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Author Topic: Buell's "off" day (aka: oh yeah)  (Read 5144 times)

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Re: Buell's "off" day (aka: oh yeah)
« Reply #130 on: June 09, 2019, 11:07:59 PM »
Mack had sold out his conspiracy beliefs in order to get along with the 6th Floor Museum and their high salary...He's hardly a source for Frazier's conspiracy credibility...

Mack did not follow-through on Frazier's admission of seeing Oswald come up Houston St because Mack fully understood the implications and fully realized its significance and why Frazier held it back for so long...

When Gary heard Frazier say he saw Oswald he probably thought "JHC... and it was going so well too...".  You don't jump into a hole like that blind, you tiptoe around it and put a plank over it before anyone gets hurt.  Revelations like that have to be treated with a degree of scepticism if you want to look professional, you can't just suddenly start fawning over the man because he's just gave you an exclusive, however hard that would be for you to do, just don't.


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