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Author Topic: Mary Bledsoe's reading her testimony from a cue card and makes a small omission.  (Read 1896 times)

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Mary Bledsoe the very next day said while on Elm street that Oswald got on and off after a few blocks , was this public knowledge?
Also that the bus was stalled in traffic?
And that her bus that went to her house just happened to be in the location she said it was?
Or that while the bus was stalled that someone said the President was shot.


The last question in CE2170, a transcript of a brief TV interview of Henry Wade in the morning of Sat., Nov., 23,
asks D.A. Wade if this was the first time Dallas Transit had been used as a get away car. The alleged bus escape
was already part of the local lore despite your discounting of any possibility witness Mary was a coerced or directed disinfo presence
or a lonely, mixed up old lady who was watching too much TV

Mary Bledsoe's aunt Adelaide Senter Germany just happened to be RD Matthews' mother's sister.

Dial Ryder just happened to be the uncle of assistant art director Jack Leslie Bowen's AKA John Caesar Grossi's son.   Ironically, Grossi was arrested impersonating the man
his son Glenn Lewis Bowen took the name of, Mantooth.

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"The bus traveled West on Elm Street to about Murphy Street and made a stop and that is when I saw Lee Oswald get on the bus."

Where is Murphy Street?,-96.8016234,19z?hl=en
It used to be a through street but a lot has changed downtown.

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Lola Mellen at age 21 married Russell Douglas Matthews in 1940. A year later their daughter Peggy Ann was born and father Russell was
about to enlist in the USMC. Twenty years later, in 1961, Lola seems to have had the worst but reasonable opinion, considering, of her ex-husband
Russell Matthews despite living a thousand miles distant, in Burlingame. CA.

Reading this for the first time earlier this week, I was moved to ask myself if Matthews gave the impression he was ruthless to the point of depravity
and could impose his will on anyone, if the concerns about his own daughter memorialized below are an indication.

Matthews seems like someone capable of directing cousin Mary Bledsoe to mislead DPD and SS and of dispatching Ruby to the DPD's basement's "Sunday service"
by making an offer to Ruby he couldn't refuse, like the continued health and safety of Ruby siblings and their kids.

Lola Margaret Mellen Dougherty's name was misppelled by DPD in 1961. I checked for any link between her husband Hubert Dougherty,
a California native, and Jack E Dougherty, and found no common ancestors or living relations.
Lola Margaret ?Peggy? Mellen Dougherty

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