Author Topic: Where Were Jane Berry, Betty Thornton and Peggy Burney During the Motorcade?  (Read 17077 times)

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Re: Where Were Jane Berry, Betty Thornton and Peggy Burney During the Motorcade?
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Enough of your lies!  I didn't claim you posted any photos of guys wearing Bermuda shorts.  Seriously Tommy, let it go. Trying to engage with your blatant dishonesty is futile.


Fine. So now you're finally admitting that you posted them.

Why did you post them?

What point were you trying to make?

-- MWT  :D
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    In order to put Darnell in position to film the Sitzman interview, You are being extremely liberal with your 10-15 Minutes after the Kill Shot time stamping of the Towner footage showing the Pergola. Your 10-15 minute time stamping does Not fit the time stamping Towner herself applied to her own footage. Also, I find it difficult to understand why a seasoned film journalist such as Darnell would elect to stand there and film a possible Sitzman Interview when he himself had No means to also record the accompanying Verbiage. All hell is unfolding around Darnell, yet he slams on the brakes and instead chooses to film what amounts to a Fractured Flicker interview?  Highly, Highly, unlikely and simply Not in step with Darnell being almost consistently In Motion from the time the Kill Shot was fired.

Okay, 8-10 minutes for all three segments. Darnell/Sitzman-Towner-Darnell/3G.
Darnell stopped to film when he needed to.
Check out the scenes from Parkland, lots of people talking but few of them heard but at least the newsmen got something.  That's what you did.
Do you see one of the three girls actually talking to the camerman as he filmed them?  And you ask why he would do such a thing?
Darnell filming Sitzman tells me one thing for certain, what she was saying was newsworthy and probably something he'd remember and pass on to his studio.  Get it?

Darnell was kicked out of the hotspot by the cops about 5-7 minutes after the HS along with most everyone else, as his scene behind the wall helps document.
He was right where he was supposed to be and stays there looking for leads. In less than ten minutes he probably has two witnesses on film saying that JFK was hit the head.  Who else had that?  If he told his studio that's what they said, then they know that's exactly what they said and then we'd know, when they played the footage.


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