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Author Topic: DPD Det. Joe Cody, ex-hockey player skating friend of Ruby uncle= Oswald contact  (Read 2260 times)

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Summary: DPD Det. Joe Cody contradicted what the FBI claimed he told them in Dec., 1963,
vs, what is attributed to Joe Cody in interviews with future author Barry  Ernst in 1968, vs in
a later interview with author Sneed. Sneed writes that Joe Cody claimed he provided friend Ruby
with the revolver that killed Oswald. Below is image of Oswald contacts page displaying FR- prefixed
phone number. The number is linked to Cody's uncle Kenneth Cody. Author Ernst writes that in 1968
when he visited Joe Cody and his wife, Cody provided Ernst with contact infp of his uncle, Kenneth Cody.

Joe Cody died at age 80. In a long DMN obit,!topic/alt.obituaries/CoSk2TVMBN8
Cody contradicts how he told the FBI he first met Ruby and claims he assisted Ruby in purchasing the revolver. There
is no mention of this in the Dec., 1963, FBI 302.


Det. Joe Cody, two page FBI 302:

vs (WTF ? ) Cody interview for Sneed's book.:

Uncle Kenneth Cody, a Trailways bus driver, was listed in Oswald's address book.

Author Barry Ernst visited Det. Joe Cody and his wife in 1968. Ernst writes that Cody claimed.:
The Girl on the Stairs

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I do not have the book by Ernst, "The Girl on the Stairs". When I find text of a quote from Ernst describing his 1968 interview
with Joe Cody's bus driver uncle, I will post it.

The Garrison Commission

William W. Turner
January 1968

....And there are other "coincidences" as well. In his address book, Oswald twice
jotted down the number of a Ft. Worth television station, PE 8-1951; in June 1963, Ruby
twice called that number (CE 1322 p. 517 WC XXII). On September 24, 1963, David
Feme's telephone was charged with a call to Chicago number WH 4-4970; on November
20, 1963, this number was called from Kansas City by Lawrence Meyers, a Chicago
businessman and close friend of Ruby's. Meyers arrived in Dallas from Kansas City that
same night, and was in touch with Ruby through traumatic post-assassination hours
(WC XXV p. 335)-

The Dallas number FR 5-5591 appears twice in the last pages of Oswald's book,
which leads to another correlation. The number is listed to Kenneth Cody, a Continental
Trailways bus drive on the Shreveport run and an uncle of Dallas police officer Joe
Cody. A homicide detective, Cody was the partner of Detective James R. Leavelle, one of
the pair of officers escorting Oswald through the police basement when he was shot by

In an FBI interview, Joseph Cody acknowledged having known Ruby "12 or 13
years." He met Ruby at one of his clubs during the Korean War, when Cody was
"assigned in the Counter Intelligence Corps" and stationed for a time in Dallas. Cody
related that he enjoyed ice skating at Fair Park, as did Ruby, and "there had been at least
a half dozen times in the last two or three years that RUBY had arrived at Fair Park
while he, CODY, had been skating" (CE 1736 WC XXIII).

Garrison contends that Ruby's stagey behavior between the assassination and his
slaying of Oswald was a way of disassociating himself from the plot by "reversing the
magnetic field" - drawing attention to himself as the opposite of what he actually was.
Andrew Armstrong, a Carousel employee, told the Commission that his boss was crying
on the afternoon of the 22 nd . In the early morning hours of Saturday, Ruby rousted a
club flunkey, Larry Crafard, who watched while his boss took a Polaroid picture of a
Birch Society "Impeach Earl Warren" billboard. That afternoon, Ruby displayed the
picture in Sol's Turf Club, his favorite haunt, with suitable expressions of indignation.
He went to the post office with companions, peered at the box receiving responses to the
black-bordered "Wanted for Treason" ad in Friday's Dallas Morning News, and uttered
words of outrage.

Ruby's survival as a "little big shot" in Aryan Dallas depended upon his
obsequiousness to powerful masters. Some of those whose boots he licked were Nazis,
and subliminally he became one of them. As Garrison put it, "The connecting link at
every level of operation, from the oil-rich sponsors of the assassination down to the
Dallas police department, down through Jack Ruby and including anti-Castro
adventurers, at the operating level were Minutemen, Nazi oriented. It was essentially a
Nazi operation." ..