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Author Topic: The Monster Plot, by CIA's Very Own KGB Apologist John L. Hart!  (Read 14763 times)

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Re: The Monster Plot, by CIA's Very Own KGB Apologist John L. Hart!
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MEMORANDUM FOR THE RECORD.              Date: 18 Feb 1971
SUBJECT: Nosenko Case

1. On 18 Feb Mr. REDACTED chief/EUR/BNL told me that Mr. John Hart, C/EUR, had told him to tell only me the following.
When REDACTED was in Brussels, in late January, 1971, he was with Mr. Russell Hibbs, G5-14 case officer, for a long Wed. evening. REDACTED said that during their conversation, Hibbs spent a lot of time complaining about what Hibbs claimed was Mr. (Pete) Bagley’s, COS, reluctance to pursue and push investigations of AEDONOR leads. REDACTED said he would not attempt to relate what Hibbs said was the specific leads mentioned. The point he wanted to make sure I knew was Hibbs attitude towards Bagley as deliberately not following-up on AEDONOR leads. REDACTED said Hibbs was coming to Hq. in the Summer and he would let me know about the arrival in the event I wanted to talk to Hibbs.
2. My only contact was to thank REDACTED and tell him to let me know when Hibbs arrived.
(Copy to Solie)

                                                                                     Scott Miller

Note on p. 2: This information is not to be disseminated.
Any inquiry or interest in this memo should be brought
To the attention of DC/SRS, Bruce Solie


Something I forgot to say in my earlier post about the 18 February 1971 memo written by my hero, Newton "Scotty" Miler (whose painstakingly collected and cross-referenced files on the Nosenko case were burned by your buddy McCoy after Miler retired), is that there were (and still are) lots of ignorant, wishful-thinking fools (or worse) who believed Nosenko was a true defector.

The "Hibbs" dude mentioned in the memo was obviously one of them.


--  MWT   ;)
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