Rare 70s Interviews of Dealey Plaza Witnesses
« on: September 27, 2019, 08:28:16 PM »
The 1976 Radio Special of Thou Shalt not Kill radio program. Rare 70s interviews with General McHugh who was in the motorocade, Charles Brehm, Jean Hill,AP photographer Altgens, Senator Yarborough,and DPD dispatcher Murray Jackson on the microphone stuck and patrolman Stavis Ellis at Parkland.

Tippit segment from the same program. The audio starts with the end of a KLIF interview with Lee's house keeper Mrs. Earlene Roberts.

Full program here. There are extensive clips related to the MLK and RFK as well.


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