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Author Topic: David Morales , E. Howard Hunt and David Atlee Phillips at the " Big Event " .  (Read 4085 times)

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These 3 people were deep into the " Big Event " and they were seen by many who knew them in Dallas that day. As we know , Morales liked to talk and his boisterous voice about taking care of  JFK who Morales thought was a coward and who had let all those men die at the Bay Of Pigs was known to put Morales into a rage. These are just a few of the people who were in Dealey Plaza that day. I think it's amazing that LHO would make some miraculous shots and kill JFK all by himself on 11-22-1963. The way LHO shot a rifle , it's amazing that some of the bad guys didn't get shot that day . Poor old James Teague was just an innocent bystander and he took one off the cheek . Most of us know that LHO was not a shooter that day. Why was JFK killed ?

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