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Author Topic: When Reported Or Observed - Subject To Change At Any Time.  (Read 14051 times)

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When Reported Or Observed - Subject To Change At Any Time.
« on: June 11, 2019, 08:40:01 AM »
Effective Date: 7th July 2020

Behave at all times, no swearing, racism or over the top personal insults.

Posts which contain no content and only clickable links will be deleted.

Thread titles considered to be inappropriate or misleading will be deleted or changed.

Antagonistic comments may be deleted.

Obvious personal insults disguised with any number of x's will be considered the same as a visible personal insult

Threads, and/or Posts considered to be motivated by Sectarianism, will be deleted.

If you observe something which in your opinion is unacceptable, inform Admin via PM, and do not retaliate if it is personal.

Threads which descend into chaos, where the thread creator participates in the gradual development of the chaos, will be locked or deleted.

Individual posts considered to be overly aggressive and/or disrespectful in tone towards a fellow member will be deleted.

Thread Titles Must Not Contain Capitalized Words.

Quotes, images and /or articles from members of this forum, or from outside sources, must not be altered in a manner that is designed to deceive.

Changing a persons quoted blue box words in ANY way is not allowed.

Posts which contain replies which are contained inside blue boxed quotes will be deleted.

Posts which contain only blue boxed quotes will be deleted.

Non thread creating disruptors will be suspended from posting for a to be determined period of time.

Posts considered to be Messy untidy posts will be deleted.

Posts containing intended crude references, images unsuitable for viewing by minors, disguised or otherwise, will be deleted.

Member's must address fellow Forum members by their Forum username at all times.

Posts where members are antagonistically addressed by a name other than their Forum username, may be deleted.

You can insult/criticise  the research, not the researcher.

Tit for Tat and Tat for Tit member directed insults may be excluded from the rule breaking criteria upon observation, or when the Tit member reports the Tat member or when the Tat member reports the Tit member, only after an exchange of personal insults has been posted.

There must be no more than one single line of empty space between any written text, including quotes or posted images.

In order to maintain Forum civility and to prevent conflict escalation, threads and/or posts considered by Admin to be baiting posts, and any responses to baiting posts will be deleted.

No spamming.

Where A Photo of a Forum Member can be found on any other Website, this Forum may download that Photo and upload here as your Forum Profile Photo.

References & links to websites which contain pornographic images and/or abusive content directed at members of this Forum is strictly prohibited.

Responses to Admin concerning ANY decision implemented by Admin, and considered by Admin to be antagonizing or arrogant, may carry a posting suspension.

No links to websites which contain materials unsuitable for viewing by minors.

All of the above is non negotiable and subject to change at any time without prior notification to the membership..

Members who do not log out of the Forum will remain logged on to the Forum for a minimum period of 12 hours.

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When Reported Or Observed - Subject To Change At Any Time.
« on: June 11, 2019, 08:40:01 AM »