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Author Topic: High-Quality KRLD-TV Video Excerpt Of Ruby Killing Oswald  (Read 331 times)

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Re: High-Quality KRLD-TV Video Excerpt Of Ruby Killing Oswald
« Reply #10 on: February 12, 2020, 07:30:17 PM »
So why not get someone else to kill him in the jail? Surely such a wide reaching conspiracy could have organised that.

So he was such a good shot (miraculous) that he was able to hit the aorta, liver, spleen and diaphragm while missing Oswalds arm, Graves hand and some of Graves body as a car was driving withing a few inches of him, but he wasn't able to hit Oswald in the head (a much bigger target) from 6 inches away?

Again, explain the logic in a "kill shot" where 90% of people survive?

The risk is huge. A tiny percentage of people are unconscious after an abdomen pistol shot. A tiny percentage. How were "they" to know Oswald wouldnt just have blabbed in the ambulance on the way to the hospital? Oswald knowing they were trying to kill him anyway.

Show me another assassination of such importance - ie the target needs to be silenced immediately with no margin for error- where the assassin has used a single shot to the stomach from a .38?

Not that Ruby needs one, but a viable explanation has already been presented to you but you don't like it. The DPD didn't want Ruby to shoot anyone but Oswald and a head shot was way too risky for that. The DPD also wanted it to be Ruby in plain sight and they could only control his access to their building. Hoover & Johnson also didn't want the shot to be immediately fatal because they were after a false confession from him on the way to the hospital. After that, he would be readily taken out at any point without suspicion. Anything he said about a conspiracy and the Big Event would be chalked up to delusional talk from a dying man. He would have been spilling his guts to conspirators anyway.

So if this was a conspiracy, which it was, then this made perfect sense. You are under the mistaken impression that conspirators would have done it your way. But how were they going to get a fake confession out him with a head shot? As it was, Ruby's gut shot didn't allow Oswald to speak so they couldn't claim he made a confession. But you can't blame Ruby for that. He did his job by the book. If he had been told to shoot Oswald in the head he would have attempted to, with much riskier results and you can forget about any confession.

Otherwise, we are left to believe that Ruby shot Oswald because of his love for JFK and his motive was revenge for the Kennedys. Why on earth would you buy that explanation just because he didn't take a head shot? Is it because it better fits your LN narrative?


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