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Author Topic: When Reported Or Observed - Read Regularly - Periodically Updated  (Read 2350 times)

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No correspondance via any communication method will be entered into regarding any Admin actions.

Name calling, petty false allegations, mocking, baiting, taunting and directing personal insults towards fellow members of this Forum, via text or images, when reported or observed, may carry (a to be determined on an individual basis) ban from posting on the Forum and/or deletion of relevant post(s)

The word "troll"  may be  used on this Forum.
If  however any member is offended by being personally called a troll, or by being accused of trolling on this Forum, then posts which contain the alleged offending comments will be deleted upon request , regardless of who the alleged offender is and regardless of the remaining content of the alleged offending post..... if....that's "if" Admin receives a direct  link to the offending post(s) via PM.

This includes posts which contain member directed mocking nicknames towards other members.

Posts containing the offences may be deleted, as may complete threads, where the thread has been created by the offender.

Posts containing personal quotes, quotes from other venues, and Forum member quotes only, with no additional contributing content outside of the quote, may be deleted.

Posts containing images considered to be crude will be deleted.
Posts contained within threads posted by any individual member, which, when reported or observed are judged by Admin as being designed to irritate, will be deleted.

Thread Titles Containing words with only Capital Letters Will Be Deleted, as may the entire thread.

Links to websites which contain Adult content, condone and/or allow links and/or third party links to Adult content will be deleted.

Links To websites which allow materials unsuitable for viewing by minors is forbidden

Links are nor permitted in subject tiles in part or in full.

Links To websites which allow abusive or derogatory comments about this Forum is forbidden.

Messy untidy posts, or posts containing unacceptably large white space gaps between lines, when reported or observed, will be deleted.

Where member's have the same name, Admin reserves the right to change the most recent member's name(s) in order to avoid any confusion.

Do not post post the home address, work address or email address of any member of this Forum, including your own, to the public Forum. To do so may lead to a suspension from posting.

Posts with more than one line of empty space at the start of a post, at the end of a post, between text lines, before or after quotes and/or before or after images, including in between images, may be deleted.

Replies to posts which include post 28th July 2018 quotes, and which break this rule will be deleted.
If you are replying to a post, always make sure the quoted post conforms to the one space between text lines rule before you reply.

Individual series articles must be contained in a singular titled thread, and all individual future series must be contained within a singular titled thread.

Reported or observed Posts, and/or reported PM's containing the promotion of other JFK venues is not permitted without prior consent from Admin. Failure to comply will lead to account termination.

Admin reserves the right to edit out aggressive remarks from any post by any member.

Threads created with aggressive titles targeted at any individual member or group of members of this Forum will be deleted.

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