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Author Topic: NARA intends on digitizing their collection of Dallas/Fort Worth radio broadcast  (Read 439 times)

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A few weeks ago I emailed NARA inquiring about the possibility of having them digitizing their JFK audio collection which is available only on 70s audio cassettes and 1963 reels. They replied that they intend to digitize this year their RG #272 collection which includes the audio reels of various live broadcasts of Dallas and Fort Worth-area radio stations that probably none of us ever heard. Right now you have to either order them which is costly or go to NARA and copy them yourself or pray that someone will post what they have in their private collection. In Washington in 2018 I was able to listen to one of them, briefly, but my time was up on this Friday late afternoon. What I saw listen was WRR, KIXL, KSKY, KVIL, and KXOL.
"Thank you for your recent inquiry regarding audio recordings that you have obtained from the National Archives related to the JFK assassination. As you may be aware, these recordings exist in a variety of different Record Groups, and their quality levels can vary widely depending on the source, format, conditions of the original recordings, and circumstances surrounding the capture of the original recordings?

?We do have on our Branch's work plan for this fiscal year an intention to digitize the audio recordings of the Warren Commission collection (NARA RG # 272), but outside of that we do not have current plans to systematically digitize other JFK audio collections. "

They asked me if there any audio outside RG272 that I consider worth a digitizing. I replied that the HSCA interviews of Frazier and Lovelady would certainly be worth it.

This is what I was able to obtain from a different source. I uploaded it on my YouTube website. You will see what broadcasts they have while you watch the video.


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