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Author Topic: EF's "Jumbo Duh," "Robert Wheeler" and Jeff Carter Must Be Bummed About Assange!  (Read 93 times)

Online Thomas Graves

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Nah, on second thought they'll just take Assange's arrest by the Brits today as even more evidence of an all-powerful "Deep State".


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Offline Richard Rubio

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Check this out, Assange has only been charged so far with password hacking, 5 year sentence max.

Okay, not my expertise but if someone "hacks" a bank account, takes out $500 or $5000, they ought to be busted for that. 

UK wants to extradite him, at least, 70 MPs, to Sweden for charges he faces there that at the moment, appear much more serious. I always though, questioned the credibility of those rape charges and I believe the charges are for 2 different rapes.

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